It hurts me a lot…… Episode 9

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I look at him, puzzled.

Rishi: what…?

Me: I can’t.

Rishi: what you can’t? If you want to start from the beginning?

Me: I didn’t expect this from you.

Rishi: hey what’s up? Already late. Come we want to leave the place right now. Lot of works are there. Come.

Me: (my mind voice) Already I was so confused, now he talk like double meaning. Oh god what’s this? Why everything happens for me only?

Rishi: ok thank you. ( I looked him confusedly. He try to lift me)

Me: hey what are doing?

Rishi: you never step forward, I felt you can’t able to walk so I’m just try to help you.

Me: No thanks. I can. But I can’t come with you. I’ll repay your amount please trust me.

Rishi: hey actually What’s your problem? (I was totally confused). You are so cute…

Me: what…!!!!

Rishi: (smile) don’t worry. I love you so I never misbehave with you. Trust me. (I’m shocked to hear this). I know, now you think about this thing only. Don’t forget I’m not like that guy.

I nods ok and get into the car. My eyes are gets pain and tiered. I start to sleep. I felt the car was stopped, I just open the eyes.

Rishi: thank God you woke up. If you not wakes up mean I only lift you into the room.

Me: stupid

Rishi: yeah thank you for your compliment.

I get down from the car. The house is not Rishi’s. Then who’s home this? Rishi looks me.

Rishi: what dear? May I help you? Can I lift you?

Me: don’t take advantage. Who’s home this?

Rishi: it’s our home. (I gets angry) hey just chill. This home is mine.

Me: ok. Rent?

Rishi: what…?

Me: what about Rent?

Rishi: oh hello, if see any to-let boardin anywhere here? (vishal smiles).

Me: No

Rishi: then?

Vishal: hey Rishi, what is this? It’s already late. Sowmiya get into the home. Come on.

I followed him. Vishal opens the door, the house was fully painted with pink color. Vishal enters into one room.

Vishal: sowmiya, this is your room. Take rest. I’ll meet you in the morning.

Me: ahan thanks.

He leaves. I went to close the door. Rishi comes.

Rishi: wait. I want to talk with you.

Me: what

Rishi: we are going to one place tomorrow morning. So get ready.

He leaves without hear my reply. I was so tired, so I slept quickly.

At morning. Sun shines are falls on my face. I was slowly opens my eyes. I look at the watch, that shows 9:45 I was shocked. I went to the bathroom. After the 1 hr. I finished all my works and comes out from the room.

Vishal: hi… good morning.

Me: he…. hello go…good morning. Sorry I was too tired that’s why only…

Vishal: hey it’s ok. Take this (he gives coffee to me)

Me: thanks. I getting late, I’ll meet you in the evening.

Vishal: hey wait. Where are you going?

Me: to office …

Vishal: off… office..?

Me: ahan office.

Suddenly Rishi comes. I am seeing him. I was turn and see him.

Rishi: where are you going?

Me: of…of.of…

Rishi: what is of….. of..of…..? I asked you where are you going?

Me: office.

Rishi: office? But for what?

Me: ahan for shopping. Stupid for my work. lot work are in pending. Move away.

Rishi: oh ok go.

I came out from the home…

Vishal: hey Sowmiya just wait. I’ll come with you…

Me: no thanks. I’ll take care of my self.

Rishi: hey Vishal. come get into the car. We want to go.

Vishal: hey why are you allow her to leave? You

Rishi: hey just chill out Vishal. Now we went to her office.

Vishal: I can’t understand what you are doing.

Rishi: get into the car Vishal.

I reached the office. I want to sign in the reception…

Receptionist: hi mam good morning.

Me: hi good morning.

Receptionist: why are you came here Mam? How Can I help you?

Me: why are you asking like this? I want a signature note

Receptionist: but Mam you resigned the job right? Then…

Me: what? But how is it possible? I want to meet our Manager

Receptionist: sorry Mam, he is in out of station so you can’t.

I left the place. I came out from the office. Rishi and Vishal are waits in front of the office.

Vishal: Sowmiya…

Me: please leave me alone. I was totally confused so please…

Rishi: get into the car….

Me: sorry I can’t.

Rishi: I want to talk with you.

Me: you don’t

Rishi: hey just listen to me

Me: you… get lost

I crossed the road, Rishi followed me. On car came very fast, that hits him. Rishi gets injured.

Me: Rishi……… ( I laid his head on my lap) Rishi please opens your eyes. Vishal comes fast.

Vishal come and left him into the car. Car reached the hospital. We admit him in the hospital.

Me: Vishal, we want to inform to mom about Rishi.

Vishal: yeah. Already I informed to her.

Me: ahan ok

Vishal: I want to say one thing to you…

Me: tell me

Vishal try to talk but doctor comes…

Doc: Mr. Vishal…

Vishal: yes doctor. What happen to him? Now what is his condition?

Doc: don’t worry Mr. Vishal. He is perfectly alright. Now you can go and meet him.

Vishal: thank you doctor. Come Sowmiya

Me and Vishal entered into the room, suddenly someone overtake me and goes near to Rishi. That’s Swetha. I stay away from them. Mom, Nandi are arrived. I was went out from the room. Rishi’s father looks me and get into the room.

Swetha: Rishi wakes up. Please look at me once. Vishal how it was happen? who did this to him?

Ma: (with tears) Vishal tell me. Who did this? How it was happen? My son never did wrong with anyone, then why why why everything happen to him?

Vishal: Ma please just clam down.

Dad: Vishal, what is she doing here?

Vishal: who dad?

Dad: That middle class girl.

Vishal: dad tha… that girl… she only informed me about the accident dad.

Dad: how it possible?

Ma: she saves our son’s life. Don’t enquiry about that.

Dad: Hmm ok ok. Vishal do any favour for her and send her.

Vishal: Dad…

Ma: no need. I’ll handle this.

Rishi slowly opens his eyes….

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  1. So cheap how can rishi father talk to her like that so much confusion yaat

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  4. ahan means wat?

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  6. Awesome, lovely episode. Rishi n sowmiya rocking…why his dad very rude n disrespectful for sowmiya. ..keep it up buddyyy, eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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