I dare to love

when love hurts dare to love again
when someone is hurting,dare to heal them

This story is about two persons who are different from one another but fate wants to join them

About characters
Kaya sanyal:
she is a amazing girl
her philosophy about life
” Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”
She live her life on fullest
she is Apple of her parents eye
she is modern rich smart adventurous intelligent hot cool fun loving and never gets angry
she always try to make everybody happy
her passion is racing
she doesn’t believe in love
she always say risk is my life
vidhyut sehgal: he is a no nonsense person
he is rude handsome rich very intelligent emotionally challenged particular and easy to get angry person
people call him stone hearted
he has a soft side but he never shows
he has a painfull past about love
he like music very much but never shows he never break his promise
now he thought love as a waste of time he don’t trust anyone because for him trust is like paper once it crumbled cant be perfect again
he is complicated and has no control over his anger
” never fall in love because everything that falls get broken”
Vicky shergill: he is the only friend of kaya.he is a friend which everybody will like to have.he is rich and understanding and never loses hope like kaya he is cute caring and topper
he says “life is nothing without friends” he is topper but doesn’t Like much popularity and attention
“it is good to be important but it is more important to be good”
ankush sanyal and panchi sanyal :
they are parents of kaya and loves her alot they are rich but very loving and kind.
shakti sehgal : he is father of vidhyut and very successful business man.he don’t have good terms with his son.they only talk about business he is cousin Cum brother of ankush sanyal
hope u like it.I u like plz comment if I should continue it or not.

thank buddies

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  1. nice intro Rey

  2. Nice intro dr…

  3. Ofcouse cont dr 🙂

  4. plz continue …grt writting …

  5. Hey…Rey… Continue buddy…Sound’s cool…

  6. Nice intro.
    All d best for ur Story..pls continue…update ur next part soon..take care ?..

  7. Hi rey dear, nice intro, please continue. Eagerly waiting for the first episode. .

  8. thanks
    I am a silent reader so I thought to write a story

  9. my posts will be irregular.
    so forgave for that

  10. Seems gr8 cntnue dr.. We ll b waitiin …

  11. ur all ff are amazing buddies
    I hope u all like my too

  12. ur all ff are amazing buddies
    I hope u all like my too
    it is a sincere attempt from a silent reader

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