i hurt her…. i am sorry swara 27

swara pov

i woke up .. and looked at my side… sanskar was not there.. when did he go..

i checked the phone.. there is  a msg frm him…

sorry u were sleeping so didnt thought to wake u up.. i have an urgent meeting so i am going… i wll have my break  fast and vitamins.. take care of yourself..and haan come fast soon… though u dnt miss me… i badly miss u..

i smiled at his text… i went to washroom and took a long shower.. i wear my dress and went downsatirs… mom was making breakfast… dad was reading the newspapaer… i wished them and take a coffe to karan bhai s room… did nt i tell u i had my coffe with bhai…

i gently open the door… he was there in the bed.. doing something in his laptop

bhai.. i shouted..

he looked at me..then at the laptop

woh swara i have to  sent ths mail now.. otherwise it wll be a lose…pls aftr ths i wont do anything…

with this fractured hand u r typing the mail…

i said looking at his right hand which was fractured and had bamdaged on it..

i am typing with left…he said

give it to me.. i wll type it for u…

i kept the coffe near the side table.. and took the lap from him

done.. i said after finishing the work and shut the lap…

now if i have any work tell me.. i wll do it for u..

okay boss.. he said and i gigelled 



dnt u think u shud go back

why.. u dnt want me here… i said while stuffing my apple..

no its not like tht.. u r here for 1 weak… now i am fine.. today evening i can remove the bandages.. and i think

i shud go back.. i completed his sentence.. and he was giving me…. i am serious look…

i sighed .. i will go tomorrow after i confirmed by the doctor.. u r fit and fine.. otherwise u will go to office 

ok.. he smiled…


i was making soap for karan bhai.. he will come now.. dad and bhai went to hospital to remove the bandage….

shona.. ur phone is ringing..where were u… take this ..its krithika..

mom handed me the phone

hello babhi..

swara ..dnt call me bhabi okay.. i am  ur frnd.. thn ur bhabhi.mm

okaya baba… kaise yaad kiya… did u again fought with bhai… 

no swara..y u think tht always i call wen i fought with him or wen i am angry with him

bcoz thn u used to call me.. so..

no.. this time i had anothr reason

accha ..then tell wats the reason

swara..i am pregnant..

i was stirring th soap..and suddenly my phone was abt to slip.. i hold it.

u go and talk… i wll stir it..mom told me..

wat did u said..

u what

u heard it ryt princess … ths tym its was sahil bhai… really bhai i am very happy for u.. 

i talked to them ..tjen cut the call… mom asked wat hapnd..i told her abt the news…

she was too happy.. vaise shona..wen are u going to give us the good news..mom asked from no where..

haan.dnt tell me u guys still didnt think abt it.. she said still concentrating on the soap

suddenly she stopped stirring when i didnt reply anything..

shona.is everything fyn..she asked me… and i just nodded…

whole day passed… now i am moving side to side from bed..but sleep was far from me… morning incident was still stuck in my mind…

i and sanskar are married for 10 months but still we didnt have a relation of husband and wife.. what he would be thinking abt me… he had full ryt on me..but still he didnt said anything.

unknowingly tears start to flow from eyes…

what happened to my princess.. why are u crying..sanskar sit in his knees and wiped her tears.. he sit in the bed and I  looked the window..

u again come thru window ryt.. i asked him

thts not the answer for my question

…why are u crying…

i remain silent.. wat will i tell him tht.. iam sorry.. i forget tht u hav every ryt on me.. i am sorry i cudnt make u happy..

hey swara..stop crying bacha… he sit with me in bed ang hugged me.. then i realise i was crying..

after a while


bol sanskar ki jaan…I smiled at his words 

dont u think i am a very bad wife..

he break the hug and looked at me..where as i kept my eyes down to my hands..

he held my chin and make me look at him

aise kyun?? he asked

i never made u happy.. u have full ryt on me but still

ohh so thts the matter…

sanskar pov

i knew it… when sahil called me and tell me t abt kittus pregnancy.. i knew my bacha will think somethmg stupid lik tht…

bolo na sanskar.. i am very bad ryt

haan. u r very bad.. i tel her to tease.her…u never gv me my ryt…arrey its a husbands ryt.. i acted more..but i stopped when i heard a sob from the side.. she was looking down and sobbing

ohh shit.. wat hv u done samskar.. u made her more guilty.. 

shh.. dnt cry swara.. i was just teasing u

no u were ryt.. i am very bad.. she strt to sob again

ehh..ths girl na..

after a while..i got an idea..

okay dnt worry.m i have an idea… 

she looked at me ..her eyes are puppy by this tym

u think tht u dnt make me happy ryt.

she nodded.

do u care for me i asked her

and she nodded

u love me ryt. i asked her for which she think for sometime then nodded

then prove it..

prove ?? how shud i prove tht to u…

tht u think…

she stay silent sometime thn

okay.m i will make ur fav food tomorrow..

ah.. i just stayed shock

yeah.. i will prepare ur fav food.. then i will l

prove it to u tht i love u.. she said with a smile.

no..i said


prove it now.. i said crossing my hand near my chest

now.. but u already ate ur food ryt… are u hungry..she bombard with another set of question

no i am not hungry.. but u shud prove now…

but wat shud i do…. she said with a sad face

kiss me…i wispered 

what..she asked shocked

i slapped my self for saying tht..

um..woh.m i.

.i search for words.. but suddenly she kissed my cheeks and sat there..

wat was that.. i kept my hands near the cheeks.. 

u said me to kiss and prove tht.and i did tht

she said shrugging her shoulder

till now i tht.. she is shy.. or was not comfortable with my closeness… but i was too wrong.. she had accepted me long before.. the fact is tht she too dnt know.

the girl who dont even talk to boys .. if she can do ths act. i am sure she is not shy.. yeak she is too innocent..who believes whatever others tell her… 

wait..how can i forget tht.. she was so open to me aftr karans accident.. tht means… 

but this is cheating.. i said her..

why..wat i had done now… i proved it..

i want a kiss here.. i show her my lips..

she looked at me.. then stay silent fr sometym

hey.. i am sorry.. i dint..i was abt to say

i dnt kno to kiss there.. she said..

what..  i stand thr shocked..

she looked at me.. 

didnt u watch movies in ur lyf..

she nodded a no

so u wud hav read romatic novels ryt

she again said a no

i stand there still..wat shud i do with ths girl…

so i am a bad wife ryt…she said still looking down

now where that come from..ohh shit whole ths covo strt frm there ryt..

no .. u r a gud wife….

but… before she could complete .. i smashed my lips on her… she stayed still…

after sm minute i broke it .

she looked at me.. lik wat was tht..

this is known as kiss… and now u shud do ths with me..to prove..

ths time her cheeks become red

ohh so this girl know to blush 


she looked at me then again down

kya hua.. kiss me and prove… i winked and she blushed 

she slowly move towards me and come to my height.. she pecked my lips then went back..

this is how i teach u..

sorry..i am not used to it… she said

no problem soon u will learn..with that i lean in ….

this is second last chapter….

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