I am yours OS (no kanchi) khwabir shot 2

Saachi broke all relations with veer and he went to abroad. Khwahish was working with sanchi and was trying her and kabir to bring closer but always failed.
In her cabin she was thinking about her and kabir’s first meet in the college how they fell on each other how they worked on the project how they became from mates to friends and from friends to best friends they used to be called a pair. But they were not. Khawish became a successfull doctor and kabir became ACP one day kabir’smom asked him to marry khawish they refused but her condition got critical so agreed after their engagement. In cafe
Ka- so u have decided to marry me

Kh- haa jhanvi ke liye
Kabir became senty
Ka- khawish u are sacrificing ur life for maa
Kh- oye marrying ur best friend is not a sacrifice got it and stupid u do not look good while crying chal stop crying
They shared a hug while he whispered

Lekin hamare bache aise nahi hoge
She punches him and says first let us love each other
Kabir cupped her face and said I am sorry khwahish but shayad I cannot fall in love with u
She was hurt but didn’t express as she only wanted his happiness
Kh- it’s ok kabir we are friends na it’s fine ahh I have to leave for hospital
FB end

Khawish became emotional
Shayad hamara Milna likha nahi tha but I can do anything for ur happiness.
Her phone rang it was kabir she picked up
Ka- khawish tum kaha ho yaar it’s been 1 week since we met u are living in doctors apartment.
Kh- kabir there is too much pressure na but I am coming okk
Ka- okk bye
Kh- Bye
End phone call
She came out and went to him

Khurana mansion
Kabir was busy in laptop when she came
Ka- how are you
Kh- fine it’s been 4 years na we married
Ka- hmmm
Kh- what about our future
Ka- what do u mean.

Kh- u know what do I mean
Ka- khawish we did this marriage for maa
Kh- and she is no more and may i ask u one thing
Ka – ask
Kh- do u love saachi
Kabir was quite
Kh- answer me Kabir
Ka- yes I do

Kh- why kabir why what was left in me and I came in ur life first I sacrificed all things for u .
Ka- u did this with ur own choice
(They were arguing)
Kh- I did this for ur happiness and what is in sanchi haa teLl me I will fulfil that need in me
Ka- u can’t.

Kh- what is it
Kabir was irritated and was going when she stopped him
Kh- I won’t let u go today
Kabir finally in anger – because she is better than u
Kh- seriously kabir she is better than me that bhenji is better than me what do she have nothing she betrayed veer and u also she is like other girls who like to play with boys .
Kabir could not listen any thing else from her against sanchi so losing his patients he slapped her tightly and she falls
Kabir- u know what u are changed u are not old khawish
He goes away

Khawish wipes her tears and says now I am sure u both are made for each other

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