HURDLES a way to love (epi 8)


It has been 3 days, 3days since i met her. I am longing for her cute-innocent smile but she didn’t respond! Just not worrying about anything i got ready with my t & jeans & left for hospital. Yeah! She is in hospital. Today morning itself doctor called me up & informed me that she regained conciousness. I was too excited to meet her but equally afraid as how would i face her. I plucked some crimson roses from my garden & left for hospital. She is really mad, mad of a kind. She is crack fully! How can she do that? She knows well she is my lyf. That day after leaving from office, i thought she would have left gor Kolkata but to my surprise…..

Fb starts:
“Hello is this Sanskar?”
“Yeah! I m Sanskar speak!”, i spoke in a sleepy voice.
“Actually Miss. Swara has met with an accident! I checked her call list & found ur name in the dialling screen at the top so……”
“Where’s she??”, i asked eagerly.
“City hospital”, i froze for a second. I was cursing myself for talking so rudely to her! I lost my temper & started breaking stuffs….
“How can i do this? U r such a fool Sanskar? Such a fool?”, i was crying my heart out. In a moment everything turned upside down. Without wasting a minute i drove off to Hospital.
She lay there unconcious. Her head bleeding terribly. Every part of her body was bleeding profusely, glass has pierced her beautiful skin! She was all numb, lying lyk a lifeless body infront of me. The accident was so severe that doctor’s left hope.
“May be she doesn’t wanna live anymore! She isn’t at all recovering!”, the doctor spoke.
All i could do was to cry. I was all numb. I went to meet her in the ICU. I came near her.
“Swara! U have to survive for me! U can’t leave me all of a sudden. U can’t leave me. I’ll die without u. I will die! U have to wake up for me Swara for me plz!”
Her hand started to move. She moved! Oh God! I became mad once again!….
Fb ends.

I steeped into her ward. She opened her beautiful big eyes & smiled at me. How can she manage to smile when she was all bandaged over her body but whe did so! I placed the flowers & put it into the vase close to her. She smiled again. “So u came to see me. U came to see whether i died or i m still alive?, right”, she somehow managed to smile.
I frowned,” swara plz stop it! I came to see u how r u now?”
“I…… I ….m gonna die after some days.”
My heart sank. I would have slapped her if she wasn’t in that condition.
“Swara listen to me u now nothing! Let me clear u. Swara after Laksh married Ragini without anyone’s consent. Ma was all upset. Afterall it was about her BAHU. As u know ma never lykd Ragini coz she is a Bengali. U can understand i suppose. Ma now wanted me to settle as well! She wanted a perfect Bahu for me. She wanted me to marry Kavita. That girl whom u saw that day! She is my frnd! I mean not that close but a casual one! She is a marwadi plus my mom always loved her. She always wanted us to be married. I want my mom’s happiness & i gave my consent!….”, i was interrupted by her.
“So what about me? What about us ha?? So u wanna say Mr. Maheswari u played with me?”
“Swara plz don’t say that i love u…..”
“U have to choose! Me or that Kavita!
Me or ur Mom”
” Swara u & my Mom both r equally important. But as u know ur family will not let me marry u! U know it very well!”
“Sanskar plz i don’t just care about them! Just don’t! Ok!”
She cutt off me again. She hugged me tight.
“I don’t wanna hear anything Sanskar. I just don’t i want to be wid u always no matter what!”
I could no more resist & the nuse came in. Sir today u can take her home. But u need to fill up those discharge papers. And mam u need to get ready. We both nodded & i left.
~~Swara’s POV~~

Finally i entered his home. No….. No….. Ours! I blushed thinking that! He noticed it.. “So why’s my princess blushing??”, he asked.
“Nothing i answered as soon as he placed me on bed. He asked me to rest & came after a while with a bowl of soup.
“Whats that?”
“Cant u see? Its soup. I made it for my princess. ”
I just gave a disgusted look.
“Ya i know i know…. U hate soup! U find it slimy right?? But today no excuses! U have to have it!”
“So u r ruling me ha?”
“U can’t torture me lyk that!”, i spoke while putting my lips onto the spoon. He was feeding me!
“Torture??… R u talking about torture?? Ur torturing me since past 2yrs 8months 23 days. & ur speaking about me torturing u? Huh?? U tortured me by engaging with Laksh, then by not calling me in these 2 months & worst was now drinking & rash driving!”
I could not meet his love’s intensity. He loved me more than i did i had to agree! He loved me so much…. While thinking about that my eyes got moist.
“And now again u started??….”, he hugged me tight now. I hugged him back. He made me drink that slimy soup.

Almost 5days have passed with him. I can’t even get when exactly did tym fly? He is out today. Finally i made him leave office. Otherwise his call often disturbed my sleep. So he has left & i’m watching cartoons right now.
CHOTA BHEEM my fav. Suddenly he entered banging the door of our bedroom. He was all tired & frustrated after a hard work. May be his head was hurting.
“Oh my head hurts!”, he exclaimed.
I rushed to him. I made him sit on the bed & removed his blazer & his shirt. I spread oil on his head & massaged it carefully!
“So my princess turned physiotherapist ha??…”
I smiled & kissed his cheeks.
“Ur princess is so perfect that she need not get a degree. She can do everything!”
“Really! ”
I nodded. He took a look on the tv.
“Swara its disgusting ur watching tv its ok but chota bheem??”
“So what kids watch that?”
“Ya ur right kids watch that not elders watch something worthy lyk u know…. ( gives a naughty smile & drags her from behind & leans to kiss her) that wouldn’t waste my money too.
“Ur so shameless Sanskar! & cheap too!”
His eyes looked me up.” What u said? Cheap ha?… I will show u know whats called shamless & how one can be cheap??…”
He dragged me into his arms more & more close. I could feel his warmth. He leaned & kissed me passionately but all of a sudden he turned hungry! Hungry as ever! Sucking & biting all around. He rolled over me, cuddling & pulling me into his arms.

Precap- Swara kidnapped.
Guys i hope u lykd it its a supper long chapter

Credit to: jaf

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