It hurts me a lot…… Episode 4


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Slowly I was open my eyes, I feel so tired. I look around and then only I realized I was in the hospital. Ma is near to me. First time someone cries for me. Nandhi caress me so much. Tears are rolling from my eyes. Ma wipes my tears. I’m trying to talk to them. But Ma stops me, and ratify as no. My eyes are very tired. I don’t know when I was starting to sleep.

I felt the long breath, I heard the heart beats. I know that heart beats are not mine. Then I opened my eyes and get shocked to see Rishi is near to my face, I try to move unfortunately his lips touched my cheeks. He moved away and said sorry.

Me: (with low tone) What are you doing here?

Rishi: I’m so… Sorry. I was trying to change the trip’s level, but…

Me: it’s ok. Why are you here? You don’t back into the home?

Rishi: they went home. When they return here, then I back into the home.

Me: sorry for the trouble. You just inform to Swetha. She will take care of me. Why you are in trouble because of me. I was spoiled your work also. I’m so sorry.

Rishi: Not at all. Don’t think like that. Yeah, I already informed her. But she can’t come right now, tomorrow morning she will come.

Me: Thanks. (I was smiling)

Rishi nods and leaves. Next day morning, I was woken up. Swetha is near to me. My eyes are starting to search Ma. But she is not in the room. I’m getting sad. Then the doctor comes and checks me. Then I was discharged from the hospital after the two days. In that two days Ma and Nandhi take too much of caring, but Rishi didn’t come the hospital after that. My heart expects his presence, my mind starts to control my heart. I back to the hostel. I feel some difference in myself. I don’t know what happen to me. Sometimes I’m so excited ? but sometimes I get some confused. I don’t know what I feel. Two days once Ma and Nandhi are come to the hostel and meet me. My eyes are waiting to see Rishi, but he never comes at once.

One day Ma comes to the hostel and invite me in their family function. I’m getting more excited why because mean, I’m going to meet Rishi after the two weeks. Evening I am getting ready Swetha also join with me. I wear baby pink colour dress. Swetha wears sky blue colour dress. We reached Rishi’s home. House is fully decorated with full of lights and flowers. Ma and Nandhi are receiving us. Nandhi introduced me to everyone. Vishal also joins with us. Vishal takes me to one girl actually she is so pretty and look very modern

Vishal: hey hi, She is Sowmiya @ Smiley. She is her friend Swetha. And smiley this is Varsha, she is Rishi’s fiancee.

Varsha: hi, thank you so much smiley. Just now only I know about you, I am eagerly awaiting for you. Thank you so much.

I’m getting shocked. She talked a lot, I just heard, but I’m not concentrating on her words. Swetha noticed me, she tries to console me. Ma calls us, Ma introduces me to one old man. He is Rishi’s Father. His name is Mr. Jayaprakash. He nods and he leaves that place. Ma apologizes for his attitude, and says he is too rude. I said it’s ok and try to leave, but Ma stops me and makes me to sit at the front table. Rishi’s father starts the announcement of Rishi & Varsha’s marriage. They exchange the ring, they engagement ceremony happen very happily and grand. I leave that home without informed. I walked a long time and I reached one park. I sat on the bench and start to yell… My phone was ringing… Swetha number is on the screen, I just cut her call and text to her as, “sorry Swetha, I reached the hostel. Come fast”. Then I start walking towards the hostel. Rain was started, my tears are mixed with the rain water. Swetha is waiting for me in front of hostel gate. She gets scared and start to enquiries me. I don’t answer for even her single question. She gets angry. We reached the room. She gives a towel for me. She changed her dress and tell me to change the dress. I felt too bad, start to scold myself. I was laid on the bed without change the dress.

At morning I suffered from fever. Swetha gets ready to college. She didn’t talk a single word to me. I was trying to wake up from the bed, but I can’t. She comes near to me and holds my hand..,

Swetha: Idiot, you are suffering from Fever. Why are you trying to wake up from the bed.

Me: Sorry Swetha. I have only one best friend. That’s you. You don’t talk with me that hurts me a lot. Please forgive me.

Swetha: Hey fool. Don’t talk like a Rubbish. I’m angry because you left me a lonely in that home and you lied to me.. (I try to explain, but she stops me). No need, you don’t say anything I know why you left that home, I’m your friend.

I am hugging her and cries loudly. She consoles me. Then she gives medicine for fever. She leaves to the college. I’m alone, so I think a lot. A lot of questions raised in my mind,

When & why I was falling in love with him?

How can I fall in love with him?

Why I was crying like this?

Why I did this foolish thing?

Then I was trying to change myself. Two days after I went to college. I try to concentrate on the studies. Three months rolled on…
In That 3 months I’ve not met Rishi & Rishi’s family. One day Rishi comes to college and waits for me…

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