I hate you (Intro)

I hate you
Pair no 1: Varun and Tara (colg)
Varun: cute and bubbly like a teady bear. He’ll always make everyone smile.. The environment around him is always lite
Tara : rough and tough. Always with a revolutionary ideas.. Never give up.
Pair no 2: Arnav and Kesha ( forced arranged marg
Arnav : jovial one but he sincerely loved Shardha and as he was forced to marry a grl.. His character became hard like a stone

Kesha: a fun loving one… Always wanna try something new.. His dream place is California..Always stay cool
Pair no 3 : Salim and Sanjana (met in an accident)
Salim : a don.. WAS aggressive but he changed due to reason and now he’s trying to leave everything and be a gud one..
Sanjana : always angry.I .. Goes for therapy to cure it… Last a job due to angry
Pair no 4: Omi and Jennifer (job)
Omi : works as a fashion designer.. Hard working.. Cold hearted.. Because of his charm grls fall for him.. A playboy too
Jennifer: a cute and innocent girl.. Secretary of Omi.. Always stay away from problem.. Never had a boy frnd and never wish to have

So hey guys remember me ah?
If not… I’m happy.. Lets start new.
If yes… I’m sry 4 disappointing u…
Here is d 4 pairs… Select a pair and d pair wid max vote will be Selected and I’ll continue d story wid dose pair…

Choose d pair u r interested in…

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  1. i like second pair arnav and kesha

    1. Tq 4 ur suggestion

    1. Tq 4 d suggestion

  2. Lovely intro. …very interesting. ..mplz make arnav n kesha….pair…

    1. Tq roma

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