HURDLES a way to love – a new start episode 2


Sanskar woke up early & took a glimpse of the angelic face beside hom. He came out of his thoughts, gave a peck on Swara’s lips & headed towards washroom. Just then someone caught him.
******Swara’s POV***********
What happened to him so suddenly. He always finds ways to romance but today?? what happened to him??? Has he lost it? Ok wait I’ll convince him. He just pecked πŸ™ & nothing else? What the hell?? Ok fine! I am gonna manage.
I clutched his wrist & made him sit. I cupped his face & leaned to him but what was that? He stopped me. For what? Have i done anything wrong Sanskar? I asked curiously. But he without answering headed towards washroom. Huh? Let me in I shouted but he banged the door. Let me convince him. But how??? Hmmmm…. think swara think!!! U are! Quite intelligent!! Hmmmm…
*******sanskar’s POV*********
“Ahhhhh!!” Sound came out from my room. “Shona! What happened baby???” I asked tensedly. I didnt get any reply & opened the door but before i could even step out. She stepped inside. First of all i was tensed! What happened to her then this sudden jerk was hell shocking! So i jst stepped aback & there she was! Hot as always! She was jst in her inners. My god! What were u doing while making her??? She was looking hot no views but what happened yesterday! I could help myself but stay away! She was in pain when i was near to her. So i jst sighed & asked her to go!
“Swara go na see i am bathing!”
“This should have been my line but anyways ur looking hot in ur…..”
“Swara its not the fiest tym ur seeing me like this. Pls get out now i am going to get late for office!”, i said a bit rudely may be.
And there she was started crying all over. ‘Nautanki’ i whispered making inaudible to her.
“Did i do anything wrong sanskar?”, she asked while crying like a baby.
“Ni swara u didnt do anything!….”
But as usual my swAra cut me off.
“Then why are u behaving like this?”
“Swara i dont want to hurt you!”
“Your touch doesnt hurt me sanskar! It makes me feel complete!”, she said somewhat desperately wanting me by her side. I jst dragged her into my arms & kissed her. The urge, the sensation was more than before. It was hot!!! It was enough to make swara wild. She kissed him hard pushing him more into herself. She rapped her arms around his neck & reciprocated. Soon their tongues interwined & that was it! Sanskar was ready by niw! He undressed her remaining clothes & sucked her lips hard. Then moved her towards the bed & pressed him upon her. She moaned & he was merciless. He soon kissed & bite her neck & sucked her boss*ms hungry as ever. He was inside her a minute later & was making it harder for Swara. She was crying in pain. She holded the bed sheet by her fist & other hand was rubbing his bare back. Now they reached climax & soon parted themselves not able to take it anymore.
Precap- swasan seperation.
Is this the starting for hurdles????
Stay tumed to know more!!!
*************************** srry guys i know i m late but i was a bit busy. My frnds wanted romance! Specially u angel & how could i deny my fav. Angel Goldie. Love u for ur encouragement through tu mera humsafar. As the power of romance came out from ur ff only!!! Thank u all.
***************************some special people r there who were sad as i ended hurdles bit i know now they will be happy. I am really srry for the inconvinience! I am really srry.
I jst wanted to thank those who encouraged me.
Mitti, mou, bresh, sujata, sasha, angel. I am srry if i missed any actually my father is scolding me as its 4:53 am & i didnt sleep. I will definitely mention them in my nxt part.

Credit to: jaf

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  1. superb dear.. continue soon

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  3. show news of swara come to known pregant after swasan separation

    1. Well i dont knw whether swara is pregnant or?????

  4. Awesum..waiting fr nxt

    1. Thnx kittu! U r also 1 of them who encouraged me ! Srry that i didnt mention u! πŸ™

  5. don’t separate couple plz plz all ff show tis only

    1. There should be a seperation! To make their bond stronger na! I know u all will lyk it because its going to be in a different way…. πŸ™‚

  6. Thamiazh Magan

    Intense story. But requesting u to keep the hard times of swasan for brief period.

    1. Ya i will look after it!!!

  7. Superb thnx for returning with a bang

    1. Its gr8 to know that u lykd it L Khan

  8. Plzz can u provide me with the previous links….i read in google till ep 12 but after that I didn’t get another episodes..plzz I wanna read them

    1. Ok i’ll gv in the nxt part!!!
      Thnx fr reading shradha

      1. Thank u..

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    1. Shreya will gv u in the nxt padt! Is it ok??

      1. Yup.. Thankya..

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    1. Ya but story me twist is required na(??

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