It hurts me a lot…… Episode 3


Hi, My dear friends, thank you so much who all are continuously supporting me and who all are reading my story silently. A very big thanks to all. You are only the big supporting pillars of this story. Once again a special thanks for encouraging me also ?.

I finished my breakfast and go to the college. Vishal and Rishi are waiting at the college. I saw them, but I don’t talk to them. I get into the class. After 4 hrs my classes are over. I back to the hostel. Still, there they are waiting. My friend Swetha starts to kidding me. I’m getting angry…

Me: Mr. What do you think about myself. I’ve just donated my blood to you. Don’t take advantage of that. I hate like that person.

Rishi and Vishal looks each other. Vishal smiles.

Rishi: oh smarty I’m not like that person. Why I am here,

Me: oh then why do you stand here? Waiting for

Rishi: will you please stop it. Vishal come on, let’s go… (Vishal gets into the car)

Me: if once the girls are helped mean start to Flirt with her. Womanizer arrogant.

Swetha: hey talk slowly. If he heard this… then

Rishi heard, he turned and holds my hand angrily. My hands are getting pain but I don’t show my pain to him. I look him angrily. But my eyes are filled with tears.

Rishi: What did you say? Repeat that right now.

Swetha: Hey, what are doing? Please Leave her.

Vishal comes out of the car…

Vishal: Hey Rishi, what are you doing. All are looking us. Leave her.

But he didn’t leave me. Again, he repeats the same.

Me: yes, you are a womanizer. Idiot leaves me or otherwise I’ll give complaint against you.

Vishal: Rishi leaves her. She doesn’t know about us and our profession. Just leave her…

But he holds my hand more angrily. He gets calls. He holds my hand in one hand. On the other hand, he attends the call. I look him angrily, his face is closest to me. His face is in pink/red colour, he expresses angry on his eyes. I can feel his heart beats. His breath in and breath out is very fast. First time I’m too closely to one boy. I get shivers… He frees my hand…

Rishi: mind your words. Vishal come, let’s go.

He again warns me through his eyes. They are leaving. All are looks me, I felt bad. I was so upset. My hands are so painful, Swetha looks my hand and get dismayed. My hands are getting redness. I felt so painful. Tears are rolling out of my eyes. I wipe the tears. Swetha takes my things from me.

Swetha: are you mad? You have never behaved like this at anyone. Then why should you behave like this to him?

Me: I… I don’t know Swetha.

I felt too bad. So I plan to go to the temple. Evening 4:30 I’m going to the temple. I reached the temple at 5 PM.

At the temple I met Rishi’s family.

Nandhi: hey Smiley, what a pleasant surprise. I just can’t believe this. (I just smiled) Maa… maa…. maa… look here who is here.

Maa: hey Sowmiya.

I get blessings from her. I don’t know why, but I’m so happy to see her. Then we talked a lot of things. Nandhi gets the call she is busy with the phone. 3 hrs are passed. I don’t know how it was passed. I’m so happy. Then I try to leave, but Maa stops me.

Maa: Sowmiya just wait. It’s too late. I’ll drop you in the hostel.

Me: No… no maa. It’s ok maa.

Nandhi: No smiley maa decided to drop you. It’s final dot. You did a big help to our family.

Me: Nandhi no thanks. It’s already late. Ok bye take care.

I wear my footwear when Rishi comes their. I said bye to them. Rishi and I both are shared the angry eye lock. I’m walking on the road, suddenly one car hits me… I heard someone loudly called my name. I have a little bit conscious my head is laid into maa’s lap… Nandhi continuously called me and said,” smiley please, please open your eyes”… Blood is bleeding from my head and hand. I feel like it’s my last day of my life…

A special thanks to you all guys for your continues support. I love you all guys. Roma, Hayathi, Adijo, Lia, sweety, Aditi, Vivi, ruth, Devi, Devga, Lakshmi, unknown, Vaishu, Joe, Amy, Ria. If I left anyone names means, please forgive me. I remember some names only dears. I hope you all understand me.

With lots of love Smiley… ???

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