HURDLES a way to love (epi 9)

Guys thank u for ur wonferful response. Luv u all & Ahana u were asking for summary. I’ll definitely give u one but only after 21st ok! I hope u can tolerate me till then. My last exams on 21st. Coming to Kavita & Kavya guys i’m really sorry to disappoint u but! I didn’t get any other name. I am not so good at it so…… I hope u lyk my uocoming part…. Get set go!!…

We were cuddling & rolling all around when suddenly the remote pressed & what we heard was……

“Ya! Quite well, we’re searching Swara Gadodia since a week or so but wern’t able to trace her still. We 1st assumed that she left by her own but we think its not so. We thought she escaped by her own wish but she would have atleast kept a contact wid family! Mr. Gadodia says that his daughter is brave enough not to elope. Surely she was undergoing depression as her engagement broke, but she can’t elope definitely! Someone must have kidnapped her. Recently we came to know that she has moved to Mumbai! We have put our police force! We will get to know about her within 2days or so……”, the DC spoke in the news report.
“Oh ! What is this now??”
“How do i know?? U eloped it was n’t me who asked u to do so! I must say u’re a big fool. Was eloping only the way? I am definitely going to owe a title of KIDNAPPER, because of ur madness”
“Really???…. My Sweetu”
“Sweetu??… Who’s sweetu? None’s here except me right??…”
“Offo! U’re only my Sweetu na? Who elses here?”, i pulled his cheeks saying that.
“No…. No…. No im not sweetu come on!”
“Oh! My sweetu my cutei my choco!”
I planted a kiss on his cheeks.
“Just stop calling me that Swara!”, he was full on irritated.
Suddenly we heard the door bell ringing. We got up hesitantly.

“Who’s here now?”, he asked me.
“How do i know Mr. Kidnapper. Did u see me there?”
“Swara stop it now…… What if police?? Searching for u here??”
”But why would police come here??”
“Come on Swara! U met with an accident right a week ago!”
” whats the relation b/w polics searching me & I meeting with an accident.”
“Uff dumbo! If they got information about u meeting wid an accident, they will definitely get info from the hispital & then i had discharged u remember!”
“Whoa! Mr. Kidnapper has a good sense of wit i suppose! ”
Again the bell stroke & this tym it was high. I panicked. He cooled me down & asked me to enter d washroom till he didn’t come & take me out.

After an hour or so, he finally knocked “Swara”.
I was a lil frightened. But eventually went up & opened the door. He was all tensed.
“Wo… Wo….. ”
“La….. Lak….Laksh & ……”
“Laksh & Ragini???”, i looked up almost screaming at the top of my voice. He puts his finger my lips.

“Shhhhhhh….. They’ll hear. You stay hear itself & plz sweetheart don’t make noises.
~~3rd person~~

Sanskar came down to meet Raglak.
Laksh- Everythings ok right bhai??…
Sans- Yeah why??
Laksh- woh! U look pale.
Sanskar- oh !! I m having some work so??…. I was tensed about it my dream project u know??
Laksh- how will i know? After that incident u stopped talking to me, even u stopped texting ……
But bhai when Laksh is here not to fear!!…. I will soon join office…..
Sanskar cutts off him.
“What??…. But why??…. Why?.,….”
“Bhai why r u screaming lyk something vry big’s gonna happen if I stay here. Actually papa gave me punishment & asked me to join office that too his company here in Mumbai. Moreover, ur marraige is gonna happen soon so, ma asked Ragini to handle with shopping & all kind of things here. So we r just helping!…. But what happened to u ur looking tensed.”
“No no nothing lyk that. Actually work load & moreover ur gonna work for Maheswari company so its quite hard to believe right…..”
Swara who was hearing all this was frustrated knowing about marraige again. She was now rambling around howling & finally broke out the vase. That too Sanskar’s fav. one. “Arrrrgggghhhhhh!!……”, she cried too loud to be heard by everyone.
“Shit man!!…”, Sanskar whispered.
“Bhai whats that??”
Laksh rushed uptairs but was stopped by Sanskar at the mean time.
“Bhai u must be tired na take rest! Go to that room & freshen up u both ok go!….( with worried face)

“Bhai but that sound….”
“No no bhai there’s just a lil cat. Its very naugty u know? Now go! & ya after that have ur dinner here. Anna will give u i had it all ready & yes after that, come to my room we need to talk about some important things, u’ll join office na??”
Before Laksh could react Sanskar had already left.
Laksh- what hAppened to him today…. So weired.
Ragini- Afterall his ur bro.
Laksh- ( making face) its wasn’t funny.
Ragini too left.
~~Sanskar’s POV~~

I entered to my room & to my shock everything was a mess. “swara what the hell??…”
I grew more angry when i saw my fav. vase broken into pieces.
“What hell did u do Swara??….”
She noticed me she was all sobbing. “So Mr. Maheswari finally ur gonna marry right??…”
”Swara its nothing lyk that i was busy with u i forgot to tell mom!”
“No no Mr. Maheswari u have done it all. I m no more staying here now i’m leaving. I can’t stand a minute here now.”
She had already packed her bags & was ready to leave just wearing a jeans & one of loose shirts.She was again gonna leave me. She pulled the door opened & was leaving when i dragged her in. Without wasting a second, i placed my lips into hers. She was pushing me hard but i didn’t stop!

She kept on pushing & i reversed it. I sucked them hard & even more harder. I kissed her all over her body making her a lil calm, as she lost her control. She was moaning by now. Oh God! She crazy man!…. Throwing out everything & this was just a sweet punishment for breaking my vase. I took her to the washroom & pulled out her jeans. She was out of control now. I unbuttoned her shirt, finally she was all mine again.
“Arrrggghhhh!!!”, she moaned as soon as i entered her. She was moaning out so loud. For some seconds i totaly forgot about Laksh & Ragini. She was moaning & pleading desperately to go slow but i was merciless. Suddenly my bedroom door bang opened.
“Bhai, where r u???…”
Oh! God Laksh here?? Still this girl didn’t stop she was moaning. I kissed her hard to plaster her mouth.” I think he’s gone !!”, looking naughtily at her. She smiled and we continued again.

But after 15mins or so Laksh was back again. “Bhai for how long u wanna stay there?? Everythings ok na???….”
This tym i stopped & came out of her. She grabbed me again not letting me go! ”I’ll be back again jaan!”
”Ur bro’s disturbing us! Huh!”
I kissed her forhead & moved out of the washroom rapping a towel all along.
I froze for a second seeing Laksh. He was there standing beside the dressing table.
“So bhai whats going on??”
”Whats going on?? & why r u here?? Do u need something??”
“Oh so my bro’s suffering from amnesia! U only called me to ur room na….??….”
I bit my tongue. I agreed to Swara’s wordz now i was really a fool. ??
“Oh yeah!”
“What oh yeah???…… & whats all this?…?… ”
I froze again. Shit man! My bed was all scrumbled up due to our naughtyness. Even a fool would find out that & my bro was expert in that! So no doubt i’m gonna die today.
“So my dear bro! Who’s the girl”, he whispered winking me.
” what girl ??… who girl??… whom r u talking about??…”
“I m not a fool look whats all this ha??.,….”
This tym i became numb!! Numb lyk hell. I was all numb! Off! What will happen now. It was a scrumbled up bed it was ok! I would say anything to him. I would cook up a story! Ok! Thats ok!!… My clothes were thrown on the ground! That was also ok!! But what he pointed out was not at all……

Yeah pointed out Swara’s bra. Gosh! I’ll kill myself now! Why did i have to mess uo everything. Only in order to console her i did this god save me now!
“Answer me dammit!”
“Bhai! Its not what ur thinking ok?? Its nothing lyk that! Its jusssttttt……”
“Its just…..???????………”
“Its just i lyk to wear those sometyms. They r very comfortable so?????……… u should also try them bhai see…….”
That was too much i took out the bra & hooked it on. Oh God this girl i swear i’ll kill her someday making me do all these things.huh?????……
I was in a shock suddenly someone burst out into laughter, its Ragini. Ok ok he’s my bro moreover elder to me i can handle him. But Ragini she was looking & laughing holsing her stomach. She has gone mad i supoose. Shameless creature arhggggghhh!!
Laksh just gave me a disgusted look & left. Ragini came into senses & whispered
“By the way handsome ur looking hot ha! ”
I froze again, taking the oppurtunity she clicked my pic in that way itself, winked at me & left. I was all emberrased. I could n’t even run adter Ragini. Suddenly i heArd some laughter coming from washroom and headed towards it. Swara was laughing loud holding her stomach. I guess she has seen me in that state.
“Today ur gone! Save urself if u can. First my vase & now my dignity ha????????………”

Precap- Raglak see Swasan together. Raglak marraige truth revealed.

This is quite a long chap guys i hope u lykd it plz inform me if u didn’t. I was out of ideas so i wrote rubbish i guess. Thank u so much for tolerating me! I m writing this oart since 2am & completed now by 6: 26 pm.
Thank you.

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