It hurts me a lot…… Episode 1


Now I’m standing in Delhi Railway station. I get confused where can I go? How can I face this society? My heart is beats fastly. My mind intentionally tell something to me but I dnt knw that’s good for me or not. Oh God please give me a strong support to me. Suddenly I heard one announcement ? North East train is reached platform no 3.
Then I bought the tickets to North East last stage. I am get into the Ladies compartment. I was sits in corner seat…

Near to me one girl who talks in the phone. When she said how can I frgt the date? Tdy 13th December, now time is 11:20pm. After the 40 mins I convey my regards to him then confess ur love to him. Then I saw my train ticket it shows the date 13-12-2015. Tears are roll from my eyes. That girl was cuts the call and start to talk with me. I’m not in the mood to talk, so I just answered her questions…
She : hi…
Me : just smiled
She : where are you from. I mean r u from Delhi or somewhere else?
Me : Delhi.
She : oh sry I frgt to introduce myself. I’m shruthi from Jalpaiguri.
Me : oh nice to meet u Shruthi.
I dnt introduce myself she looks me but she gets a call and continue with that. At 12 O clk she cals someone and wish him. I get a deep thinking abt the same day in previous year then tears are roll out from eyes.

In 2014, dec 13 unforgettable date of my life. On that day I was meet him accidently. I’m a volunteer of the blood bank. At 11:15am I was in the class I got message from blood bank. They need a B+ve blood immediately for global hospital. I was rush into the hospital. I give a 2 units of blood and back into the hostel. Then at night I received msg from one unknown number. In that msg, ” Thank you so much Miss/Mr/Mrs. Y saved my best friend life thank you so much”. I didn’t response to that msg. I was just smiled and thank the god to given that opportunity. The train was stopped. I was came to the present day. The train was stands in Jalpaiguri Malbazar. I woke up and get down from the train. I was stands in the railway station again. No one in that railway station. I just scared. I just move from the place, I felt someone followed me… I look down I’m getting shocked to see one shadow also near to my shadow…

Hi frnds Namastey Namoshkar Vanthanam and Vanakkam to all… I’m going to share this story with u it was little bit based on real story. I expect most of the supports from you. I dnt get the proper support from u means I never continue this story further more. Y coz mean I cant wrote without ur support. So please try to support me also. Please forgive me for Grammatical Mistakes. Thank you frnds…

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