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Hlo everyone…mehreen here… I am sorry for the late updates…actually I wrote this before but I didn’t have internet connection….so here we go…

He laughs when she goes to kitchen…
Sanskar ; she is really cute… ( smiles ) wait did I say her cute ??… am I falling for her ( confused)…what happen to me…sanskar too be na ( he hit his forhead )
At kitchen
Sanskar ; (while entering ) what are you doing ?
Swara ; ( while cutting ) cant u see I am making food
Sanskar ; what
Swara ; biriyani
Sanskar looks at swara for sometime
Swara pov
What does he doing here… he don’t have any work…and why he is staring me…ohh god why cant he just go and do his work
Swara ; hmm do u want anything
Sanskar ; no( crossing his arms )
Swara ; thn why are u here…
He don’t want anything then why does he staring at me like that….
Sanskar ; I will help you
Swara ; oouch

Swara s hand start bleed….
Sanskar ; cant u look at your yourself… look how much it bleeds…dyaan kaha hain tumhara…( looks at her) and now why are you looking at me like this
Swara ; its not my mistake ( said in an innocent way )
Sanskar : then whose the the knife or the tomato which you are slicing
Swara nodded her head and sanskar gives an impossible look
Sanskar ; ehh…so u mean to say its their fault…yeah knife should take care naa while doing the work..and tomato it should sit quitly right…
Swara ; exactly…u know this tomato is not at all obedient…it always slip from me and result be this ( showing her finger ) and always karan bahi used to cut for me tomato…always it starts to bleed…
Sanskar : okay I will cut from now on…with that he take the knife from her…by the way where is pari…her class would be over this time and maya she said she will come before noon..
Swara ; I said them to take leave
Sanskar ; why
Swara ; bcoz they miss their family…so I give them leave she said without looking at him …
Sanskar smiled looking at her concerned for others
Sanskar ; then we will have our dinner outside…you should do some shopping too naa
Swara ; shopping y? tomorrow we are going right..
Sanskar ; yeah we are going..but we will come back here soon after a some days..i stay here
Swara : why? You can stay there naa…there uttara maa papa dee jiju uttara everyone is there…then y are u standing there alone

Sanskar looks her…
Sanskar ; I kno you felt quiet bore here… but I should stay here… and I talk to your professor…you can go to college after two weeks… notes all you take from kritika.. I have asked her…you and uttara ( she looks at her who is looking down probably holding her tears back)
Sanskar ( in mind ); sanksar you should have know this…she lives with a familt…she don’t have any habit to live alone…better make her stay in maheshwari mansion..she will be safe and happy there..
Sanskar : hm..then u stay with in maheshwari mansion ( she looks at him but he said still cutting the vegetables) yeah..u stay there..then u can go with uttar to college..your dee is there and
Swara ; then what abou u
Sanskar ; me…I will saty here…and will come to met u every week end okay
Swara ; no need.. I will stay with u
Sanskar ; I will explain your mother..
Swara ; how do u know that I am thinking about that..
Sanskar ; I know..she wont say u anything..
Swara ; no need..i will stay with u….
Sanskar was about to speak but she goes… indicating the topic ends here….
Swara pov
Why cant he understand its not about mother…its that I want to stay with him…I have taken taken vows to take care of him and will be always with him no matter what..i know he is saying this due to my security…I have seen many guards around the house…and how can I leave him in this whole alone..no I cant do that…though I don’t love him…I have some responsibility and I cant take my face away… from all this…just like that…..
Pov ends…

At college…
Uttara is waiting for someone to pick her up..then she sees karan coming back
Uttar ; jee…what are you doing here
Karan ; woh.. I forget doll I mean swara is not in college..i came to pick her up..
Uttara ; ohh okay
Karan ; u didn’t went till now..
Uttara ; hmm laksh bhai will come now..i am witing for him
Karan ; okay..
He went and sit in car..when laksh came he drive away…
Laksh ; that’s karan right
Uttara ; yeah he came here as aroutine..and he was waiting for someone to pick me..
Laksh ; oohh that’s so sweet…
Uttara smiles
Uttar ; and by thw way..he comes early too…he never makes swara wait u know… but u always comes late..
laksh ; then go and marry him..then he will pick u early
uttara ; ehh…
at lunch time
sanskar ate biriyani and swara was waiting for his reply…
swara ; you didn’t say how it is..
sanskar ;( who was eating ) what..
swara ; food
sanskar ; ohh its superb… u know I always live in hostel…home food is something I always miss…and this one is yummy…waise can I say something…
swara ; hmm
sanskar ; even if it is worst food….u can give me…I wont say anything

swara looked at him
sanskar ; I have seen u keep that kheer in fridge because its not that tasty…u cant throw that but u cant give me that too right..
swara just looks down playing with her food
sanskar ; its okay…I wont say anything..i will eat whatever u give me…
swara just noded….
Sanskar then go and take the kheer…
Swara ; I will make another one…its not nice… I put more sugar in it
Sanskar takes the kheer and ate it
Sanskar ; I said home food is something I miss…so don’t try to keep this things away from me ,,,and by the way its tasty…I didn’t find any fault in this…I am going to eat this full…if u want u make once more…
Swara smiled

Swara was washing the dishes when sanskar came and stand behind her…leaning towards the window…crossing his arms….and looking at her….asmile comes to his lips…whenhe saw her playing with duppatta… her hands contain liquid …her hairs are falling towards her hair and her irritated face
Swara; ( to herself) arrey yaar… kya musibath hain…( to duppatta ) stand still…I want to washdishes…
Sanskar ; to whom u are talking
Swara get shcoked … she sighed when she understand its sanskar
Swara ; uff… I thought some one else…
Sanskar ; too whom u talking( raising his eyebrows )
Swara ;( in mind ) If I said I was talking to myself he will tease me… I always do weird things infront of him so better don’t say…
Sanskar ; hello… kaha kooyihoon…aur kisse baath kar rahithi
Swara ; u have doubt on me
Sanskar ; what ??
Swara ; that’s y u r asking na… she turned and again start to wash the dishes…
Sanskar came closer… her heart start to beat faster…. He came near to her ear
Sanskar ; that’s not the answer…. Vaise I know u r talking to this…
Swara : you wont tease me naa…
Sanskar bite his inner cheek to avoid laughing and sighned a no
Swara turned again…and said u can laugh …
Sanskar smiled… he came closer covering the didtance between them… take her duppata ….she closed her eyes …tighting the grip on plate…he placed the duppatta near the table and went smiling… swara was still closing her eyes after some time she opened her eyes when she lost her presence…

Precap : swasan shopping…

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