” I can’t stop loving u “- Twinj Love. Chapter 3

” I can’t stop loving u” – Twinj love!

At Mumbai……outside the airport at parking area….
T -” Yrr Chinki where is my mutooo!!…I mean Dev”….

Suddenly a boy came from back nd started to tickle Twinkle’s stomach… nd the guy is revealed to be Dev…
T -” Areeee….motu stop ! Don’t …hahhhaaa….do this…… haahhhaa…u know na…hahhhaa….my stomach will burst out laughing….hahhhhaa….Chinki tell him to stop…..”

D-” No I won’t be stopping …it’s a tremendous ample fun to u like this…U think u can only tease other’s… u forgot someone is more eggheaded than u . First u say sorry for calling me motu ; then only I will stop” ..
T -” OK ! fine I’m sorry ; now leave me plzzz”..

C-” Hayyy! The great Twinkle accepted her defeat so easily …just pinch me …I hope I’m not dreaming.”….she giggles….
T -” Don’t become so happy . Waise to main kabhi haar nai manti par kabhi kabhi bacchon ko bhi khush kr dena chaiye ( Normally I’m not afraid of anything but sometime I do it to make a tadpole happy )”………..pointing her fingers towards Dev…
C -” Let’s leave all this nd move ahead to marriage venue ”

Finally they drove away….


All of them reached at Utsav Palace …place where marriage rituals nd celebrations are planned…

While entering the place Twinkle’s heart was pumping out of fear….. she felt gossebumps …her mind was passing through different emotions that were difficult for her to hide …
Seeing her facial expression ; Chinki understood what’s going inside her mind….

C-” Twinkle dear …calm down ; why r becoming hell nervous ; ur sweating too badly… chill yrr I know what r u thinking but relax yrr I’m here na …don’t worry” ..

Hearing this… Twinkle just faked a smile as she know the next phase infact the confrontation won’t be easy for her..

Twinkle’s POV …
” I hope everything goes well ; I don’t want to face him …no not at any cost…as I know I won’t be able to control myself ; my hidden commotion ….my agitation….I know right now he is not present over here but sooner or later he will ; then what will I do?”

While keeping a stone at heart she entered the venue along with other’s….nd seeing someone she shouted …

T-” Tanya di !!!my darling ; see who’s back”
A girl turned back ….she is wearing pink churidar nd yellow kurti ; her hairs open…looking extremely adorable …
( Guys imagine Sanjeeda Sheikh
as Tanya )
She ran nd hugged Twinkle .
Tanya -” Oh ! my Twinkle Twinkle little start …..my so happy to see u yrr …
After a long time we both r acknowledging each other …I missed u so much..”
T- ” Same here di ! after one month… pretty long time haannn…Though we live in Amritsar but still I was so busy with my college fest that I didn’t got time to meet u ….Tell me where is Bebe ; Usha aunty ; Manohar Uncle ; my cutie Ruhi nd ur naughty son Samrat the great” ..
Tanya- ” Take a pause nd speak …..everyone is in their room …u freshen up nd then meet them..”
T- OK see u later”…
Tanya – ” Namaste Aunty …nd uncle ”
Leela- ” Be happy dear..”

Bangalore Airport
Kunj is waiting for his flight ….his phone rings….flashing Uv Calling..
K-” Hi ! hello ….Uv ..what’s up bro ?”
Uv -” What yrr….why u told me nd Mahi not to come to airport to see of u “……showing his fake anger tone..
K-” Yrrr Uv …I’m not a newly wedded bride whom u both will come to see off nd u know I don’t want to go to Mumbai for marriage but di ; Bebe nd Maa r forcing me!….
Uv -” Okkk !!! Its good na ..go nd enjoy……..Kunj yrr why r u sounding frustrated ”

K-” Wowww ….my buddy ….u know me so well that u easily understood my mood” ….he said surprisingly..
Uv -” Of course dude ! I won’t be able to understand the mood swings of my childhood frnd ”
K-” Good hannn….” ….nd he narrated whole airport incident to him..

Uv laughing his heart out… nd said..” Awww …now I see why r u frustrated ..I should guess it earlier only ….as history always repeats with u …I don’t know one thing normally u r so calm nd quiet nd chilled out person but when it comes to girls u behave like a insane person.. I’m feeling bad for that girl… poor girl”

K-” Oooo hello ….u r feeling bad for her ! she deserves that …u know na I hate….”before he could complete Uv cutted his words nd spoked..
Uv -‘” U hate girls…. right na ?”.
k-” Yes…1000000% right”

Uv -” Why u don’t like girls…just for some u r disliking whole of them …every other girl is not same…some r different nd cute.
And u being heart throbe of our office never pay a heed to anyone of them..don’t worry someone will make u respect girls soon …”

K-” Never…. this can never happen… bro I will talk with ur later as announcement is made ….bye”.
Uv – ” Byee”..
Twinkle meets with Bebe nd all others members nd took their blessings..

At 10 pm….

Twinkle is sitting in the hall nd watching some funny video on her mobile….suddenly Dev came nd snatched her mobile …
D-” Di ! that time I left u but not this time …I won’t be giving u ur mobile back”….he show’s his tongue to Twinkle..
T- ” Give my mobile back motu …if I catch u na I won’t leave u …” ….saying this she started to ran behind him nd bang…..she collides with a person entering the lawn…..

Her hands were resting on his chest nd her right ear ; earring got strucked with the his shirt…
At first the guy resisted to move back but due to the earrings he became unsuccessful in his attempts….
The guy tried to check out the face of girl with whom he is collided with but is unable to do so as Twinkle’s whole face is covered with her hairs came in front…
T-” Aahhhh!!!! Oooucchhh! my ears ….plzzz help me remove it ..” …she is feeling uneasy..
With much difficulty they were able to remove it..nd Twinkle removed her hair’s to back nd now her face is clearly visible
she looked at the guy nd he is revealed to be kunj…

Seeing her Kunj became completely lost in her innocence ….her cute nd attractive face..
Twinkle bend down to pick up the fallen coat of kunj ….
T-” I’m sorry ; here’s ur coat ….”
But kunj is just smiling looking towards her…
T-” Hello ! I’m talking to u ; where r u lost ?” ….she snapped her fingers …

Kunj came back to his sense’s nd replied..” It’s OK ! but u girls always search for a monent to fall in arms of a guy” ….he said naughtily …

T-” What do u mean to say I did it purposely…. don’t get mistaken OK..u r not so smart enough that I will do so “..
K-” I didn’t said anything like that it’s u who is telling the whole one”….

T-” Mr ! whosoever r u I will see u later as now I have to get back my mobile ….I will handle u later…” …nd she moves out..

Kunj thinks ….” see u later miss ” ..nd smiled brightly….
To be continued…

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  11. Ohhh hooo don’t worry dear their will be many silent readers….If they didn’t read this ff that’s their loss to miss such marvellous ff …..when you reach 11 -12 episodes you’ll fed up by giving replies to your comments….epic was outstanding…keep it up…love you..

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