*****************************SWARA’S POV******************************************
I am dressing right now. I am making myself ready. Is it me who is doing this? Its been 3 days I am at home. I tried calling him but no use. My mobile itself I left at Sanskar’s home. I cant use the landline even because its dead. I know dad is after all this. But I have a PLAN. But let me follow his plan first. So my father is planning me to get married. Married to his business friend Siddhart Raizada. Huh! Urf Sid. I know Sid, we were a long time friends when I was in London. Me, Ragini & Sid were close only because we belonged to the same country because all others were foreigners. We held a group. Whereas Ragini & he landed up in a relationship. I know him well. he is a type of rouge. A big big flirt. Someone’s entered my room. Wait let me search.

“Ragini!!!”, I shouted at top of my voice. She held my mouth.
“Why are you shouting Swara? I just came in when you were in thoughts about your prince charming!”
“Ragini please!”
“oh ho Swara I know…. I was just teasing…. Waise what about you & Sanskar? I cant believe my eyes when ma told me that you accepted. Have you gone nuts? Baby? I mean how can you leave Sanskar & marry this duffer?”
“oh! Hello whatever he is! First see your husband speak! He is also nothing less”
“Swara yaar! I know but you know na he is more than Lucky? Come on Swara you know Lucky? You also know Sid! You also know why I broke up with him. Lucky flirts but he never ends up doing what Sid did with Shanaya! If Lucky does something like that also he will end up with that girl only! & I feel something fishy about him. He wants to marry a girl…. You know Swara what I mean. After you were found at Sanskar’s home you know na what all news was made by media?”

I simply nodded on knowing how Lcky was. I wanted to tell her how Lucky was. I mean how HER LUCKY was. But I stopped myself as the situation would become worse. I didn’t want anyone to know whats going in my mind & about Sid I know why he is marrying me…. Only for my MONEY! Huh….. whatever I am not gonna marry this DUFFER.
“Swara beta! Are you ready? Sid and his family had already entered. I am going to the rituals now. You get ready fast & come down with Ragini ok? “
Yeah! Todays my marriage with this fool! God please help me! Please! I know what I am going to do will really hurt everyone but I have no choice.
“so swara are you ready? Now come I will make you up”, Ragini said making me sit near the dressing table. I… I felt as if something would come out of my mouth… yuk….. I felt puking. I runned out to washroom.
“What happened? Everythings ok na Swara? Why this sudden puking?”
“I don’t knw I just felt like… may be my stomach is upset. Its happening since a week or so…”
Ragini nodded.
“Then you must consult a doctor na?”
Ah my mind lit up. “Yeah! Nice idea! Do one thing RAgini pls handle the situation here for 30 minutes. I’ll go for a check up”, I said innocently.
“Swara have you gone mad? You are asking me to handle the situation? Seriously? You are going for a check up just before 30 minutes of marriage? Whats cooking up on your wicked mind Swara??? Tell me!”
I did smile wickedly. Ragu darling! Wait & watch…..

After 15 minutes I jumped out of my home & reached hospital with my luggage & Ragini. Ofcourse she is my best friend she’ll support me. Huh?? Hospital drama was not at all fake. It had to be done after all I wasn’t well. after that I would definitely reach Sanskar! My LOVE! Awww! When will I reach??
“Who’s Ms. Gadodia?”, Nurse asked while letting us into the cabin.
“Ms. Gadodia where’s your husband??”, Doctor asked concerned.
I gave a confused look. “Actually……… i….i….”
But at that point of time Ragini cut me off. “Yeah! Speak doctor is something wrong? Actually her husband’s out of town!”
I gave her a WHAT-THE-HELL look.
“ummmm…. Good news you are pregnant!”
Whoa!!! Whats this now? Ragini too looked shocked. Finally I got a reason to move out of Gadodia’s well!! let me speak to Sanskar first.
“Swara I would prefer you speak this to him face-to-face. It will be easy. Come we’ll move to Maheswari Mansion”, Ragini said.
Ahhh! That was good enough.

I reached up to his room & what I saw infront of my eyes was enough for me to break. My heart felt heavy. I broke into tears screaming SANAKAR!!! But may be because my voice chocked he didn’t hear me. Ragini stood in the hall concerned & all I could do was to cry on my fate.
“what happened Swara? Why are you crying?”, Laksh asked while descending stairs.
“Sanskar…… Kavita…..Sans… Sans… he… he … ditched me! He ditched me!”, saying this I ran away….
Frnds really srry for not posting. What happened??? What did swara see??? Keep guessing!!!!!!!!!!!

PRECAP——– Same as the previous one….

Credit to: jaf

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