Hurdles: A Way To Love~Episode 1


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“I love you Swara, will you be my date tonight??” Sahil said offering Swara a red rose.

“Sahil yaar! Don’t you get tired? Every day you propose me and….” She was interrupted.

“Every day you say no??”, Swara nodded “hmm.. I’ll wait for you life time”

“Ok bye will get late” she passed a smile and left with Annie.

“Yaar Swara!!.. Sahil always proposes you and you??” Annie says.

“So what? You think I should compromise?” Swara said wringling her eyebrows.

“Ah!.. No you are taking me wrong! I mean you don’t love anyone? Then why don’t you accept him? He’s handsome, talented and….”

“and nothing… he’s not of my type and most properly I may like him as my friend but not as my boyfriend… Have you ever heard his proposal?? Same dialogue every day… ‘I love you Swara, wil you be my date tonight?’ huh??” she made faces “my love is not so cheap! I want a person who will say different lines every day to impress me and will ask me for a date not for one night… in fact he’ll ask for ‘every night’ “

“ Fine Mam!!.. shall we leave now?” Annie folded her hands unable to understand her.
Swara nodded and the duo left.

“I can never forget what you did Kavita. But still this love can’t be faded from my mind. Do you know why is it so?” Sanskar cried holding Kavita’s photo.

“I can’t hate you but can’t love you too” he cried more.

“Sanskar don’t cry like this please, we have to complete our tasks. How can you fall weak?” Swati, Sanskar’s friend said.

“But I can’t…”

“But you can’t what Sanskar? You have to try to forget Kavita. It’s important not only forget you have to hate her and why the hell are you crying?? Are these tears because of her?”

“No I won’t cry” Sanskar said wiping his tears.

“Sanskar you know? There are thousands of meetings and partings in life. It’s upon us how we make it up and handle it.. You met Kavita in an unexpected way ever and fell in love…. Sanskar someone somewhere is made for us. It depends on us how we recognize it. Anyways pack your bags you have to leave for Mumbai tomorrow morning” Swati tried to get up but Sanskar held her hands.

“Tomorrow morning?” He asked wiping his tears.

“Ha wo… Boss ordered you to leave tomorrow itself to Mumbai” Swati said.

“hmm.. I forgot” Sanskar said with a shy smile.

“Bhullakad!!” Swati buzzed and left.

Sanskar reached Mumbai and the first thing he did, coming out of the airport was to dash with someone.

“Ah!!.. Idiot!! Can’t you walk properly?” the girl whom he dashed with snapped.

“Huh? Really? It was you who… can’t you walk properly?” he snapped raising his index finger.

“It was you who messed up not me comm’n say sorry”

“Why will I?”

“Because you are at fault!” she said raising her index finger.

There started there heated argument.

“You stupid idiot do you know who I am?” the girl snapped.

“Ha..ha some stupid Ms. Universe”

“You blo*dy..”

“Mind your words lady..”

“Swara… Swara Bose..”


“I said my name is Swara Bose” she said sensing the people gathering around them.

“So what??..”

“So nothing you are under arrest” a police said coming forward while Swara giggled.

“And for what are you arresting me?” he asked folding his hands across his chest.

“For this violence” the police made him look around the people, it was then he realized the mess.

“Do you know who am I?” Sanskar snapped.

“A rich spoilt brat!!..” Swara giggled.

“By Mr. SB!!..” she said near his ear.

“SB?? What’s SB??”

“Spoilt Brat!!” Swara said and left.

“Good 1st day in this city and urghh!….Good start Sankar” he said to himself and left with the police….

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