I am yours OS (no kanchi) khwabir

The scene starts with kabir exposing malhotra
M- if u are not kabir kapoor than who r u
K- ACP kabir khurana
All were shocked
K- I wanted to expose the I get to know about ur evil deeds 5 years ago and if u remembered I joint u 3 years ago like a doctor. So for selling organs and killing sunil mishra u are under arrested dr annad malhotra
He showed him handcuffs
M- this hospital belongs to mishras
K- good u revealed everything before torture
Arrest him
He was taken all were shocked to know about kabir he looked at sanchi
S- thanks u so much for your help and sorry I could not love u
K- sanchi my identity was fake but my love was real for u I loved you more than anything and will love you forever if ur happiness lies with veer than in ur happiness i am happy
But from back a girl who was crying bitterly but hid her sound she had vermilion on her head and nuptial chain in her neck she sat down covering her mouth and crying she said
Why kabir u did this to me if u never wanted to love me than why did u marry me why
Yes SHE WAS KHAWISH KABIR KHURANA HIS WIFE who only married for kabir’s real mother sake and to fulfil her mother’s last wish.
She stood up no kabir I won’t snatch ur happiness she said remembering their marriage and how in their first night he went and the next day he got the Misson of exposing malhotra he went.
But a guard saw her and took her inside
G- sir this girl was listening to u all outside
And pushed her she was going to fell but kabir holds her he screamed is that a way to behave khawish are u fine
Kh- hmm kabir
He hugged her khawish my Misson is successful finally how are you and maa
Kh- maa is fine
ALl were more confused
Veer- now who is she kabir
K- my wife khawish
V- wow what a choice
K- she Is my mom’s choice
Sanchi was hell shocked to know kabir was married than also he loved her
Khawish says kabir maa is waiting let’s go
He nodded and bid a good bye
Khwahish was a doctor by profession so kabir learnt many things from her
Veer stopped khawish and asked if she would work with them She agreed

Precap – khwahish questioning kabir
Kh- did u love her .
Ka- yes .
Kh- why
Ka- because she is better than u
Kh- fine go to her
She left
Next scene
Kabir shocked to see divorce papers in e- mail

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    Prachi dear, such a lovely story…….I just enjoyed reading this……& precap is a bit shocking……eagerly waiting for what next is going to happen……luv u sweetuuuuuuuu…………bye…..tc

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