Hi ? guys firstly sorry for being late and secondly THANKS TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR COMMENTS.
So here is the last part of this T.S..


This is Anika Shivaay Singh Oberoi, today it has been five long years since Shivaay has asked me to join Interior designing course in Mumbai’s one of the best university. I will always be obliged by his gesture. It took me three and half long years to complete my degree and I came out as a topper. Trust me I had never seen Shivaay so happy as much I saw him on the day of my graduation, it seemed that not me but he had qualified his degree. Om was so generous to tell me that his expressions were similar when Rudra qualified his 12th with 80% marks and till date everyone doubts that how could he manage to score so much marks. But I feel really bad for Rudra as since the day I have joined the university he often had to hear tantrums but not in presence of his superman. How can Shivaay just leave his baby brother to hear tantrums.
I chuckled at my stupid thoughts when Shivaay came and wrapping his arms around my waist gently questioned

“Anika how long will you take to get ready?”
I frowned at his question and replied
“A while ago only I told you wait for ten minutes Mr. Oberoi.”
Shivaay calmly replied to me
“Dear that’s what I am hearing since an hour probably.”

I shoot daggers at him and he silently backed off making a cute face, his face made it hard for me to control my smile.
“Now let me get ready if you don’t want to get even more late.”
He silently nodded and made his way to the hall.

After nearly another half an hour I came to hall where I found all the men of the Oberoi clan bickering over few things most probably over business their favourite topic. After a while we all landed in front of a beautifully decorated hall. Well the day is really important for all of us but with different reasons. For OmRu, mom, dad, badi mom, bada papa dadi, Sahil and me it is really special as Shivaay has been nominated for the best business man of the year, for ShivOmRu and rest of the family members it is even more special as I have been nominated for the Most Promising Interior Designer of the Year, Oberoi’s Industries has been nominated for the best business industry, badi mom has been nominated for the best women entrepreneur of the year, yup! She rejoined the business and bada papa was the one to make her do that after Shivaay had decided that I would complete my studies, definitely it’s not bad to learn from youngsters if they are right and that’s what bada papa proved with his this decision, moreover this brought him closer to badi mom and Om who has happily yet astonishingly welcomed this change with open arms and a few more nominations to the Oberoi’s credit.

It has been one and a half hours and somehow or other we have made to the end of the function and right in front of me is standing my husband with the C.E.O. Of the event to present the award for the most promising category of interior designers, with my whole heart I don’t want this award well it’s not that I doubt my capabilities but I just don’t want the stupid people and media to bicker over the thing that the award is being credited to me as I am THE OBEROI but as it’s said man proposes and god disposes I was declared as the winner for the award and the C.E.O. Of the event proudly spoke “The winner is MRS. ANIKA SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI” My face became a bit pale which could be hardly noticed by any one in the pomp and show of the event but my beloved husband’s next words changed my pale face into the brightest one, he clearly stated ” It’s ANIKA just ANIKA” all nodded with few murmurings to which I have become used to. Ya of course he would have said that;

I would have even known it if I had used some of my sense after all he didn’t allow me to work in his company also; yes I am not working in the “OBEROI’S INDUSTRIES” or for them in any way, I have my independent firm for which I was sanctioned a loan from bank; all this would have definitely been impossible without Shivaay but right now I need to go to the stage so I got up and made my way to the stage where I was handed over the trophy by Mr. C.E.O. And Shivaay. All the while his eyes fixed on mine and mine on his. I was asked to give the so called success speech but words didn’t find a way through my throat of course how would they when I am chocked to such a depth owing to my husband’s words that he spoke a while ago, maybe for others it won’t hold a meaning but the case is entirely opposite for me but still I managed, having Shivaay’s gaze follow me all the way.

“Success speech yup! That’s what it is called I guess, actually somebody told me that for me success will never be an end it would be a beginning of my journey so in short I have no story to success but yes it’s a path of hard work which has made me to reach here. The journey was planted with many ups and downs but they had hardly made any difference as more then me my family was determined to make me reach here.”
I could clearly see the shinning faces of my family when I had mentioned them. I continued
“Today whatever I am I completely owe it to my family, the family which stood by me, supported me and trusted me. This award, this position and what I am today is entirely dedicated to my family. Thank you.”

I ended just to hear a huge round of applause.
I descended down the steps just to be engulfed in a hug by my family.
After a while the function ended with Rudra and Sahil holding and admiring all the awards that Bada papa, badi mom, dad, Shivaay and I had received in today’s ceremony. As we reached the gate media surrounded us and bombarded us with questions.

Media: Anika mam how will define your journey in one line.

That’s all guys here I put an end to the T.S. “WHEN MY HUSBAND BECAME MY FORTUNE CHANGER.”.
Hopefully you guys liked today’s episode as the story revolved around Anika so I thought to end it with her point of view.
Firstly thanks to all of you for all your comments and I just have one request if you guys could take out some time and evaluate my T.S. And give an elaborated comment today I will be really glad.
Thanks to all of you.

Signing off

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  1. Nita D

    I know u wanted an elaborated comment, sorry, but all I can say is I m speechless….I loved it….

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      It’s alright Nita D I am glad you liked my work. Thankuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu soooooooooooooooooooooooo much ☺?

  2. Awesome

  3. It was very nice .

  4. Superb…. just loved it….

  5. This was just awesome and mind blowing dear. Anika’s past then shivaay support to her, her dream, shivaay birthday gift to her, I personally think that the best thing to gift someone is to give them a chance to complete their dreams, which shivaay had done and then the support of whole family but the line which just took my heart was the last line by anika
    and one more gesture of Shivaay during anika’s graduation his smile……..totally flat.
    This was super se bhi upar dear. loved it to the core.
    please come soon with a new story. Waiting…………………
    Take care and bye

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooo much starlight your comment means alot dear. I am more than glad to know that you liked my work. And my next work I am not much sure about that but presently I am writing two ff’s namely W.A.D. & O BRO’S V/S S SISOO’S you can read them if you want.
      And I am highly pleased with your comment dear ?☺

  6. Awesome

  7. It is awesome dear….

  8. Ruksy

    Amazing loved the T.S. super fabulous

  9. In the first part, I really felt bad for annika which was written fantastically carrying out all the emotions of shivaay nd annika perfectly throughout the whole chapter…
    Nd in the second part the chulkara scenes were pretty amazing!! Nd shivaay’s surprise was the best!!
    Nd now the last part, its just ughh… I have no words…”FLAWLESS”maybe?..that’s the best that I could come up with??..
    Well, eagerly waiting for ur nxt work..?.. If this much elaboration is enough for you??

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you soooooooooooooooo much Bhavana dear this much elaboration is really sufficient for me it means alot ?☺

      1. Shivika22kapoor

        And about next work I am not sure vecause presently I am writing two more ff so can’t say for sure until and unless my this stupid brain doesn’t cooks anything new??

      2. Wait, u writing two more ff’s? which one,I didnt know…
        Waise bhi aab mera vacations chal raha hai…toh mein ghaar mein betke kaam karne wallom mein se hoon nahi…toh mein saare din ff’s padthe rahthi hoon.. 😛 soo i would love to read them…plzz sent me the links..

    2. Shivika22kapoor

      Hi ? Bhavna I think ur exams ended that’s why u are having fun ?? anyways if yes how did they go dear?
      And yup I write two more ff’s namely O BRO’S V/S S SISOO’S AND W.A.D..
      Here is the link u can check it out ?
      Bye ? dear tc ?

      1. It went well,jab marks aayenge dekenge…I hope meri watt na lag jaye..
        Thanks for the links

  10. WOW…the ending was superb..”A journey when my husband became my fortune changer”It indeed was a journey when her husband changed her fortune,without his support I don’t think she could have pursued her graduation.The same is true for Jhanvi,first her husband forbade her from working,thus changing her fortune from becoming the best women enterprenuer but it was again her husband who changed her fortune yet again.The title is apt for your story.
    I hope to read more stories/ff written by you.

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you ? dwar for such a sweet and minute analysis it really means alot to me dear ?. And about writing more stories presently I am writing W.A.D. and O BRO’S V/S S SISOO’S. So you can read that if you wish ?☺

  11. Ayath

    wow shivu I loved it to the core I was eagerly waiting to know who is the author at last I saw just shivika I thought it was not my friend shivika but after few minutes I scrolled down and saw the author name shivikapoor I was so happy after seeing authors name .

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Hi ? Ayu dear thank you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much dear for such a sweet comment it means alot and I am glad that u liked it. ?☺

  12. Jerry_36

    Wow !! Its fabulous di☺

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you Jerry for always being so supportive ?

  13. Aryaraju

    Awesome ??

  14. Surbhi Sharma

    O god ! Such a cute ending . I loved it . Umahh ??. U nailed it . Loved it ,

  15. Vincy

    Nice dear

  16. Loved the ending…

  17. Ahaana

    It couldn’t be same if u would not have wrote it….
    it is excellent becoz of u ..?

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thank you sooooooooooooo much Ahaana. Dear this means alot ??

  18. Gayathri.visu

    Wow…Shivika such a wonderful and lovely TS..! Anika’s past make me emotional… Shivaay’s reaction about Anika’s past…and his b’day gift to her…brilliant thought dear! According to me this is the best gift for someone from his/her loves one… And finally Anika’s speech…. HATS OFF TO U DEAR..! I just loves so much last line…. IT’S A JOURNEY WHEN MY HUSBAND BECAME MY FORTUNE…..

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Thanks alot Gayathri.visu I am really glad reading by your comment. It’s really kind of u dear. ?

  19. Awesome, Superb, Amazing, Fabulous, Mindblowing……………. U nailed it dear…….

  20. Awesome…

  21. Amore

    Hey shivi.. hope you don’t mind me calling you shivi??? waise pehle toh ek baat batau?? I am flat… ‘F.L.A.T’ (like papad) at your profile pic… *hehehe*

    Now lets comse to the TS…

    This TS begins with Shivaye’s pov… I can see how desperately you want to see shivaye worried for anika’s reactions… you so badly want him to worry about his own actions rather than pointing out at her… I really liked the changed Shivaye. . (I’m such an idiot sometimes *hehehe* he started accepting about himself too *hehehe*)
    The description of page 2 was really good we got to know about her so well with her proper breif intro… her problem in maths is portrayed so well… hehehe and I really liked full form of S.S.T hahahaha… Hindi marks… 100% hahaha ‘own dictionary’ *hahaha* so true…
    he actually is behaving like calculator singh oberoi… Guess what stole my attention??? SHIVAYE APOLOGISED THAT TO REGARDING PRIVACY…
    Shivaye comforting anika is always really beautiful scene and the way you potrayed him was like a new blooming flower…
    I have to admit that he addressing her ‘My Wife’ so many times was like ‘Cherry on the top’.
    Her life was really bed of thorns… and the way Shivaye related her sister with him and OMRU showed us clearly how deeply he was involved in her… he was really feeling her pain and we could feel his feelings really well…
    This shot was all about Anika and only anika… we went to know about her lives’ depth…

    Next shot embraces IB and DBO perfectly. Determined Shivaye, O’Bros bond, *hehe* maa da laadla bigad gaya moment *giggle*, ShiRu stupidity, cry baby rudy, anika’s expression while saying ‘baggad billa’, dramebaaz rudy, innocent Shivaye *only with OMRU*, family time… all was really aweeee-some 😉 and AS ALWAYS… SSO’s gift was so .. soo .. sooo UNFORGETTABLE. I always wanted Shivaye to be Anika’s spine (whereas Anika is the one in IB yet she is not valued deservingly) THANKS FOR FULFILLING THIS WISH OF MINE…

    AND AND AND here comes the lips tearing chappy *hehehe*… This shot was actually really very very beautiful… so beautiful that my jaws were almost out of my stretched lips… *so lips tearing 😉 *
    This shot was SHIVIKA SHOT… Shivaye’s happiness during her graduation, bechaara rudy’s trouble, *hehe* anika’s tantrums, SCARED SHIVAYE (with Anika’s glare) were really cute scenes…
    And what stole the limelight was “Shivaye correcting Anika’s name”
    To be true dedication made me feel that FINALLY SHE GOT A FAMILY.. Tej making Jhanvi join business was perfect for this shot. You really want Tej to change don’t you??? And so true “It’s not bad to learn from youngsters”…

    Wondering why I named final shot so??? lemme be clear.. this shot has no end. The story starts here…

    Anika’s steps towards success starts from here.
    Jhanvi’s boldness started to shape hereon.
    Shivaye’s consistency as an ideal hubby is in its beginning stage…

    Improvement will be done, fears will be gone…. so ISN’T IT THE PERFECT BEGINNING?!?!

    Hope you liked my analysis… I had to read again to write these and to be true ‘I don’t regret doing so’.

    1. Shivika22kapoor

      Firstly on seeing the length of ur comment I was all shocked I think so u have saved everything for the last chapter but trust me I simply loved reading this analysis it’s really heart warming and it truly felt like my hard work has bore some fruit.
      Secondly thank you ? so much for reading and then penning down this wonderful comment it genuinely made my day.
      Thirdly you can call me whatever u want I would seriously love that and ya if u don’t mind do tell me ur age as well because I seriously want to know that am I so younger than you that u want to call me bachaa but I don’t mind even that it’s really sweet of you.
      Finally can we be friends di???
      Yup! Your comment made my day. It made me remember each and every bit of the ts and thanks for making this ts memorable and re reading it just for fulfilling my one wish ??.
      And for ur dp= ?? it’s sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo true.
      Plus my P.O.V. Is that a girl’s identity should be by her work and her own name and not either by her parents name or husband’s name, her name isn’t only her identity but the ultimate thing she has. Then for a husband I don’t know much as I am far and wide from this relation but I think he should act as a support to his wife rather then demoralizing her. And about the gift ? a chance to fulfil once dream is beyond measures. Dreams aren’t only beautiful but sometimes and for some people they are everything. Perhaps I like bold and brave girls who have strength to face the world.
      And you are completely right THIS IS JUST A NEW BEGINNING. I don’t know why but I felt that if you continue with this I would love to read it. Maybe journey ahead or anything if you wish I would love reading ahead story by you in your way. Just an offer no compulsion.
      And by reading the minutest of the details of the ts it made me feel like motive has been completely filled and the seed of my thoughts seems to have made a house in ur heart and I am glad about that.
      Last thing do u read W.A.D. By me???? Just asking as u messaged me there as well. To curious to know everything ?. Do reply if you have time ?

      1. Amore

        yeah bachha I do read W.A.D but due to some issues I cannot comment.. i’ll try to do it though…

        and yeah I have written some stories you can do read… tell me my loopholes too…
        and I’m 21 so…. you i’ll be calling u bachha then…

    2. Shivika22kapoor

      Oh definitely di I will read ur work but I am not sure when as I am preparing for my entrance so my schedule is a bit hitched but surely maybe late but I will do read ?.
      And ya I like ur given nick name and I am really glad for that ?.

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