HURDLES a way to love teaser 1

~~Sanskar’s POV~~

“No no Sanskar plz no… No more plz i’m tired! Plz”,she pleaded.
“No i’ll not listen u broke my favourite vase dear! How can i forgive u. Sanskar Maheshwari never forgive so easily!”
“Sanskar i’ll do whatever u say! But not this! Plz not now! Plz no more, im tired”, she tried melting me. But not today! I will not listen to her today at least!
She made me do all the rubbish, then broke my vase. I m surely gonna punish her today.
I came near her & kissed her hard till her lips got swollen. She pushed me now. “Swara u can’t escape today, i’ll do whatever i want”, i smiled evilly.
I tried kissing her again buttt…….
She slapped me. “Sanskar whats this i never ask u not to do so, i never said no to u!!!… But now ur crossing ur limits,…..”
“Don’t speak Sanskar! Is it what u want! I thought u loved me! But, but u are forcing me! Is it love or u want my body ha????…… speak to me Sanskar??…… Do u want me or my body! I was tired so i……”
“Swara if its always about proving my love then i’m sorry! I have always proved it! So this tym i dont want it…. Just go to hell.”
Srry guys u all hv to wait! I can’t post 2dy so i posted a teaser hope u’ll lyk it

Credit to: jaf


  1. Sasha

    Dont separate them plz, sanskar should get angry n swara should try to convince him, n then sans should ask forgivness fr his behavior

  2. renu

    Nice n pls dnt separate them nd come back tommorow with ur ff as u will finish off ur exams….

  3. Angel Goldie all thr 9 Parts + 1 Teaser in One Go..its jst awsum..loved SwaSan…bt wat is this Teaser Yaar..Noo Plzz dnt Separate SwaSan Plzzz…Want More Hot Wala Romance..Hope u will nt Separate SwaSan n will add more Hot Romance fr SwaSan….Eagerly Waiting fr the Nxt Part.Post asap..

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