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Hope you all are fit and fine. I am really sorry raglak fans. I promised to come with a happy ending OS. But, this thought didn’t let me sleep. So I penned it down immediately. The next one will be raglak one. pinky promise!!! Thanks for all your support! Love you all!!

Note: it isn’t a love story. I guess today I will get to know whether the appreciations I earned due to the pair or my writing. No proof reading.


‘I will’
‘Okay, bye’

I cut the call being irritated. Errr!!! I raised my hand to throw the mobile away.
‘NO!!! WAIT!!! SELFIES!! WHATSAPP!! GOOGLE!! ‘ The voice stopped me.
My gaze turned towards the TV remote.
‘DON’T DARE TO. 9’O CLOCK SHOW’ the voice again stopped me.
‘if you don’t have interest then why the hell did you call her?’
‘SHUT UP!!!’ I yelled to shut my inner voice. I stamped my foot down and went to my room, closing the door with a thud. I closed the curtains, preventing the light from entering. I pulled my pillow to me, fell on the bed then covered myself completely with the bed sheet.

One hour passed.
Two hours passed.
Three hours passed.

I just laid there in the same position while the thoughts were dancing around my mind. ‘think think think. Listen your heart. What is it saying?’ I again asked myself.
I closed my eyes shut hearing the click sound of knob turning.
‘hey! Wake up. Have your dinner then sleep’ she said in her sweet voice.
I didn’t move a bit, pretending to be sleeping. ‘i won’t let you sleep with empty stomach. Get up!’ She pulled away the blanket. ‘please let me sleep. I will have it later’ I cuddled the pillow more and said in a sleepy voice without opening my eyes. I acted as much I could. But she found it as always. ‘you called her’ she stated finally. I stayed like I didn’t hear anything.
‘i am arranging the dining. Wash your face and come. I am waiting’
It was more like an order. I sighed and went to freshen up.

The dinner was a silent one. After cleaning the kitchen, we sat in the balcony watching the stars.
‘ so what have you decided?’ She broke the silence.
‘about?’ Though I knew what she was talking about.
‘about your mom’ she faced me.
‘i don’t know ‘ I replied still watching the sky.
‘it has been a year still you are saying you don’t know. She is your mom for God’s sake’ she emphasized her words.
‘i am trying right? But I couldn’t cope up with her. what to do?’ I groaned.

Before she led the conversation to argument her mobile started to ring.
‘thank you uncle’ I mumbled. She glared at me, attending the call. Probably she heard me. Who cares. I know her and she knows me.
‘i am gonna sleep ‘ I signed her.
‘papa!! Why didn’t you attend my call in the evening? I was worried for you. Are you okay? Had your medicines?’ my ragini, as usual without giving him time to answer, asking questions one after another.

‘why can’t I be like her? Why can’t I talk to mom like she is talking to her dad? Oh god! I am trying, trying and still trying. When will the day come in my life?’ I let out a sigh, feeling the void in me.


It was like a fairytale. Being a girl child, I was pampered by all but never allowed to step out of the house to play with other kids, to wander around the area. Nevertheless, they showered lot of love on me. I was the princess of my grandparents, my first dad and mom. My parents were working in different areas. The excitement of meeting mom in the weekends and meeting dad once in three months was just awesome at that time. Life went on smoothly. The only thing I was scared of at that time and even after that was exams. Despite being a topper, I was afraid of exams like hell. It all started to change when I was 14 years. My grandpa passed away. He was my backbone. Still I performed well in my 10th board exams and topped. Then I admitted to new school, new environment. I couldn’t mingle with them easily, being a reserved type. Thanks to my grandparents. Because of them, I became an introvert. I always did blame them though I knew it wasn’t their fault completely. Again, another nightmare. My grandma also passed away after a year. Everything changed from that incident. The relationship between me and my parents started to fall gradually. I was left in a relative’s home. But I couldn’t tolerate being there for more days. So I returned to my home which was just two buildings away from theirs. I lived alone but I was happy inside that I had full control on the house. Whenever my friends, to be precise my class mates would talk about their parents like they did this and that, we went there and etc., it hurt me. I returned back home only to see the lifeless objects. I didn’t have anyone to share my daily routines, thoughts, jokes and what not. Whenever I saw others’ parents attending the parent teacher association meeting, I really felt bad that my parents weren’t there. I started to distance myself from them. My concentration also fell so that I couldn’t (didn’t) do well in my 12th boards.

I entered into college life. After facing much struggles in initial days, I found some friends. One of them was ragini. The thought of ‘my parents gives importance to money than me’ engraved in my heart. The next blow was happened in my second year of college. My father also passed away leaving me in guilt. Yes! I was guilty and the guiltiness didn’t fade away till now. The guiltiness of ignoring him and being rude to him. The cause of my dad’s death was the sudden increase in blood pressure. Due to that some blood clotted in his brain leading to his death. I shouldn’t ignored him. I shouldn’t behave like that. I shouldn’t… No use of blabbering. Let him be happy in heaven and shower his blessings on me. Still I couldn’t change the thought about my mom.

Ragini, most beautiful gift given by God, my bestie made me realize what my mom must be going through which I couldn’t see.
‘Each and every minute you are blaming your mom. Being independent is not selfishness, swara. because of her only, you can now face the world. You can be independent’ ragini said. I sat there without giving her a damn attention. ‘I am talking to you only’, she turned me to look at her.

‘Do you know how many hurdles she might have faced in this male dominating society to stand by her own self? How she must have felt when she left you to her parents? How she is working hard for your betterment? How she works day and night for your future? She also was bearing the loss swara. she also may fall sick when no one there to take care of her. She also may feel loneliness. She also will have some expectations from you. She also is facing the harsh reality of everyday life ALONE. You too in few years will marry someone and went off. You will take care of her. I am not denying it. But you can’t promise 100 percent. Can you? no. because you will have your own issues to tackle with. You will have your own family. In that, she may leave out. Then? what will happen to her? She will be alone, right? She knows these things because she also passed through these situations. Does she complain like you? Does she blame anyone? Try to understand her swara. It’s all for you only. Money is of course important in life. If you don’t have money, you can’t wear these dresses, this college, mobile, house, the food you in take, nothing would have been written in your destiny. You can’t do anything without it. Just think about it and try to understand. You are now a grown up girl. Don’t be a kid anymore shona. Act maturely and wisely’, she gave me a hug then pat my head. I just looked at her. She blinked her eyes in assurance. I hugged her for a while.

That night, I couldn’t sleep. Her words echoed in my mind. Whatever she said was true. MY MOM is one of the BEST moms. I don’t know when a tear slipped out of my eyes, realizing my mom’s love. From then, I was trying to open myself to her.


I felt a soft body against mine. I didn’t open my eyes.
‘I know you aren’t sleeping. Everything will be fine. I am with you. don’t lose your patience’ her voice was so soothing. I snuggled more into her and she wrapped her hands around me as if protecting her child. I always feel immense peace in her embrace.


‘hello amma!! How was your day? How was the meeting?’
‘I knew that you will nailed it’
‘did you go to doctor for check up?’
‘how many times I told you to go? you aren’t listening me at all. I will try to get job there. so that you can’t give these excuses’
‘what!!! That’s great. We will roam around the city with ragini. When are you coming?’
‘today was as usual I went to…..’
‘bye! Love you amma! Missing you so much!’

Yes! you guessed it right. The day came. I opened myself to my mom. I couldn’t forget her smiling face while tears made its way down on her cheek. I can’t explain the feeling. It must and only can feel by heart. The words are not enough to express it. but.. the void in me didn’t go away. Why?


‘ragu ma! you know what, an actress was married in her sixties’ I exclaimed as if announcing my wedding.
‘what’s the big deal in it shona? Everyone needs a companion in their life, right?’
‘hmm!! What about amma? She also needs a companion, right? shall we find a match for her?’ though I knew it was looking childish.
‘tu bhi na! crazy!’ she shook her head and smiled.

‘Shall I find a match for amma? She also feels lonely. If there is someone as a companion for her it will be nice’ my heart said.
‘can you accept someone as your dad? Can you give someone his place? And, what about the society?’ my mind overpowered my heart.


‘ragu ma!! I wanna talk to you’
Damn!! I was hell nervous.
‘Shoot!’ she said while arranging the shelf. I took a deep breath. I had opened my mouth then closed it. it happened for three times. I prayed to god for strength.
‘will you get marry your father to my mom?’ I finally spat the thing which kept troubling me out, closing eyes tight.
With hearing no response from her, I slowly opened my eyes. As expected, she was shocked. ‘what are you saying?’ she managed to ask.
‘I am asking after a lot of thinking about it. it took me one year for this decision. your papa is so nice. I like him. I admire him. we are friends for more than six years. you also know people often address as sisters. Why don’t we make it in real too? My mom needs a companion. She is hiding some things from me. I am not blaming her. Maybe those things aren’t meant for discussing with me. Now a day, she takes more stress. She badly needs a companion. I can feel it. I talked to her about this too. But she is scolding me. Maybe she too scared of this so called society as once I was. If you are okay with it, then we both will convince our parents. uncle also sacrificed his life for you when your mom left the world and her 6 years old daughter. uncle loves your mom and you so much that he didn’t marry again. he also will need a companion in his future, right?…’ I started to explain her. she also listened keenly.
‘think about it ragu. I, myself clear in this decision’, I gave her a determined look.


Uncle and mom stared at me and ragini for a while.
‘so can anyone say for what purpose of this meeting?’ uncle asked, breaking the silence.
Ragini and I called uncle and mom respectively to meet. Uncle came that morning and mom came the last night. After purchasing some things, we sat in the park near to the mall for relaxation.
I stood up. trio looked at me.
‘amma! I found a match… for you’ I looked into her eyes. Uncle and mom looked confused. I knelt down before uncle.
‘will you marry my amma? Will you be my appa?’ I asked, extending a rose. Uncle was shocked as well as mom but she was glaring at me the next second.
‘are you fine shona? what happened to her ragu dear?’ uncle asked.
I signaled ragini. The next second, she was kneeling down in front of my mom.
‘will you marry my papa and accept me as your own daughter?’ she asked in her melodious voice, extending a rose as I did. She was looking like a kid expecting a chocolate from her mom.
Uncle and mom looked at each other. I and ragini looked at each other.


The ending is in your hands because every people have different ideologies. You can fill it as you wish.
Thanks for reading!
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Credit to: Sindhuja

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