I Can’t Take My Eyes Off You-Krishnadasi (ff) Part 3


Hey guys I am here with the 2nd part of my ff. Thanks for all the love and support and plzz keep commenting and giving suggestions. So let’s start.

Aaroo’s house:

Kumudini is sitting in her room and remembers what happened 21 yrs ago on that day at their village Krishnavati.

[FB shows] A man named Shashwat holds Tulsi by her hair and drags her out of their house and how all the villagers were calling them sinners…
[FB ends] Then Tulsi comes inside the room.
Tulsi: Aayi… what r u thinking
Kumudini: about our past… don’t u remember today’s date… the day has come to make that egostatic Praduman Vidhyadhar Rao realize that we are still alive to fight back the injustice that he and his men did with us..
Tulsi: Aayi… plzz forget it…
Kumudini [shouts]: no… never… they had insulted a Krishnadasi that day… they commited a sin… they have to face the consequences…
Tulsi: aayi…plzzz. Don’t tell the word Krishnadasi before Aaroo… she will break…. U know her…
Kumudini: aga… tulsi… she is my laboba (darling)… how will I hurt her…
Tulsi smiles and leaves. Kumudini turns around.
Kumudini: time has come to reveal the truth… and it can only be fruitful if it is done in Krishnavati… ‘Deva Re Deva Krishna Deva’….

Party venue:
Aaroo, Shivani, Varun and Aryan reach the venue together. The place was overcrowded. The shouts and screams of joy started making Aaroo feel uncomfortable and nervous.
Shivani [noticing her reaction]: Aaroo r u ok… do u need to go out…
Aaroo: yes… I am coming…[and she leaves the place and goes out. Aryan looks at her as she leaves].
Aryan: what happened to her???
Shivani: she feels very nervous whenever she hears any sort of noise…
Aryan: sound phobia… strange…
Varun: come let us enjoy…
Aryan: I guys go I am coming….
Varun: ok… come Shivani….
And they leave to attend the party and Aryan goes to check Aaroo. She was sitting beside a fountain.
Aryan: so do foot ki dinosaur is afraid of noise…
Aaroo: who told u??? Shivani right…
Aryan nods.
Aaroo: plzz don’t tell it to anyone… they will all laugh at me…
Aryan: no one will laugh at u… everyone is afraid of something or the other… so don’t get tensed….
Aaroo [nods]: yes… but my fear is of a strange kind…
Aryan: forget that matter and come with me….
Aaroo: where??
Aryan: today we will face ur fear together and will defeat it… come [he gives his hand forward and Aaroo holds his hand and they move ahead to the party.] After entering the place Aaroo again has the same feeling but Aryan’s presence gives her an unusual comfort and confidence.
Shivani: Aaroo r u ok now… come let’s enjoy…
All the 4 enjoy themselves at the party. While the party was still going on Aaroo receives a call from a teacher requesting her to go on a trip.
Teacher: Aradhya… we are very to put u into trouble…. But at the last moment one of our students has turned us down so we want u to attend the teaching session at Krishnavati this year….
Aaroo: ok ma’am no problem… I will reach there on time…. Ok ma’am bye….
After the party ends Aryan drops Aradhya to her house.
Aryan: so we fought bravely right….
Aaroo: yes…
Aryan: all credit goes to Aryan Vidhyadhar Rao…
Aaroo: why?? It was fight too…
Aryan: ha,,, but the idea was mine… so…
Aaroo: ok… thanks btw… to help me overcome my fear… bye gud night…
Aryan: gud night…[and he leaves on his bike].
Aaroo turns and smiles and talks to herself.
Aaroo: nice boy…but a bit rude… or let’s say straight forward… that’s good…
Meanwhile Tulsi notices her smiling and talking to her own self. She comes running.
Tulsi: Aaroo r u ok…
Aaroo: yes Aayi….what will happen to me????
Tulsi: then why r u talking to ur self….
Aaroo: aayi… I will have to leave tomorrow early…
Tulsi: why???
Aaroo: I will go to teach students in village….
Tulsi [smiles]: that’s nice… go… take rest… I will call u on time….
Aaroo [hugs her]: gud night aayi….
Tulsi: gud night… baby….
And they both go to their respective room. While the entire city was sleeping, two people were awake. They were none other than Aryan and Aaroo. They both were thinking about each other.
Aryan: she is cute… do foot ki dinosaur is soft and very sensitive… I need to take care that I don’t hurt her… but she is fights a lot…. [he smiles as he remembers their first meet].
Aaroo: why am I thinking about him… he is nice but not that nice that I will always think about him… Aaroo. Whats wrong with u… cime on sleep….
Then they both close their eyes together and go off to sleep.

Hope u guys liked my ff. plzzz give ur valuable comments.

Credit to: Rhimjhim

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