It hurts me a lot…… Episode 6


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Swetha is not in the hostel. I get scared of his absence. I phoned her mobile phone, but she didn’t respond to my call. I was so confused and scared. Subsequently the 2 hrs, Swetha back to the hostel. I start to inquire about her absence, she said to me,”she is going to discontinue his studies because of the family issues”. I felt unfit, and inquired what happened?

Swetha: my father bought money from my uncle. Today, he can’t able to repay that. And then my uncle demands my father. Which means I want to hook up with his son.
(I get floored)

Me: Hey, what do you intend? No way, no how. How its possible? Foremost, we will give complaint against him.

Swetha: sorry smiley, we can’t. Why, because mean my father was signed in empty stamp papers. I need my family happiness only. I can ready to sacrifice anything for that.

Me: Swetha please listen to me. I talk to your uncle. First complete the exams then you may go. Where is your uncle?

Swetha: They are waiting in the Visitors Lounge. But they don’t accept our request.

Me: please give me a chance please. I’ll try to convince them.

Swetha thinks deeply, then we went to the visitors lounge to meet them. Swetha introduced me. I get blessings from her parents, her uncle looks very soft. So I try to talk about Swetha’s studies. Suddenly his face changed, he shows his real face to me. He scolds me very badly. I felt very bad. Swetha interferes him and stops him. Swetha apologies him. I said sorry to him. Then we back to the room. Swetha apologizes me for his uncle’s attitude. I said it’s ok.

I don’t know what I want to do. Swetha ready to packs her stuffs. I hug her, I was crying like a child. She consoles me. She wrote a hostel vacation letter. I went to send off her. She gives the vacation letter to the warden.

Warden: what is this Swetha? I can’t accept this right now. The time is 5:50. Secretary Madam and principal sir, are not in the college. So you can’t vacate right now.

Swetha: But Mam, my family is waiting on the visitors lounge.

Warden: call them. I’ll talk about this.

She went to call her family. But her back with uncle. Warden tries to explain about the situation, but he didn’t ready to hear what she was told. Then they start the argument, warden gets angry. Finally, she said, “I can’t sign this letter. Tomorrow morning only I can sign in this letter. Again, if you argue with me means I’ll call the police”. Uncle leaves the hostel. I’m so happy because I can spend a lot of time with my best friend.

I take her stuff into the room. In the night we talked a lot. When we met, how was our first meeting, how we bond with the friendship in last two years and etc.., we don’t know when we was sleeping.

At morning,

Swetha wakes me up with the coffee. She gets ready. I drink the coffee and went to bath. We are getting ready to college. I went to the exam hall. Swetha went to bring signatures of the Principal and Secretary. She came to meet me after getting the sign from them. She gets farewell from class and hostel. I went to send off her. Swetha present one gift for me. That gift is one silver peacock feather key chain. That gift is too touched with my heart. Why means, I love Lord Krishna. I present a send off gift as a pink color teddy bear.

Swetha: Keep in touch with me. Don’t forget me. I miss you.

Me: I miss you too. Yeah, sure.

Swetha leaves. Then I returned to the room. I feel lonely. I’m not concentrating on the studies. In my room full of silence, the wall, bed, chair, table, even the clock itself remains hers. I was too much upset. I was crying, cries and cried. I slept on the floor.

At morning..,

I was waking up, I was so tired. Because I didn’t have food yesterday itself. I went to refresh myself, then I went to bring coffee from the mess hall. I did all my work without interest. Two Weeks are rolled out. My exams are completed. My studies also over. I vacate the hostel too. Then I got one house for rent. That house was so cute, hall, kitchen, one room with balcony. I stayed in that house. I got a job. My monthly salary is Rs. 8500/- per month. I spend a middle class life with full of satisfaction. Sometimes I think about Rishi, so I felt bad. Monthly once Swetha calls me, we talked a lot. I got my First month salary, I was so happy. I decided to go to the do you hurtnt to the temple, at the temple I met Ma & Nandhi. I’m so happy to see them. I get blessing from her. I talktoa lot. At the time Rishi came with Varsha. I get sad. I try to behave like a normal.

Varsha: hey hi…. How are you?

Me: hi… yeah, do you hurt abgetycalls
Varsha: yeah, I’m good. Then where is your friend? What about her?

Me: (I just smiled) Yeah, she is fine. She back to her hometown.

Varsha: oh great. Then…

Me: No… Nothing. I’m getting late, so may I leave now. Bye Ma.

Varsha: but where you are staying now?

Me: now I stayed in a rental home. Bye.

I leave that place quickly. I started to scold the God… ” oh my god, why you are doing like this? Now you are only giving the happiness then suddenly you take that from me. Why god why do you hurts me like this….” I walk into the road. My phone was ringing… I gets call from Swetha, Swetha invites me for her marriage. Then I reached the home. I prepare the dinner, someone knocks, the door. I ask who is that? But there is no response again knock the door. I was scared to open the door. Continuously they knocked the door.

Sorry for late update my dear friends. Today I’ll Upload the next episode also thank you so much for your kind support. Please Forgive Me for the grammatical mistakes

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