It hurts me a lot…… Episode 8


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It hurts me a lot Episode 7

Me and Rishi both are waiting for that mysterious man. At 5:30pm that mask guy comes near to me. I get nervous.

He: Hi darling… Who’s this guy? Your friend or bodyguard? (Rishi holds his collar angrily) hey just chill out.

Rishi: how dare you to behave like this? If you really have a guts means remove the mask.

He: hello Mr. Who are you? Why are you interfere with my personal matter. (He holds my hand, I try freed from his) I love her for 4 months. I know her very well.

Rishi gets angry. Rishi removes the mask from his face, gives a tight slap. He freed my hand.

Rishi: how dare you to touch her.

He: why are you caring her like this? Who is she to you?

Rishi: (turns to myself) sowmi, do you know him? who is he?

Me: I don’t know him.

Rishi: (looks him) hey, what is your name? Where are you from?

He: I’m Antony Fernando. Why are you enquire me? Who are you?

Rishi: I’m Rishi (Rishi around his hand and holds me). I’m sowmi’s lover. we are in love (his hands are very protective, I see the too much of cares in his eyes. I forgot myself)

He: No…. I can’t believe you. You are liar. I love her a lot. She was born for me, not for you. If she refused to accept me means I’ll never leave her at any cost. She is mine.

He tries to get my hand. But Rishi protects me from him. Rishi slapped him badly and warned him. Antony left the place, he turned to see me. His eyes are filled with angry, he looks me like to be burned. He left. Rishi still around me with his hand. I freed from his hand.

Rishi: I’m sorry.

Me: it’s ok. You laid me for my goodness. Thank you so much. You protect me from that arrogant.

Rishi: Be careful with him. His looks, behaviour and everything like a psycho. So be careful ok.

Me: yeah, sure. Thanks again.

Rishi: its ok. I’ll drop you in your home. Come.

Me: it’s ok. Why are you getting too much of a trouble for me. You may carry on.

Rishi: not like that. I’ll drops you come let’s go.

I nods to ok and follow him. He dropped me at the home. I request him to come to the home. But he refused and left. I was so happy, I recalls the everything and gets happy. I was in deep sleep. I hear some sound from outside. Slowly I opened the window, I’m shocked to see Rishi with that Antony. Rishi hugs him and smiles. Vishal comes with bunch of flowers, gives that to Antony. Antony walks towards of my home, Vishal and Rishi hides behind the tree. I was fully broken down to see this all.

Antony knocks the door, I’m not open the door. He continuously knocking the door. I sits on the floor yelling and screaming. May be 15 minutes after again someone knocks the door. I weeps my tears and opens the door. Antony start to act.

Antony: I love you babe. (I kept the silence) you only have the rights to hit me or slapped me. Who is that Rishi? How can he interfering with our personal things. Really do you love him? (I never speak a single word. He looked me silently, after the 15 minutes of silence) wh…what happened? Are are you o…ok?

Rishi and Vishal comes casually.

Rishi: hey still you are disturbing her? I already told you, we are in love then why should disturb her.

Vishal: what happened Rishi? Who is he? Why are you getting this much of angry?

I started clapping ???…

Me: wow amazing, wonderful, excellent, marvelous, extraordinary. I can never see like this performance (All are looking each other). I trust you Rishi, but you break my trust. How can you do like this? I was ashamed to see your face.

Rishi: Sowmi please listen to me. Why I did this mean…

Me: please Rishi. Please leave me alone. I can’t hear anything right now. Please I beg you.

Rishi comes near to me. I was steps backwards. Rishi holds my hands and bends down….

Rishi: Sowmi I’m sorry.

Me: please don’t call me as Sowmi. Please leave me.

Vishal: smiley just listen to him.

Me: please I beg you. Leave me. Leave me alone. I’m not ready to talk with anyone. Please (Rishi pulls me down. Vishal & Antony leave the place)

Rishi: ok just only once, listen me. (I cried loudly. He weeps my tears & he hold my face) please please don’t cry. Your tears are hurts my heart. So please. I leaves you (he freed me. I try to stand up but I was slipped into his arms. He holds me) Are are are you ok?

I nods to yes and get into the home and locked the door. I sat in front of the God statue…

Me: oh god. Why are you hurts me like this? I trust him a lot. But he breaks my trust as well as my heart. I like him no no I love him. But he plays with my emotions and feelings. What was my fault? why everyone hurts me like this? You also hurts me. Why everything happens only for me?

Rishi knocks the door.

Rishi: Sowmiya please open the door. Sowmiya… Sowmiya…. Sowmiya…..

Me: please Rishi leave me (Rishi breaks the door & enter into the home) Rishi what are you doing? Are you mad?

Rishi: I don’t know how to tell this to you. I’m in love with you.

Me: what?

House owner comes.

Owner: what is this? What is going on here? Why are broke the door like this? I filled the case against you. How dare you to broke the door?

Me: sir. I’m sorry. I explained you what happened means.

Rishi: what do you want now. I’ll repaired your door.

Owner: hey who are you? What are you doing here at this time? I think you are good character girl. But you… Leave my house right now.

Rishi: just shut up…. I’ll take her with me.

Me: I’m not ready to come with you. Sir please just once listen to me.

Owner: no way. If you not leave the house, then I gathered everyone in front of this home.

Me: but it’s too late please

Owner: get out. Ahan one more thing, settled the amount of Rs.15000/- for the miscellaneous.

Me: but I don’t have that much of amount.

Rishi: I’ll give the settlement. Wait a minute (he went out and comes with Vishal). Take this.

Owner: hmmm ok ok. Quickly vacate the home.

I packed all my things. I leave the home with teary eyes.

Rishi: Sowmiya please hear me at least once (I walked in the road, he turns to Vishal)… Vishal gets into the car.

Vishal: but she…?

Rishi: surely she will comes with us. (he comes near to me) oh hello Madam, return my money right now.

Me: but how? How can I returned your amount right now?

Rishi: then do what I say.

Me: what…? Sorry I can’t.

Rishi: then repay my amount.

Me: you… you…you….

Rishi: yeah it’s me… me… me…

Me: I need some time to return your amount.

Rishi: sorry I can’t believe you.

Me: I didn’t have that much of amount. You don’t ready to give some time means what to do now?

Rishi: it’s good question. Do what I say.

Me: …..!!!!!

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  1. First i thought the mask man only rishi but it was shock oh hod rishi loves smiley its too gud

  2. hpy nw year dear
    update regularly
    nice ff

  3. rishi loves smiley but isn’t he married. ..please update soon

  4. rishi is in love with her. n so gud to see romantic side of our hero. what a planning yaar!! what frnds he has. all r supporting him. i’m waiting for next one. want to see what rishi will do next. this is so much of fun.

  5. Oh he planned all this .I think he wants to know her feelings.Amazing episode n eagerly waiting for next update. Happy New Year smiley.

  6. Happy New Year dear Smiley . Really it was a shock for me too to know that the mystery man n all is a part of the plan of our hero , Rishi. But he is already engaged , isn’t he? Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

  7. Bt, wer ir rishi’s fiance. . .? N wat was the need for such a drama. . . Luvd the epi. . .updt nxt part soon 🙂

  8. Bt, wer ir rishi’s fiance. . .? N wat was the need for such a drama. . . Luvd the part. . .updt nxt part soon dr 🙂

  9. Awesome episode

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