i hurt her…. i am sorry swara 28

sanskar pov

it’s said that.. its easy for a girl to make a boy fall for her.. she is already sweet and innocent.. but for  a boy..its the hardest task.. a girl won’t give her heart so easily because they have a fear in their mind what if some one broke it..

if she had given her heart and soul to someone ..then that mean ..he is everything to her.. for him she can give her life and take someone life too

I chuckled about my thoughts… then I see a moment near my side.. swara was sleeping peacefully in my arms…

I had fallen for her the time I saw her talking with kush …. but she took a lot of time.. may be she was ryt in her place… 

I kissed her for head. ..she slowly  opened her eyes and looked at me…

gud morning…my bacha..

she smiled shyly and looked down

ohh seems like some one is rememberin the last night…

she didnt said anything. . still looks down..keeping her hand and in my chest 

vaise… u look hot in my shirt…I wispered near her ear

this time she looked at me… her cheeks were red like tomato….

sanskar. ..she hit my chest..

boloo sanskar ki jaan

she looked at the clock

ohh God. .its late.. I should go down now.and  she was about to get up then stopped..

she looked at herself then at me..

sanskar close your eyes…


close your eyes.. I want to go to washroom

so u go naa.. why shud I close my eyes..

sanskar.. pls. .. she whined

really..swara… after last night… should I still close my eyes..  I asked innocently for which she blush more..

sanskar tang na karoo… pls close the eyes…

I laughed and I closed my eyes…

I heard her opening the washroom door

now u can open … she scremqe from there… 

I opened and smiled at her innocence. ..

I lay back on the bed…. 

after sometime.. she came wearing a yellow saree.. she looked at me..smiled and go near the mirror…

I came and make her wear mangalsuta and sindoor… and kissed her for head. ..

she gave me the towel … I came after fresh up.. and I saw she had already kept my dress there….

I wear it…. by time.. she came back… sanskar.. have this and go fast before someone see u

why..I will not go now.

why..no..u should go now .. mom n dad went for walk and karan bhai will not come out tilll 8.. so better u leave now..

what if I say a no


yes sanskar ki jaan

she pouted.. pls..na wat will i tell bhai 

tell him I came ystday… I shrugged

wat.. no.. I will not..she said folding her hands near her chest..and turning around

then I wll tell him

she turn’s again facing me

no… she screamed… then wat will u tell him when he ask why u came at night 

he is not stupid like u… he wont ask anything  like that… 

her mouth widens…. and she hit my chest

are u going or not…




she stamped her foot and went and I laughed ….


swara pov

sanskar when did u came…. dad asked when I am going to turn the knob..

ohh God. . I told him to go.. but he being sanskar. stayes there … at last when I convince him that I wll come by noon.. he said to leave …but till by then dad and mom come back …

hey… when did came sanskar.. karan bhai said while descending the stairs… he is totally fine now..m

hmm now .. I came..sanskar said.. and I glared at him…

such a liar he is.. 

ohh… u came to pick swara… dad ask settling themselves in living room….hmm yeah … he replied

we had our breakfast.. 

he came yestday ryt..bhai said from side… i looked at him who was giving me a teasing smile..that too chori chupke thru window…haan…i gave him a glare..for which he chuckled..

i smiled at him evily.

.oyyr wats going on yor mind haan… he said as a bit of scared… whenever i smiled like this.. he kno there is something

dont you think i should tell sanskar that … someone is intrested in his sister…

karan bhai spilled whole water…

kya hua karan. dad asked

tum teek hoon..m this time it was mom..

and sanskar was looking at me…why do i feel its because of u look..

i shrugged and concentrate on my plate..

chup kar … marvaane hain kya …bhai wishpered

after some chit chat.. we leave from there….


hey… sanskar hold my hand …ryt now we are in car…

why u did that..I asked him

what I did…

why u lied to them that..u came just now..

so what u want me to tell… that I missed u so much that.. I had to come ystday night via window.. he said coming closer…..

I tried to keep my heart rate stable..m don’t know why always his presence make my heart beat to rise…..


i looked out of the window… 10 months before i was a girl who thught marriage is nothing but pain… i thought i would be never happy and i will live a life with adjustment… 

the word marriage itself brought a bad memmories to me… its nothing more than a scarifice… at that time when some one told its a beautiful relation where u will cherish your life at every moment i would have said.. it would be only possible in films and novels….

i just hope peace from my marriage… but i got whatever a girl ever dreamed of… i got a husband who understnds me more than myself..what can a girl ask for more than this….


sanskar pov

life gives us more  than we expect..10 months before i came here just to take revenge against the murderes of bhai and bhabhi..who was still alive..

i had married to a girl … who i had know nothing …and the most importand part when she is doesnt wven care to look about her future…

we plan and plan and plan for a better future…but we will get what is in our destiny… i came here planning something..but ended up settling here….

life gives us hard choices… and thorns of diifiiculty…but later on in that heap of tension we could feel a a beautiful satisfaction..

when i thought leaving swara because she is from a royal famoly .. there is something broke inside me… it kills me to know that i am not good for her…and the same thing happened to be the most funny thing now….

serioulsy sanskar…leaving her because she is born in royal family…. 

our mind sometime works in such extend that …what we look is the happiness of others  to an extend that we forget.. their happiness is something else…..


today the story is going to an.end.. but for swara and sanskar the jouney is started…

this story is based on a girl ..who was loved by everyone to an extend that they ended up hurting her…

her mom and dad keep her away from them… as they think she is safe … but they forget that a child is more safe in their parents arms…

her sister forget that her life may effect her small sister… she was on in her life that she could nt see the emptiness her sister eyes…

her brothers know everything and still could nt do for her anything… may be that is the worst situatuon a person can face.. HELPLESS!! 

Sanskar was ready to leave her… without even a mere thought how it would effect her….

sahil was busy enjoying that he got his sister back that he never notice that what she want in her life…

everone is some stage had hurt her…and more than her her…it hurt them…though they didnt said loudly they had said this a  thousands of times to themselves..


     …………………THE END……………..

so today is the last chapter …and there wont be any epilogue for it…

i know i am not good at writing… i love reading books and this made me inspire to try something new…. i have been late all the time and also makes you all wait..(if someone is waiting) i am extremely sorry…

i would love writing more… but i know first i shuould learn to update on time… if u guys are genuinely intrested then i would love to update…

i have two stories in my mind…

1 icing on the cake
2 who are you…

if u guys really want me to update reply me … i hope at this last chapter.. i would be able to know how many pf them read my fan fiction ..

really sorry guys.. but pls do reply at least for the last time…

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    Nice ending

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    Loved it dear . You have given a nice end to the story

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    swara’s innocence was the best thing i liked in this story ya everyone of them did hurt but finally she got a life partner who loves her and cares for her the most…………
    i llllllllloooooooooovvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeedddddddddd the story dear….
    i loved the lines you wrote about life….
    and coming to the upcoming stories you know i am quite greedy so i want bith of them please come back soon dear

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    Loved it!!!! Its so amazing….. And start ur new ff soon…..?

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    Sweet simple story and very close to my heart.! Yeah true,it’s just a start of SwaSan’s upcoming journey with each other.! God bless them..!!
    Loved it dear, ending was too good.!
    Waiting for ur new story..!! Thnk u.. ;-*

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    i dont have words to say… this comments are meant to me….

    thank you very much for your love …

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