HURDLES a way to love (epi 7)

~~Sanskar’s POV~~
I was in utter shock, as soon as she entered the conference hall. She was all sweating, breathing heavily. I worriedly rushed towards her. I had just avoided her these 2 months, thinking she wanted no more of me. I felt guilty. She didn’t call me the nxt 4 days after Laksh’s drama & I moved on my mind & came here to Mumbai in order to forget her. I kept myself busy with work just to avoid her. Just to keep my thoughts away from her. But nothing had turned out good. Though my soul was with me in my work, my mind & heart was there far away in Kolkata.
I remember my recent encounter with Mr. Mehra, we were going to pack up together for a project & the presentation I prefered to make it by my own. It was all a blunder & nothing else!
File name- swara
Topic- swara
Subtopics- swara ( all ).
Development or profit- swara 100%
Necessities- chocolates for swara

Expectations- lots of kisses from her.
Profit- a long lasting kiss.
Mr. Mehra would do nothing just laugh, everyone else followed so! I was emberrassed. I couldn’t believe i did this. The Sanskar Maheswari- the boldest & most practical person would do this!
Oh! God! It was all a blunder! Blunder??…. Not only blunder it was heck!!… After so much of pain, I was able to forget her but just then she came again in between my presentation. I got afraid seeing her condition. My office security was dragging her out.
” Just stop! What r u guys doing??, she is my………. I mean I know her”, i could just manage to say that!
“We need to talk” she whispered!
I agreed & asked her to follow me to my cabin. I made her sit & offered a glass of water. She gulped it on one go!….
I became more worried! “R u okay swara??”
She stood up from her seat & just hugged me tight. I was left confused. I caressed her hair. Finally she spoke.

“Sanskar i had eloped, i eloped coz they wanted me to marry that that blo*dy Rohan, i cant tolerate him for a second. How can i marry him??”
“Have u gone mad Swara? They r u parents! They must have choose for the best! whats happened to u, u left Kolkata that too without informing anyone! & now here u’re disturbing me in b/w my presentation”, i pretended to be angry.
“U mean u jst had nothing? I came all along Kolkata just for u coz…… ”
“Coz i couldn’t let anyone touch me except u! I m urs! Sanskar! I m urs…… & u r ur only mine….”
I was quite stunned but happy as well. All of a sudden, my cabin door opened & Kavita came in running. She came & hugged me tight. Tighter & tighter!
“Sanskar our marraige date’s fixed”, Kavita said.

I was shocked. I could see Swara sobbing after hearing the word ‘MARRAIGE’……
But till i could stop her she left! Left me all alone again! Again & again!……

Precap- Swara met with an accident. Will she forget her past? Will she forget Sanskar??…. Will everything come to an end?

Guys comment below and do give me suggestions! & guys i hope the presentation part wasn’t boring. I am not a quite funny tym of a girl so i hope u all understand!?????
Thank You.??

Credit to: jaf


  1. Lucky

    PLZ DON’T SEPARATE THEM!!! its really nice!! but i hate that chipikili kavitha!! don’t make her come between them!!

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