I Have Finally Found Joy… 7

“Papa. ” the twins said yet again, happily bouncing in Abhi’s hand. The whole house kept quiet, that’s the least thing they expected them to say.

“Did they just say papa? ” Purab was the one to ask.

“You also heard that, I thought I was the only one. ” Indu replied still shocked.

This is so cool, finally after working hard for five months they have finally said it, now it won’t be difficult to convince Abhi and grandmother, besides Rachna supports me in this so there is no problem, yeah!!!! I am so happy, Bulbul mentally said.

Purab noticed the stupid grin on Bulbul’s face and he immediately knew that she had something to do with this. “And why are you smiling like an idiot? ” he asked Bulbul eyeing her suspiciously.

“What’s wrong with you, do I need to ask for your permission to laugh, please don’t spoil my mood. ”

“It was you wasn’t it? ” he accused her, shaking his head in disapproval.

“Me what? ” Bulbul asked innocently

“You. You are the reason why Sam and Sid are calling Abhi papa? ”

“Yes, so? ” she answered arrogantly.

“Can’t you see the mess you have created? They now think he is their father. ”

“Please leave me alone, I really don’t have time for you, and can’t you just see your friend happy, why do you have to behave like his wife all the time, get a life Purab. ”

“Abhi is my best friend and I will stand by him always. ”

“Yes. Best friend not wife, and if you really considered him as your best friend you would love to see him happy but you, you are always ruining his life. ”

“Of course I want him to be happy. ”

“If so why can’t you see that Abhi has developed a special bond with the twins, why didn’t you see the smile on his face when Sam and Sid called him papa? ” Bulbul asked him and later excused herself, she was tired of Purab and him always behaving like Abhi’s wife, yes she did have a little crush on him, but sometimes he annoyed the hell out of her.

Abhi was so happy when he heard Sam and Sid calling him papa, that was until he saw the expression on Pragya’s face.

“Now Sam and Sid have a father, so aunt Aliyah and Tanu will not call them illegitimate again. ” Karan scolded the two like he was an adult as they just made appearance.

Abhi was not listening to what karan was saying as his eyes were only on Pragya, she had tears in her eyes but he couldn’t understand whether it was because she was happy or maybe because she was upset.

Ignoring Karan Tank asked, “why is everyone so quite? And why does Abhi look so confused? And why is Pragya crying? ”

“How am I supposed to know, I only came here. ”

“Aunt Aliyah and Tanu, from now own you should never call my brothers illegitimate. ” this time they heard him.

“We all know you don’t have a brother Karan. ” Tanu said rolling her eyes at him.

“I do Sam and Sid, and now they have a father. ” he said jumping up and down clearly excited.

“Which father, where is he? I don’t see him any where. ” Tanu argued with him.

“That is because you are blind, with all those colors you put on your eyelids, how do you expect to see clearly? ”

“How dare you, you little rasc- ”

“Don’t even think of finishing what you want to say. ” Rachna cut her off carrying her son.

“At least you should teach your son how to speak to people, he to respect his elders. ” that was Aliyah, preaching about respect.

“Aliyah, you can never force someone to respect you just because you are older, if she had respected herself definitely Karan would have respected her as well, right Karan? ” Bulbul asked little Karan in Rachna’s hand, as Rachna gave Tanu a deadly glare. If looks could kill, Tanu will probably be six feet under.

“Exactly. ” Karan screamed giving Bulbul a high five.

“He just argued with her in front of everyone. ”

Rachna shifted her gaze from Tanu to Aliyah. “We all here know that Tanu is older than Karan, but instead of ignoring him she continued to argue with him, a 4 year old, despite being over 23years older than him. Come Karan lets get ourselves some ice cream. ” Karan got her little baby and went to the kitchen.

Despite everything that had just happened, it seemed like both Abhi and Pragya had still not returned to mother earth as they both looked at each other, Pragya with tears in her eyes and Abhi still confused, trying to figure out what Pragya was feeling, he really hoped she would not take what the twins said to heart. The little babies didn’t seem to notice that what they said had just affected everyone as they innocently played with Abhi’s shirt.

“Pragya. ” Akash called her bringing her back to planet earth. “Are you okay? ” he asked his voice laced with nothing but concern.

“Yes. ” she answered him and slowly walked towards Abhi. “Please give them to me, and I am sorry for everything, I swear I had nothing to do with it, don’t worry I will make sure they understand that you are not their father, I will explain everything to them before it gets complicated. I am so sorry. ” she angrily wiped a tear from her eye and left before Abhi could say a thing.

Now Aliyah and Tanu understood why they found everyone looking like a zombie. “Did they just call you father? ” Aliyah asked her brother.

“No, actually they called him papa. ” Deljeet answered, it was clear she was enjoying all this.

“This is exactly what I was talking about now they think you are their father, I am sure this is all Pragya’s doing. ” Tanu said like she was saying something sensible.

“I knew she is not so innocent, but no I am the negative sibling. Now look you are fathering children before you even get the chance to have your own. ” Aliyah added.

“I am sure Pragya had planned all this so that you would be forced to marry her and she can live in this house forever as your wife enjoying all your money. ” Tanu said it was as if the two had ganged up on Pragya.

“Tanu please, you don’t even know her, she is nothing like you. ” Akash said showing his disgust towarda Tanu.

“Yes you are right Akash I am the total opposite of her, she got pregnant with no husband, then came up with this great story because she knows that the people of this family have got big hearts, came here pretending to take care of grandma while eyeing Abhi and his money, seeing that Abhi loves kids so much she decides to use them in her dirty game. ”

“Quiet Tanu!! ” Abhi yelled making everyone flinch, he was tired of her and he just wished the earth swallowed her. “I told you this once and I will not repeat myself, do not involve yourself in my family matters because you are not a member of this family and you will never be, so just keep you filthy mouth shut. ” he warned her yet again.

“But Abhi we just can’t ignore what happed. ” Aliyah couldn’t understand what it was about Pragya that made her brother snap at anyone who said something against her.

“You are right Aliyah, we just can’t ignore that. ” Abhi said taking in a deep breath.

“Then why are you telling me to shut up when I am only saying the truth. ” Tanu never knew when to be quiet.

“The truth? ” Abhi asked her not bothering to look at her. “That’s really funny. ” he let out a humorous laugh continued saying, “okay if this may make you feel better the only truth in what you have said so far is that you are the total opposite of Pragya, that’s right, I won’t argue with you on that one, but you know what Tanushree, just because you are a gold digger doesn’t mean that everyone is. Now please stop talking non sense and get the hell out of my house, Aliyah since she is your friend so I will give you the honors of walking her outside. ” he said and left to go and check on Pragya and the twins.

Bulbul walked towards Aliyah shaking her head in disappointment. “Aliyah you are older than me and I respect you, but what you did today has made me lose all the respect I have for you. ”

“So? You want me to cry now because my only sister does not respect me anymore? ”

“I thought you would change but looks like you won’t. ”

“Why would I change? Because you want me to? Please enough of all this baby sis, I really don’t have time for this drama. ”

“You will never be happy, you will forever be miserable. ”

“And who are you to say that? ”

“Happiness only comes to people who love to see others happy, it comes to people who are not selfish like you, people who love others and not themselves. I just hope you understand that soon, have a nice rest. ” Aliyah just ignored her little sister and escorted her friend out of the house.

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