It hurts me a lot…… Episode 7


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Continuously someone knocking the door. I start out scared. Slowly I go near to the door…

Me: whose that?

But no response from the opposite side, they continue to knock the door. I try to bring some strength to myself. Slowly opens the door, no one endures in there. Then I was close the doorway, but someone puts their foot in between the door. One boy stands, he wears a mask on his face. He gives me a red rose ?.

Me: hey, who are you?

That boy didn’t speak a single word, he sings to me to accept the rose from his hand. I try to pull him out. He holds my hand tightly, I get confused. I was trying to remove the mask from his face, but he was running from my home. I get too much of a scare, then I closed the door. I started to think about that Mask person. After the 1hr. Again, someone knocks, the door. I get an angry, I took one stick from the balcony, slowly I open the door. I watched the shadow, I try to rack up on the hand, but unfortunately that person holds my hand and wraps me. I get shocked to see his face. Because he is non other than Rishi. I really don’t know what to do now. We both are shared the eye lock. Rishi gets shocked to see my teary eyes.

Rishi: hey, what happens?

My hand is full of redness, because of swelling. He looks and leaves my hand, then apply the GEL•OX on my hand.

Me: I’m sorry. I guess that same guy is returned.

Rishi: what same guy? (I said everything to him). What? If anybody knew about you?

Me: No. I don’t know. (Rishi nods and try to quit) But…

Rishi: But what?

Me: you…

Rishi: yeah, me?

Me: why do you come here at this time?

Rishi: sorry I forgot to say that. I came to return your wallet, You lost your wallet in the temple.

Me: oh, I’m so sorry. Thanks.

Rishi: it’s ok. I really like your attitude. I mean, it seems like a good idea. Bye Good night.

I was so happy to hear this. Rishi left. I slept with the sweet memory.

At morning…

I woke up at 6 am. I was refreshed and opens the door. I shocked to see the bunch of roses and heart shape is drawn by Rose petals. I get angry, I am throwing the roses. One guy catches that.

Me: who are you? (That guy removes the bunch from his face. He is that Mask guy. He wears the same mask on his face. I was scared). He… hey, who… Who are you? What do you want?

He: I want more things from you…. Can you…?

Me: idiots don’t talk Rubbish. Who are you? (With angry tone)

He: hey babe, just cool. I’m

Me: just stop it. Don’t call me as a Babe.

He: ok can I call you as a sweetheart, darling, sweetie like that.

Me: just shut up and get out. Or otherwise I’ll call the police.

He: (laughed out loud) Actually, I came here to impress you. Why, because mean, I love you. And one more thing, I decided to marry you. I love you so much. Please take your own time, and tell your opinion. I expect the good news from you. You want to know who am I? Come to the park at 5:30pm. I’ll wait for you.

He left. His words have irritated me a lot. His words echo in my mind. I don’t know how to handle this situation. I decided to approach this to Rishi. I went to meet him at his home. Ma and Nandhi are getting surprised to see me. I get blessings from Ma. Ma compelled me to eat, she serves the food for me. I ate. I ask about Rishi. He is not in the home, I decided to go to meet him at the office. I leave the home, and went to his office. I was waiting for him in the office. I’ve waited for a long time.

Rishi comes out of the office and surprised to see me.

Rishi: hey, what are you doing here? Are you alright?

Me: I…. I…. I need one help.

Rishi: what? Do you want help?

Me: yeah.

Rishi: (suddenly holds my hand). Why you are looking too disturbed? Why your hands are shivering like this?

Me: (I get shocked) Aha… That guy again comes back to my home.

Rishi: what? Which guy?

Me: (in my mind voice. Really, he forgot or he acts like that) Yesterday night one guy, I tried to hit you…

Rishi: oops. I’m sorry I forgot that incident. Why, what’s a problem now? (I tell everything to him. He thinks deeply) Ok, come, let’s go.

Me: but where?

Rishi: to the park.

Me: what? But now the time is 1 O’clock.

Rishi: ok do one thing I have one important work. I’ll come in the park at the time.

I nod and leaves. At 5 o’clock I waited for Rishi. Rishi comes at 5:20pm. We both are waiting for the mystery person.

Thank you so much for all your support guys.

With lots of love smiley ???

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  1. hey dr it was nice …but update longer parts …

  2. Smiley this episode was mysterious.. Update nxt part sooon, I mean real soon. Want to know who is it??
    Update longer parts if possible..

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  4. Nice episode and who is he ,update next part soon.

  5. nice quickly update please

  6. Nice chapter. Wanna see who the mystery man is? Plzzz post next part ASAP. Keep writing. Take care 🙂 🙂

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