Haiiiii, friends!!!! How are you all?? I know it’s been so long I have been updated one shot story…. Here I back with another one shot …….. I simply write this…..Do enjoy reading and leave comments…. Any negatives comments about it also allowed so I can improve the writing….. And lastly to my lovely si Affaa, its a dedication for you too for my come back….. Didu miss u…..Love u all…..

Hurt… Yes it hurts…. It hurts a lot…. The place that hurt is invisible….. It’s like I have been stabbed so many times and bloods are oozing through the wound….. But the pain that I have been going through mentally still won’t be that hurt much if I have really been stabbed physically……..

Why this much of pain? What happened till feel like this? Where she is the only one who is suffered as if other girls didn’t have any problem as her?
No….. She was suffering and it doesn’t mean that she is the only person who have problem in this world….. Does it mean that she doesn’t have any rights to complain???? Sometimes we can say a lot of things and complaint about someone but did you for once really think that it is the truth of them as you said….. And most of all why should we judge others! Yes, it’s true that as human it’s a common of judging people but does that mean we can said anything about a person that we barely knew without know them from inner and out…… Even we know someone very well still it doesn’t mean that we know everything about them and start to comment about them that are because human’s heart and mind can’t be read by anyone……. Everyone have their own perspective and opinion….

That’s what happened to our Swara…. She had been judged by her own family members….. A family that she always cherished…….. A family who she always give the first priority amidst all….. A family she has taken vow to the God no matter what she won’t let them bestowed to anyone with anything….. A family she wants to proud of her….. A family who she thinks will be with her ups and down…. A family who will lend a shoulder for her on her weakness……
But life is not a fairy tale which always filled with happiness….. Life is a reality that every human need to face…. When the reality of life struck, everything will be shattered like a broken glass…… Swara’s heart broke into thousand pieces which can’t be mending it back when she heard her own family members misjudged her even she explained herself….. Her own bloods judge her….They just disowned her like that without investigate the truth for once and insult her with unbearable words and didn’t think for once how come their growth will be waste….

Like people said tongue really didn’t have bones….Just voice out every displeasure and negative thoughts which you bottled up in your hearts for years….. Her own family insulted her who she thought always support her and well known her….. But today just because a stranger’s who hold grudges with her comes with a story that she was not pure and sleep with him, she been tagged as “sl*t” not by society but her own family members…….

She cried bitterly in front of God idol remembering her fate….. The one place we’re everyone can let their heart out…….God, I don’t know how should act…. I agree I’m not a perfect girl but whatever it’s me, myself….. I didn’t try please other….. I always am myself…..When I found something wrong I will voice it out which sometimes make other displeased with it and make me gain enemies….. I didn’t cover my body fully like normal girls who dress fully covered in front of family and once when they went outside they wear tiny pieces of clothes which barely covered their self…… Even I wear normal clothes, I never show of my body…..Still I had been called as “sl*t”, “b*t*h” and extra…..

But I do have question from which angle I’m looking those they said…… When a lot of guys flirting with me, I ignored and warned them….. While my other friends we’re enjoying their leisured life with their boyfriends and I’m staying single….. Still I had been called as “pr*stitute”, “bossy”, “arrogant”, “nasty”, “vulgar” and so on…… Still I moved on without giving a head to that statement…. I’m not coward to argue back…… It’s just that there will be no different between me and them….. And how long I will explain them about myself…… No matter what people won’t stop talking and tagging me….. So, what I did every time is keep quiet and people will shut their own mouth once they tired of didn’t getting any replies….. But today I can’t be like that….. I didn’t have that patient when it comes to my own family members…..
I’m really exhausted and tired of this…… God, I know it’s a normal thing even a lot of girls like me a suffering with this same problem in every corner of this world…..Every girl are being easily judged everyday in everywhere…… Why can’t they think that I am girl also a human being as them who have heart also will be hurt….. Won’t them ever stop judging a girl or tag them with names…..
With teary eyes Swara drink a bottle of poison that she have in her hand…… She finished her life…… She has no more energy to fight and live her life when her pillar who holds her on her weakness also blames her…… With that she leave a suicide note for her family which explaining what happened which she had told them and goes unbelief by them….. Swara died with the hope one day there will be a day which there we’re no girls been tag with names and they live their life fullest with more respects…..

Friends, no matter what please give comments on others if you didn’t know anything….. I know I can’t say that please don’t judge others because we need to judge others sometimes but we still can judge them without hurting their feelings too…. Judging a person without fully understanding of the situation is wrong. Just because you don’t agree, doesn’t mean that you’re right…. Everyone right on their stand…. Every side of the coin has their own story…..

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    1. RinaSivaguru

      Right…… ?

  1. Meeta

    Just not the story you rote is great, but the way you wrote is amazing.
    This is a very true story, which should never b neglected.
    We all are restricted to do some or other thing in our house.
    As false as it seems, it is true.
    Even if your dad is a billionaire, there will be restrictions in a girl’s life.
    One or Two. Two or many.
    You just let it voice out.
    This is very good.
    People must respect feelings.
    I have Been called ugly, once, even if m not, n I know that.
    But it hurted me.
    I told her the next day that BEAUTY LIES IN HEART NOT IN FACE.
    She was a bit dumbfounded by the answer.
    I’m beautiful, way more beautiful than her, not because I have large eyes, curled eyelashes, thick shaped lips, perfectly carved nose, Waved to prettiest hair, but Because my beauty lies at heart.
    I don’t judged people, even if I do so, it’s only because of what wrong they do.
    I try not to point fingers at them
    I wait for the day, when girls will be respected in this universe.
    Not only in India, but USA, China girls are disregarded too.
    A hope lives in me everyday to watch the Earth a safer heaven for girls.

    M sorry if I wrote too long.
    I just voiced out my opinions.

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Wow….. Thank u for the long comment…. I’m so happy to u did take ur time to read this OS and leave comment….. It’s really shame that girls are been digraced….. I hope one day there will be no such act happened with any girls….. Everyone pretty on their own way…… No one should judge other….. Give respect and take respect….. Don’t care about others Meeta…. Just love your self…… Judge your own self and don’t let other judgment affect you….. ?

  2. very nice message and a good story
    but i think this message could have been more good had u not shown swara doing suicide suicide is not in my point of view a answer otherwise it was good
    sorry really very very veryyyyyyy sorry if i hurt u with my pov

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Myna, thank u so much and don’t worry I didn’t mind it….. Everyone have their won point of u….. Don’t afraid of voice out ur opinion if u find it’s true….. About suicide part seriously I just write on the flow and I find a lot of girls who have faced the same problem end up with suicide….. In this OS I just show what happened to girls who always been tagged with names and family who didn’t trust their own upbringing ….. ?

  3. It’s true… Loved it.. ?????????

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Thank u vidhi….. ???

  4. Yaa everyone have a side…we r just try to understand them….. I like that os…….???

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Thank you Jana….. Like I said every side have their own story….. We should try understand other stand and avoid make a desicion before came for a conclusion…..

  5. Superb. I liked it

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Thanks Maha……. ?

  6. Good message story

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Thanks Chinna…… ?

  7. Kakali

    With this OS u have given us a great msg… Now a days in our society this kinda things r becoming like “like always” … it’s rapidly increasing… which i hate d most…
    we girls have a strong bearing power just as Swara… she beared all d taunts with tags pr*stitute,whore,b*t*h etc etc…. but when it comes to our family ,,it break us… we can bear anything but now against family… n this thought makes great mistakes like suicide… so did Swara…

    she thought about her family but ahe didn’t get family support at .. it’s also not a rare thing for girlz…

    but i can never support for doing SUICIDE ….

    haaah !! sorry for blabbering… i couldn’t hold my feelings reading ur chappy… it’s seriously amezing… good work dear…
    love it.. God bless u..
    Thnk u.. ;-*

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Heyyyy kakali…… I too hate this problem…. We can fight anything even this problem when know that there will be someone who will be ur pillar supporter who hold you from break….. But when we didn’t have one for obvious we will have the negative thoughts….. We can’t stay storngwr always…… Everyone have their own breaking points….. That’s what happened with Swara….. It’s doesn’t mean that she didn’t have the will power to right or optimistic attitude to face the situation, it just that her shattered self make her ended up suicide….. Even when she was disowed by her family, if there was someone who support her and I’m sure she will mend her broken pieces and be a strong lady but there was none with her…….
      You aren’t blabbering, it was me….. Thank u so much dear…… God bless u too….

  8. Very very true. No words to appreciate ur work bcz its really true thinking in this world. Awesome , marvelous.

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Thank u mariya…. God bless you….. ?

  9. Wow…Superb…Too Emotional…Loved it..

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Thanks Prakriti19……

  10. Deeksha

    Truly said dear….!!!!!

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Thanks Deeksha……

  11. Amazing dude…!! Loved it….!!! I felt soo emotional reading every sentence…!! And at the end…she gave up..!! It hurted me too…!!
    And whatever you said is correct…!! I agree with you…!! 🙂

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Heyyy Chandu…… Thanks buddy….. Even j was too emotional when I wrote this OS…..?

  12. Hi I read everything but rarely comment but today I felt I should ur concept n thoughts r really good n is rgt in d present scenario most of girls r restricted from many things n judged wrong when they try to voice out their opinion but whatever maybe d situations god always leave us with a hope one last door will always be open so I trust we should continue living our lives n not end it suicide is not a solution for any problem so I personally believe we should live our life n become the envy of d ppl who taunted us guyzz it’s just my personal opinion n not pointing at u dear u wrote it Really well but I would be more happy if she had not suicided

  13. Hi I read everything but rarely comment but today I felt I should ur concept n thoughts r really good n is rgt in d present scenario most of girls r restricted from many things n judged wrong when they try to voice out their opinion but whatever maybe d situations god always leave us with a hope one last door will always be open so I trust we should continue living our lives n not end it suicide is not a solution for any problem so I personally believe we should live our life n become the envy of d ppl who taunted us guyzz it’s just my personal opinion n not pointing at u dear u wrote it Really well

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Hehehe…. Don’t worry dear Swara19vichu I didn’t taking that you are pointing me…… I knew suicide it’s not solution for every problem….. But the end of day a lot of people who are vulnerable end up suicide or became what they tag…. And still are keep judging girl Nd girls always need carry the tags around….. I hope one day it will end so there will be no suicide cases……. ?

  14. Oops sorry by mistake I posted twice??

  15. Divyashankar

    Actually in kannada language v hv film called gali mathu same like story but dis is very useful story a truly appreciate ur work pls write more stories k

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Haiii, Divyashankar…… Thank u so much….. I will go watch that movie dear with subtitles for obvious….. Hehehe….. And I already wrote a few one shot too u just can Google Rina Sivaguru articles and you will get to access all my stories…..?

      1. Divyashankar

        K I will read Dr even i wrote 7os if u can u too read it even if. M in fb recently in one page I got best os writer award and I. M admin of 2 page name is swaragini fan club

    2. RinaSivaguru

      Dear can u send me ur fb pg link ……….there is a few o didn’t knew which one….

  16. very nice..grt

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Thank you s…….. Take care too…. ☺

  17. very much true…

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Thank u Aditi….. ?

  18. Excellent great message

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Thanks Shona….. ?

  19. Dharshini


    1. RinaSivaguru

      Thanks Darshini…. ?

  20. Vyshu10

    Nice message….society is very judgemental. Hope it changes atleast after a decade

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Thank u Vyshy10……. Keep pray for changes…..?

  21. Affaa

    Hiiii my didu I know I’m late… Yesterday itself I read this os… I was about to comment my keyboard… Didu I don’t know what happened to my keyboard… OK leave it… Coming to my didu’s os… Ya Allah didu I’m speechless… No words to comment… I don’t know how to appreciate u didu… This very true… Seriously didu that pain is most painful… That words just hurts our heart… When I started to write this os.. U mentioned my name…I was blushing didu Thank you soo much didu for this wonderful os… Outstanding, mind blowing, marvelous, didu hats off to u… My jaan ur amazing… Love you lots… And haa didu in ur number WhatsApp is not connecting… Take care… Love you sooooooo much ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  22. Affaa

    Very true… U made me cry… Didu concept was amazing… I just loved it didu… My didu rocks… May God bless my… Didu thank you for coming to my life… Really I blessed with such awesome sis..????????????????????????????????????????

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Awwwwww…… ????…… U make me blush with ur prises and make me blush…… It’s OK no matter u still spare time to read and comment what on ur didu’s ff…. Take care and love u too…. About whatsap… PM ur number I will whatsap u……. I will try reach u via whatsap….. ?

  23. Sanjanaagrawal

    Its awesome !!!!!! I loved the way u expressed ur views !!!!!!!!!!! Plz write more .. and I tottaly agree with u

  24. RinaSivaguru

    Thank u sanjanaagrawal……. I will write more and u too keep read it….. ?

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Thank u anu…… ?

  25. SRSL

    True……loved it

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Thanks SRSL….. ?

  26. Well said..great msg..

    1. RinaSivaguru

      Thank u Afra96…… ?

  27. True yar
    Some people are so disgusting
    Don’t even think once

  28. Wonderful

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