It hurts me a lot…… Episode 5


Rishi stands in front of the college. I was stunned and saw him, but I didn’t talk with him. I remember that incident, so I just try to move away from there. Tears are ready to come out of my eyes, but I was controlling myself. I lay down my face and walk. Rishi comes near to me, I started to walk faster. Rishi follows me, he called me. I don’t have that much of confidence to face him, he tries to catch my hand unfortunately he can’t. Then he to be torn me violently, and books were slipping from the bag. He holds my hand tightly, I was trying to frees my hand but I can’t.

Rishi: I want to talk to you. (With angry tone. I get confused, I look at his face, in his face I don’t identify the expression) I’m talking to you, I want talk with you.

Me: please leave my hand. Why do you want to talk with me? What do you want? I can’t.

Rishi: Why you can’t? I need one help?

Me: What………!!!!??? Help….!!!! (In my mind: he need a help from me? How can he ask the help like this?). I…. I can’t. Sorry

Rishi: why? Why you can’t?

Me: I have a university exam today. So I can’t. (I have looked him face, he thinks deeply)

Rishi: oh okay. When your exams has been over?

Me: after 2 weeks.

Rishi: good joke. I asked the duration time of the exam.

Me: The… The… Three hours.

Rishi: good. Ok, well, I’ll wait for you. You’ll complete your exam after that come with me. I have small work so I’ll be back in 3 hrs. Ok bye.

He leaves, but my eyes still look at his way. I was so confused. How can I go with him. Tears are falling from my eyes.

Swetha: Hey, what happened to you? Why are you standing here? This is your hall ticket. Come, let’s go.

I was Weeps my tears, then I told everything to her. She cheers me. We went to the exam hall. 10 O’clock my exam has been started. My mind was too distributed and my heart was fully collapsed. I do not properly write that exam. Swetha looks me I signed her and I leave the exam hall. I went to the canteen and get one coffee, I got a 1 superb idea. I planned to go to the temple. I finished the coffee and leave the canteen. I look around the entrance gate, Rishi is not there so I went to the hostel to refreshed. I leave the hostel and walk towards the temple. I was trying to get into the auto, but suddenly one car stopped me. I get shocked and starting to scold. Rishi comes out of the car, he looks to me deeply. I feel uncomfortable & uneasy with his look. He comes near to me, I am stepping backwards. He wraps me, now I was in his arms..,

Rishi: are you mad? Look at their the drainage is opened. Why are you leaving the college before 1 O’clock? Ok, come get into the car.

He didn’t give a chance to talk. He speaks Continuously. Forcibly he takes me into the car. I lost my control, I started to cry. Everyone watched us. And he looked me said “hey, what’s this? Why are you crying like this. Just stop it”. I try to control myself, but I can’t. Suddenly more than 15 people are rounded us. Simultaneously, all are raised questions. I don’t know what I want to do… I looked at his face, that was fully filled with angry. So his face reflects in red color. Everyone scolds him, One old man who tries to beat him. I interrupt him and said “he is my fiancee, I came out of the home without informed anyone. So he scolds me”. That old man looks my face and apologies to him for his attitude. The crowd has left. He signs me to get into the car with his angry face. I get scared of his expression, then I try to speak to him. But he forcibly gets me into the car. The car was moved (background music plays). I start to see the window view. The an accident on the way, but that way is not for his home/my hostel. I was totally confused, I look him puzzled. But he did not see my face at once.

The car is entered into the police commissioner’s office. He dragged me inside. I asked him, what is this? What are you doing? Just leave me. Why are you taking me here? He hears my words, but he doesn’t respond me. We enter into one cabin, one police officer salute to him. I don’t know why that man saluted? Vishal enters into the room with one new man.

Vishal: hi Sowmiya… (I look at him with some hesitation). Hey, he didn’t tell anything to you?

Me: N…. No. What do you want? Why are you taking me here?

Vishal: hey hey, just relax. Do you know him? (He points out that new man)…

Me: No. I don’t know him.

Rishi: he is the man whom an accident, you that day?

Me: what…..? How do you know that? Why are you taking care myself?

Vishal: Hey Rishi, what’s going on here? Still, you didn’t say about our profession? Oh, Hello do you who we are? He is Rishi IPS. I’m Vishal IPS. We both are working on the Crime investigation department. Actually, he put a full effort into this case. When you were admitted in the hospital, on that day onwards he starts his investigation. We got him yesterday night.

In my mind voice, “so 2nd day onwards he started the investigation. So only he could not come to the hospital. Why I was behaving like this?”.

Rishi: give one complaint in a written statement, then I’ll handle this case.

Me: but..

Rishi: (full of angry) But what?

I said nothing and put a signature on the blank sheet and hand over to him. You may fill what do you want. I want to go to the temple. May I leave now. Rishi laugh out loudly. I’ve not seen his smile face till now when he smiled I staring him. He has a very cutest smile, I don’t know where he was hiding the such a beautiful smile. I forgot myself and said “I like your smiling face. Such a wonderful smile”. Rishi hears what I said. He asks, “what did you say?”. I realize the place where am I. I said nothing, I want to back to the hostel, so may I leave now?. Then Rishi said, ok wait I’ll drop you in the hostel. I said no to him and comes out of the office, I got into the auto and back to the hostel. I went to the room, Swetha is not there. I was checked out everywhere in the hostel. She is not in the hostel…


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  1. Nice yaar pls update daily

    1. Thank you Devi. I try to upload daily. Sorry for the late update. I am suffering from wheezing problem, dear That’s Why only late update dear. Sorry

  2. Awesome I really like or off superb episode plllzzzz update one more chapter plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    1. Thank you so much adithi. I’ll try to upload the next episode in today night itself dear. Thank you so much dear ☺

    2. Sorry Aditi. Spelling Mistake in your name itself so sorry dr

  3. Where is swetha yaar awesome story

    1. Hi Hayathi, it’s a twist and turn of this story dear. I’ll say that in the next episode. Thank you, dear

  4. Smiley I HV a confusion is this incident happening in the past or present plzzzz cmnt

    1. Hi Aditis, at present Smiley in the train. She think what happened in her life. Now the flashback is shown dear. Can you clear now, dear?

  5. Smiley is behavng so dumb infrnt f him.. . . I thot he came aftr 🙂 for smthng else, bt nt xpectd dis stry line. . . Updt nxt part sooon,k 🙂

    1. Thank you so much Liya. Yeah Surely I’ll upload the next part as soon as possible dear. ☺☺☺

  6. Plz someone share its 1,2,3 part links

  7. Dear when you update its new part Plz share its 1,2,3 part links
    Sorry for irritation but plzzz
    I just start luving ur story ….:)

    1. Its ok Seema I’ll share that link dear.☺☺☺

  8. Nice episode .

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