I Have Finally Found Joy… 8

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Pragya’s pov…

Oh lord why did you do this to me, first you took my husband away when I was only six months pregnant, my own family rejected me and now my children are longing for a father, what do I do? Yes I will have to start explaining things to them, they might still be babies but I don’t want them growing up thinking that Abhi is their father, may be I have even prolonged my stay, I should probably leave, even though granny, Rachna, bulbul, Akash and Abhi won’t be happy about this, it is still the right thing to do.


“Why are you so stressed? They are only kids I am sure they do not even understand the term papa. ” Purab asked Abhi as he pulled him in his room.

“I really don’t care if they don’t understand, but all I can tell you is that I felt complete for the first time, I felt like I found peace which I never had for a long time. ”

“Oh please now you are beginning to sound like a poet. ” Purab scoffed. “All you need to do is to ask Pragya to explain things to her sons, just imagine what would happen when the news spreads out that you have children which are not even yours by the way, obviously that will ruin your reputation, everyone will think that you were sleeping around when that is not even true, Abhi I know that you have developed some special bond for the twins and you do have a soft spot for Pragya, but you seriously need to think of your self. ”

Abhi looked at Purab in disbelief. “Wow, you know what you really are wise, I just can’t believe what I heard from you, I never knew that my best friend come brother was this wise, it’s only now that I understand the wisdom you possess. ”

“Is it just me or are you being sarcastic? ”

“No no, I am not in any way being sarcastic I am just impressed by your words so wise yet heartless. ”

“I am thinking about your well-being, and here you are calling me heartless? ”

“You heard right heartless, cruel, evil- ”

“Enough Abhi! ” Purab cut him off. “What wrong have I done? ” here he was looking out for him and he was calling him heartless.

“Think about what you told me a few minutes ago then you will know. Purab, I grew up without my parents, I was only seven when my parents died, I know the pain of growing up without someone to look up to. ”

“You are just being emotional right now, what’s the need of you getting involved when they have their mother, I am sure she will manage and she definitely is capable of raising her kids. ”

“Yes you are right Pragya is strong and she is more than capable of raising her own kids, but it wasn’t you they called papa it was me and when they said that you don’t no how much joy I felt in my heart I felt complete like I have everything and I do not need anything or anyone else. ”

“Abhi think about your reputation. ”

“To hell with my reputation, in fact why am I wasting my time talking to you I would rather speak to bulbul right now. Excuse me. ”


Pragya quickly packed her bags,to leave, she didn’t want to be a burden to anyone, and she didn’t want Abhi to feel responsible for her kids.

“Pragya please rethink of your decision you can’t just leave. ” Rachna pleaded with her holding onto her suitcase.

“Please don’t take what Aliyah and Tanu said to heart. ” Bulbul asked her.

“Pragya why are you leaving all of the sudden? Who will take care of me when you are gone? ” Deljeet asked even though she meant nothing about her health in all honesty she just wanted Pragya to stay for her grandson.

“This has got nothing to do with Aliyah and Tanu. ” she replied to Bulbul first. “I just think that I have overstayed and granny don’t worry I will be coming to check on you. OK bye then, Sam, Did don’t be stubborn come to mommy now, we need to go. ” she tried pulling them out of Bulbul and Rachna’s hold.

Sam and Sid begun crying hysterically holding on to bulbul and Rachna’s even though they were only infants, they understood that something was not right and they didn’t want to go with their mother.

“See Pragya even they know that your decision is wrong. ” Bulbul said still holding onto Sam.

“They are only children now come here. ” she somehow managed to get them out of Bulbul and Rachna’s hold, but that didn’t stop the crying.

“What is happening here? Whose bags are these? Who is leaving this house? ” Abhi asked once he saw the bags, after his talk with Purab he went to check on Pragya in her room, but he didn’t find her there.

“Pragya. ” Indu quickly replied hoping that Abhi will convince her to stay.

“Pragya? But why would she leave? ” Instead of asking Pragya he asked Indu.

“Abhi I am so sorry for what happened, please believe me when I say that I had nothing to do with it, I did not know that Sam and Sid would call you their father. ” she said as tears poured down from her eyes, “I understand if you are hurt, angry or disappointed, but believe me I knew nothing about it and I am leaving because I know that when I go they will eventually forget everything, if I stay here any longer I will not be able to stop them, I understand if you are offended. ”

“Looks like she has finally come to her senses, now leave. ” Aliyah said with a smirk.

Pragya began walking towards the door when Abhi stopped her. “Wait. ” he walked a few steps until he was right in front of her. “You know what? I am really disappointed in you yes that’s the truth I am so mad right now. ”

Gasps were heard in the room, no one thought that Abhi would say that, even though Aliyah was happy, she was still surprised.

Bulbul felt bad and blamed herself for this, after all she was the one who told the twins to call her brother papa. “Abhi this wasn’t-”

“Quite. ” that was enough to for Bulbul to not say a word.

“Just shut up, what are you going to say anyway? ” Aliyah would not allow her plan to fail in the last minute, not like last time.

“Aliyah, did I ask you to speak? ” Abhi asked his sister.

“No but- ”

She didn’t even finish talking when he said, “then don’t say anything, now back to you Pragya, I am so hurt right now do you know why? It’s not because Sam and Sid called me papa, but because you think so little of me, I was happy a while ago but because of you I am so hurt you have hurt me not them, I am so glad that I have two lovely boys calling me papa and I really don’t care what you or people say as long as they consider me as their father I consider them as my sons. ”

Pragya was beyond stunned, she expected anything but this. “But Abhi they are not your children. ” she didn’t want to be a burden to him.

Abhi took in a deep breath and held Pragya’s face in his hands. “Pragya love how do I explain this to you? One does not have to give birth to a child to be a parent, me and the twins don’t need to have the same DNA for them to call me papa, I seriously don’t mind of they call me papa and it’s not ever day that someone calls you papa right? ”

“Abhi but- ”

“Ssh. ” he placed two fingers on her lips, stopping her from talking any further. “Pragya honey, you will not argue with me and my kids have been called illegitimate for a long time, not anymore cause daddy is here, now you will not leave and separate me from my children. ” Arguing with Abhishek Mehra was no use especially if he had his mind set. “Give them to me. ” Pragya gave Sam and Sid to Abhi. “Now, now, easy there don’t cry, mommy is not going anywhere ssh. ” Sam and Sid seemed to cool down in Abhi’s hands, Bulbul heaved a sigh of relief, she was glad that Abhi was not angry at Pragya because of something she planned.

Aliyah couldn’t believe her brother, how would he just easily accept Pragya and her kid? “Abhi how can you do this? ”

“Do what? ” Abhi asked innocently, but he knew fully well what his sister was talking about.

“Allow her to stay? ”

“Aliyah whose house is this? ”

“It’s yours. ”

“Then I get to decide who leaves and who stays. ”

“Are you being serious? ”

“Do I look like a clown or some joker to you. ”

“No. ”

“Then don’t waste my time asking me silly questions as you can see my children are trying to sleep, and Aliyah, please take Pragya’s bags back to her room and Pragya I think you need some rest don’t worry I will take care of our children and Aliyah once you are done packing Pragya’s things make sure you get her something to eat. ” he said that to annoy Aliyah.

“Abhi that won’t be necessary. ” Pragya said when she saw Aliyah’s angry glare.

  • “You need to eat something, come on Aliyah be a good little sister and listen to your brother. ” Aliyah took Pragya’s bags to her room and later served her.

Will continue soon…

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