I am so disappointed with this show…

Hello Everyone, I have been gone missing for a few days from telly updates, anyways I am back with this episodic analysis. I think this show Yrkkh has changed a lot since Akshara aka Hina Khan left.

I can truly say that Akshara was the star of this show. Even though Akshara was a star, the show didn’t really give that whole attention to her. The show also showed lives of Singhania, Maheshwari and Nandini’s family. I really liked it, not romance all the time, there were many family times.

After the leap, I honestly started to love Kaira. I became a fan of them, but I also shipped Kayu a little bit. Because I understand their love opinion from both genders. So I believed that Kathik love for Naira, is the same as Gayu’s love for Karthik. But then I realized that Gayu deserves better. I really loved the track, until Gayu found out Kaira’s love for each other. It was like that Gayu just came in that show, just for the love triangle part. Just because Kaira were cute with their fights doesn’t mean that Kayu sucks. Love is not about how much nok-jhok you have, it’s about how much you love the person. There was no future for her.

I enjoyed Akshara’s death track, even though I was really sad that she had left.

After Kaira’s marriage they mostly showed romance romance romance romance and saas-bahu drama track. I was like where’s the Singhania and Maheshwari gone?

I am literally having seconds thoughts on Kaira. I cannot say if I like their character or not, probably not because I just hate it when they argue with elders. Badtameez. I know that Baisa and dadi did wrong, but it doesn’t mean that Kaira can shout. They should stay in their limits. Their acting like kids now. I don’t think we should watch them arguing over elders, because some viewers are still young, and Kaira are not being good role models. they are not perfect for me anymore

I am really sad that Gayu is leaving this show soon, but guess what?????? She might Vs coming to bigg boss 11, she’s going to be there!!! ahhh OMG ?

I am judging the characters, not the real person.

share your opinion, but this is my opinion, so please do not judge my opinion.

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  1. Tvfan1

    agreed dear..but I don’t think it is a prblem only with yrkkh…as every hindi drama begins to develop and gain fame..they forget their past characters.

    Anyways It is a shame that yrkkh has also done the same thing. But anyways..lets see what the story has for us next!

  2. U are right. Though.i find even gayu’s character shallow and the actress worst than shivangi
    Naira always back answers kartik dadi .and kartik dadi is very realistic and straight forward elder though she is a bit conservative at times.

    Naira’s buadadi is a b*t*hy woman who already ruined naksh’s wedding once and doing the same now. But naira shouldn’t have broken those pots on an elder’s face and she reacted like someone killed her husband. Shivangi overacts a lot and it’s getting unbearable these days.

    About romance, kartik has been reduced to a romancing character and pet dog of naira and singhaniyas to be precise. He is as good as a transgender. Which guy supports wife family over his own blood?
    Kartik is acting like jhoru ka ghulam in literal meaning.

    I agree that when akshara was there though she was lead whichever character got married the focus was on that character abd not akshara. But here naira was even included in bridal.shoot though kirti is bride.
    Also kaira getting re engaged with rings even before naksh kirti on naksh kirti engagement.and naksh kirtj getting threads in place of rings.how disgusting it is.
    Naira is Perfect example of begani shaadi mein abdulla deewana

  3. Vedanshidwivedi

    Yaar agar bade log galt karege tho chilana banta hai aur kaira have did right baisa did every wrong with kreeti she should not do this and yaa kaira were correct for doing this

  4. See whatever I will say pls don’t mind …….but if you are not liking the show than pls stop watching it first of all I want to clear that everytime elders are not right …….they are showing everything which happens in real…….you tell me if somebody will keep irrating you like this you would no say something to him or her……when akshara was there the story was same……she was also the so called mahan lady…….and every time the serial cannot give you the same story….we viewers have to adjust to it ……..and about kaira re engagement and naira being in the promo……let me tell you kaira are the main protongnist of the show…….you should thank to god that they are focusing keesh else they could also sideline them as gayu …….about the saas bahu drama its in every show especially your fav shoepw naamkaran…..I think you love to watch it naa …….if somebody will say something about it than how will you feel……tell me……we fans are made to love them ……you are saying you love kaira but it doesn’t seems that…….about kaira…..they do not argue from elders for themselves they argue and fight for their siblings to protect them ….can’t you see their love for their siblings ……if somebody will say something bad to your sister or brother than will you be able to shut your mouth …..no naa…then why are you blaming their character……every brother loves his sister …..brothers work is to protect their sister from the cruel world…….and you are saying that kaira are not being a role model can you tell me how……you are saying they are shouting on elders….if someone will did this to ur sister or brother naa then you will not only shout ……you may do anything wrong to them …..
    Pls don’t mind I will aGain say that pls if you can’t say anything good for them than pls stay out of it that my humble request…….sorry for words again but I think you should stop writing episodic analysis for yrkkh ……as it can hurt many….do you write episodic analysis for naamkaran also……and I think you will never want to write bad about that
    Pls don’t be angry on my comment I was just trying to make you understand…….
    Sorry again

    1. LopaFleek

      I have only told you to write down your opinion about the show, not about how you think I am wrong. Delete that comment, I can think whatever I want, don’t tell me not to watch this show, I have clearly written don’t judge my opinion, should I write in Hindi next time?

      1. Fine than I am sorry and one more thing no need of writing that in Hindi …..I am really sorry sorry I felt really bad after reading your comment I spoiled my image in front of you I am sorry yaar and you are right i should not judge anyone opinion …..actually the thing is I really love kaira yaar I hope you will understand ……my feeling …..I was not in my senses when I read your post…..so I wrote like that…..I don’t want to fight with u….I am really sorry…..yaar I hope you will forgive me…..

    2. LopaFleek

      I am not angry, I am just saying

    3. LopaFleek

      If someone says bad about Naamkaran, let them say because I don’t have rights to judge on their opinion

      1. Dude I’m just kidding no hard feelings right?….it’s cool man your killin’ your game and I’m killin’ mine just messing around here…..hope you can take a joke….
        Lover <3 Fammy

    4. Shivaya khanna

      I totally agree with you man atleast they paying so much attention to keesh wedding starts coming promos and wedding lehengas and all they didn’t do it previously

    5. LopaFleek

      It’s all goods, no need to say sorry! I also love Kaira, read my previous kaira fan FICA and os

  5. I also agreed

  6. Yes I also agree…gayu was cool but her role after kaira Milan was totally sidelined…her track was little shown to start keesh track…but the track didn’t at all start like kaira or Naitik-Akshara…it’s like their track didn’t start to show their growing love by forgetting each other’s past,to show their growing strength for each other but just to show kaira romance and their Mahanta… during Tilak rasam naira proved to be great Goenka bahu…. And keesh engagement was not at all their engagement but kaira re-engagement and kaira Mahanta by doing mouli ring engagement and moreover when Aditya came only Kartik anger and care was shown…not at all of naksh and manish…and they crossed their limits now… doing shuddikaran of a girl will hurt her self-esteem,her past but changing someone’s name does not at all hurt her self-esteem,past and that girls family…when dadi decided to change nairas name to Sumedha that time nairas self-esteem was not at all hurt…that time everyone remembers that dadi was elder but during shuddikaran Baisakhi was not taken like that way…her wish, real wish was not at valued…why????? just to show kaira Mahanta…to prove Kartik love for his sister and naira is perfect Goenka bahu???they could have shown naksh taking stand for kirti.but never…now I think name of the show should be changed from yeh rishta kya kehlata hai to kaira rishta kya kehlata hai…. because they are giving just importance to their importance…no other scenes and no family times…so New name of the show–KAIRA RISHTA KYA KEHLATA HAI!!! Pls don’t mind..it’s just my opinion

  7. If you don’t like a show please refrain from watching it.

    Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, is doing fabulously well and is one of best Indian dramas in term of story line and actors.

    Karthik and Naira are definitely without a doubt the best part of the story, their beautiful as both individual characters and a couple. Karthik is not your normal angry young man that has a dark past and goes on throwing his hate around everywhere, especially the girl he is supposed to be in love with, instead he is someone who tries to get angry as less as possible and will not even hesitate to apologize to the person he hates, if he has found that he has been wrong, even if the matter is trivial he will not step back from apologizing. Naira is not your fake mahanta ki murti. She is not like the other female leads who appear to be selfless but really are not when you carefully look at their actions, but then are still given the place of a goddess, instead Naira is good human being, she has made mistakes along the way, misjudging two of the most important people in her life but she realized her error and did whatever she could to rectify it. She has many times made adjustments for the Goenka family and she does that with the expectation of some form of understanding from their side, which is absolutely right as all of us would want some form of appreciation, even if it is a slight smile when we do good for other’s.
    These two do not hesitate to call a spade a spade, they are the true example of how everyone should be, what is wrong is wrong for them and if they have to raise their voice to stop what is wrong, they will, whether the one one who is doing wrong is elder or younger to them.

    KDadi isn’t always right, yet she is not always wrong either. The same goes for Bua Dadi. Another thing I like here that every family member is not a plotting villain, yes there are shades of grey seen time to time in the characters, sometime to misguided the audience like when Karthik was doing doing detectivegiri and they didn’t show who he was working for or sometimes the characters are actually a bit grey like Surekha or Rukmani Dadi.

    About Gayu quitting the show, couldn’t care less. Never really got attached to her character even the slightest bit, hated her delusioness during the triangle track and then later on she became a nobody. Plus am glad that since she is gone, there won’t be any chances of her getting paired up with Karthik’s 19 year old step brother.

    1. Tvfan1

      In the yrkkh written update page…eevryday everyne is blaming Kaira…as they are interrupting in Keesh’s life..

      I don’t wanna blame that but i at least now know that there ARE kaira lovers too..when i read the comments in the written updates..I am so disappointed ! I love Kaira ..and can’t get enough of it..Many ppl have loving KAIRA…and then they say yrkkh is the best show and all and whn they do not get what they want..They blame it. too much!

      They must understand if u love a story you should Love it’s ups and EVEN downs…and it is not a problem with yrkkh only (AS i mentioned above)
      Fans must understand this situation!!!

    2. LopaFleek

      Who says I watch this still! I have told you to only write your opinion, not to judge my opinion. Can’t you read and understand English?

      1. Sehar0366

        Girl earlier you were all like ‘Don’t tell me not to watch this Show’ and now your all like “who says I watch this still!”….girl (if you are a girl if not you can be transgender) that is not English. …that makes no sense what so ever….I think you were meant to say “Who says I still watch this show”…but WTF man that made no sense and here you are judging other people’s comments

  8. necesarry importance z 2 b givn 2 keesh also man…..i juzz adore dem……during akshara’s track her brothr also usd 2 get imprtance….but here kaira kaira kaira…….atleast gie sum damn footage 2 naksh also……i watch evrydayz serial hopng fr a bit of keesh…but all i get z kaira’s greatness…..great sacrifices….but itz actly keesh who always sacrific dere limelight fr kaira……huh….nd wat d blo*dy hell was necesarry 2 include naira in bridal shoot…..in dat case evn gauri and bhavya of ishqbaaz shud also b included…..FED UP….

  9. Kaina1

    i agree with you lopafleek #IAMHATINGKAIRANOW

  10. Guess what people Kaira are the leads, this show revolves around them. It isn’t Kirti and Naksh’s wedding taking place, it is Karthik’s sister and Naira’s brother wedding taking place. No matter whose love story, wedding or whatever will be shown, Kaira will always have focus.
    Please stop saying that Akshara’s time other’s use to get importance, even then it was the same case, even worse for instance if any problem was shown between Varsha and Shaurya, the track would be about who Akshara would solve their problem, even during Yash and Rose Christian wedding, Akshara wore a white gown, which is supposed to be only worn by the bride.
    Now at least Karthik and Naira are both equal, the story is as much about Karthik as it is about Naira. In Akshara’s time, Naitik was the lead only because of being Akshara’s husband.

    1. Kaira will be proud to have a fan like you

  11. About Gauri Bhavya not being included.
    One of the FL from IB is already there, Kirti is there only because it is here wedding, Naira is their because one FL each from other two shows are there, so Naira had to be present as she is the one and only FL of YRKKH.

  12. Kittykrishlife

    The serial has become another type of saas-bahu – drama. So iam not watching it.

  13. If you don’t like the show so please stop watching that.
    Accordingly YRKKH is doing a great job and it’s the most amazing story in TV and kaira is the most beautiful and the best part of YRKKH.
    Kaira as individuals has there own uniqueness and aura before being a couple which shows that they hold an equal in the show as main leads.
    If you think that they did wrong by shouting at baisa then you’re wrong because they showed baisa what’s correct and if kaira didn’t do that then it is injustice. They not only wanted to protect Keerti from that shiddikaran puja but they also wanted to show that people should be pure by heart not by their appearance or past memories. They practically teached baisa that being a woman she did wrong.
    They show keesh scenes as well not only kaira’s. Being pretty obvious they should show more scenes of kaira because they are the main leads and because they are wouldn’t have been keesh without kaira.
    GAYU leaving the show it doesn’t make a big difference because she was anyway a person who didn’t touch the heart or didn’t get attached to the audience and what she felt for Kartik was pure attraction because whenever Kartik was in a problem Naira helped him not gayu.
    Please just don’t say about akshara’s time. Because in akshara’s time she use to get more than the required attention. Because she used to solve everyone’s problems when you take naman and karishma, shaurya and varsha. Even from the clothing they wanted to akshara was more important than the other characters. In rose’s church wedding she looked like the bride more than rose and not only that in karishma’s sangeet ( disco theme) she looked liked the bride and karishma looked so plain.
    Throughout akshara’s time naitik was the main lead because he was akshara’s husband and nothing else.
    Most importantly Naira don’t try to be a mahan character because she always excepts her mistake if she have done it and always don’t try to prove that I’m the only one correct. Akshara was always admired by the family and there are only very few circumstances where she does mistakes which is not realistic. But Naira gets admired and they also shows that she does mistakes as well Which shows Naira is a real character.

    1. Stop telling others what to think; what to say; what to do
      They are giving their opinion/views and you have the right to yours too.
      Some people like all that romance good for you but some of us like the gelling of relationships
      And you are saying that Kaira are leads and popular – now who did you think make them popular – we the fans and viewers of the show so we have every right to state our opinion if we think justice to others in the show is not being served. We stayed faithful to the show not to two characters only; why because we love the show’s concept of building relationships – all relationships not just a romantic one.
      Saying that we should stop watching- do you know that when all of us stop watching the shows TRPs will be very low and they will shut down the show. So where would that leave your precious Kaira.
      Also saying that Gayu and other characters in the show are not important – good point yarr- so they all quit – then what would happen to your beloved Kaira.
      If we are disgruntled about the storylines not because we hate the show or we are showing disregard for the CVs hard work but because we love it and we want to see better. In the past YRKKH never chased the other serials on Starplus and stayed unique and true to their concept but recently since Kiran Mehra and Hina Khan left they have been trying to move away from their original concept that’s why everyone keeps saying when Akshara was there not that all praise is going to her but they are pointing out that concept changed after she was gone.
      We are loyal fans of YRKKH but it doesn’t mean we will just swallow any rubbish that the CVs and producers of the shows throw at us.

  14. Naira was included in the bridal shoot because she was the most popular bahu in star plus and is the female lead of YRKKH. Keerti is just a supporting role so Naira obviously have to be there. In IB and other show the most important female leads are there.

  15. And I don’t see anything wrong in Kaira getting engaged again because it happened in Akshara’s time as well. And yeah the keesh got engaged from threads which are of God nothing wrong in that because God is above all. All should thank Naira because she saved the engagement from not happening.
    And please stop telling Karthik is supporting Naira’s family about his family, he did that because dadi forced Naira to choose between her in-laws and her parenting family. So it was impossible and Karthik just wanted to fill the space of Naira in Singharnia’s.
    Just stop telling Karthik a toy of Naira. He is not Joru ka Gulam because he’s not the servant Naira it’s just he stands by her side to support her because it is his responsibility as a husband.
    For sake if you don’t like it just don’t watch it because you guys are practically criticizing the hard work.

    1. We are watching the show for the last 9 years.who are you to tell us for not watching.yrkkh has it’s own ups and downs.when people start criticizing they will improve the story line.in our country v have all the right to express our views. V are irritated with naira’s overacting and childish behaviour,moreover shouting at elders.in and head time even servants were getting importence.now everyone including our naksh are getting sidelined.

      When daadi did wrong at dance comeption she didnt utter a word.at that time karthik shouted and they all felt bad.now again for a long time they are shouting at bhaisa never feel bad for that.even this marriage is a forced one ,she never asked daadi to give some time for naksh………so stop telling not to watch the show.already trip is very low..

      1. It’s not and head ,It’s akshara.

  16. Sehar0366

    Girl you were missing for a few days right?….then go missing again cause straight up no one wants you round…and don’t think that you know English cause girl your English does not make any sense plus today’s episode is a big slap on your face…who do you think you are….cause girl let me tell you that your opinion or any of are opinions are personal and not valid…I’m not sure if you know but if you had an average IQ level you would notice that the TRP is going up for a reason…so dont dare to come up here and cuss my bae’s ….plus your name is super ugly and do you even know the meaning of ‘Fleek’…Child I straight up rpasted you what r u gonna do about it Punk!?….I bet you don’t even know what cuss means…..if you have the nervery thend comment back you sl*t!

    1. LopaFleek

      No need to tell me, I don’t have to go missing for a few days, I’m fine. Do you even know what sl*t means? It means when you s*xually date more boys. Well in my case, I haven’t dated anyone. LopaFleek is my username not my name. Do you even know who Lopa is? Lopamudra Raut? Oh God, yes I do know what Fleek means

      1. Sehar0366

        This comment is deleted.

    2. LopaFleek

      Why should you decided if I should come or not?

      1. Sehar0366

        This comment is deleted.

    3. People like you should be blocked from this site as you are lacking in manners and basic intelligence.
      We all have the right to voice our own opinions or views – this is her views about the way the show is going – you either agree with her or disagree but you have no right to insult her or the readers of this page.
      YES it is insulting to me having to read such comments. Mind Your Language – state your opinion or views and leave it at that. She was not expecting all to agree with her but she deserves respect.
      All of us can be rude and insulting in ghetto style but we choose not to do so because the one who states their opinions with insult hasn’t got anything good of value to read or worth thinking about child.

      1. Tvfan1

        agreed dear..I hope telly updates review this comment and ban this member.
        This is not the first time such incidents have occured!

      2. Fenil

        Good answer missy. To that girl.
        I m surprised how some girls saying this words to other girls.
        So shameful act and they expect respect from boys.

      3. Nikitansx

        Thankyou, this is my new account

      4. Nikitansx

        thankyou so much dear

      5. Nikitansx


    4. Tvfan1

      dear Sehar please I know this is the comment section..and ur allowed to share your opinion but not like this..


    5. Fenil

      Mind your language.
      If I again saw Ur abusive comments against my sister I will not think for second time.
      I also KAIRA fan…she also…and I m so plz respect my request don’t use this type of words.

    6. Fenil

      U r new here we know Nikkita very well.
      No single days u came and when someone post her pov then u came with bad and shameful word…even I m not uttering these types of word in mind also and u r writing freely.
      I respect for you r Yrkkh fan.
      Don’t take me wrong but u can use polite words.

  17. Lopafleek your analysis is spot on – love your review.
    We the true and original fans of YRKKH are very much disappointed with the way the show is going
    It might sound like we are being negative about the show – no we are just venting out our frustration.
    I stopped watching YHM and Ishqbaaz lately because I don’t like the storylines.
    I was going to do the same with Naamkaran when they reintroduced Dayaben and made Amol so negative but I watched the maha episode on Sunday and saw good triumphs over evil so I will continue to watch.
    It is true that YRKKH is one of the shows on Starplus that do not have evil characters or plotting – yes they do have characters with shades of grey. And that’s why we love watching it. And the wisdom and respect that it exhibits daily was a bonus but lately we are not getting that so it is disappointing.
    And TVfan don’t say that people are talking negative in the Episode page daily about Kaira. If you read those comments you will see that we are fair in our analysis.

    1. Tvfan1

      I know Dear..
      But there are some people who just blaming the page very negatively..not mentioning the good points in the show..

      P.S- Well done for not watching YHM right now..SO rubbish!!

      1. Nikitansx

        THANKYOU SO MUCH! This is my new acc, great new fan fic of yours

  18. Fenil

    Nikkita…. respect your pov…..and agree also being KAIRA fan especially Yrkkh fan.

    Sorry for come late.

    Don’t take those bad words….she is girl and she is saying this to other girl it’s reflect her upbringing.

    1. Nikitansx

      Thankyou so much, you are a true man

    2. Nikitansx

      this is my new account

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