HURDLES a way to love (epi 5)


I came near her, closer & closer. I could feel her breath. It was so amazing….. Amazing to gaze her, to be with her, her insensible talks sometyms made me laugh. She was so no,no… A bit crack. Huh! I think she had a great company with my bro. May be he had shared his dumb knowledge with her coz when i met her 2½ years ago she was a perfect lady or so. Ok ok now she started moving towards me & hugged me tight. I could hear her heart beat. The hug lasted for a minute or so. Finally, she gave a gaze onto me and came more closer. I was mesmerized by her beauty. Her big eyes, pouty lips, chubby cheeks, pinky nose. I couldnt forget!
I took her in my arms & strode off to my farmhouse. I tried to make her lay on bed. But she was all drenched. I asked her to change, but she was unconsicous. “Did this mean that i have to make he change??….. No ways”, i just blurted out. “Then who will? Coz no one’s there?”, i thought. I asked her to stand properly “yes sir!”, she exclaimed in a saluting position, pouting her lips. I could do nothing but smile.

I came closer to her to undress her but eventually, i got a bigger shock her lips met mine. Oh god current was flowing all over my body. I was little furious but when she kissed me, i had forgotten my sacrifice & all & all it was i started recriprocating. I never thought this sudden foolishness of my bro would lead to this. I was not able to control. Even i was waiting for this since 2½ years.

And finally we ended up with this hell. Oh god it was too hard for me to believe what i did, when i got up in the morning. But what could i do? I was swept away already! When she reciprocated to me the second tym i didnt have any guilt, any fear becoz she was in sense now. Maybe she too felt the same for me. Whatever it may be i came out of her now, had a shower together.

~~Swara’s POV~~
Oh my god this hottie! Making me mad by dressing infront of me. He simply asked me to wear his shirt and come down for breakfast. Till i dressed & reached downstairs breakfast was ready!
We had bread & butter. “So whats up next??….”, i said. “Nothing! We have to reach home by now. Everyone must have been waiting”, he spoke while looking down. “Wait! Wait! We are going back home? & why r we going back? Why aren’t we staying here? & why will everyone wait for us? Do they know everything??, everything about us , about yesterday??…..”, i popped up so many questions and only the thing he spoke was “coz everyone’s present there”. It scared me even more. ‘Everyone??’ What if my man spoke everything what happened yesterday between us? Wait! Wait! What did i say ‘MY MAN’

Was he really one. I blushed harder & harder. When i saw his face he just gave me a what-happened-now gaze. Indeed i need to stop it right now. We drove of half an hour later & reached Maheswari Mansion. As soon as i entered i was in a bigger shock then ever.

Laksh & RAgini were standing with garlands hanged on their neck. Ragini had decorated her hairline & neck with sindoor & mangalsutra of Laksh’s name, which was to be mine. I was happy instead of being angry. I was happy for my best frnd! Ragini deserved the best always! Living behind Laksh! He didnt worth my bff. She was just a too perfect gal! Laksh was nothing compared to her. God knows what landed upto this. Whatever it may be but still i was in shock. I was in utter shock when again my mom gave me another one. She came upto me took my left hand in hers & pulled out our engagement ring & threw it in the floor.
What was this new drama now??….

Everyone without speaking a word pulled me towards the entrance & my dadi was lyk- ‘yaha pe tane aur koyi rishta rakhne ki jarurat nahi hai chori! Ab ye tera sasural na raha! Chal ab ghar chal! Aur ha sun le tu Swara is Ragini ko mare ghar mein bulane ki jarurat na hai! Ab se is ka hamare saath koi sambandh na raha’. I faced another shock now. How could dadi lemme not enter this house! I was sanskar’s now. I was nothing without him. Nothing! Just nothing! & coming to Ragini, whatever she has done, i was a lil doubtful, she can’t betray me i know well. Ya she alwys said that i wouldn’t make up wid Laksh. But she would never do this i knew. Coz these two were just enemies. Most of the tym i would just bear their nonsense & would solve their problems & come in b\w to stop their fights. I had a doubt on her. Why was she doing this? I need to know? What was she upto? The 2 fighter cocks were married? To get my answers i needed to talk to her but i couldn’t do that coz these people had already dragged me out! I stepoed into my home….
Precap- LEAP

Guys do u want a leap?? Or let it continue just lemme know? Plz do comment how it was! U will get to know why Ragini did this? Don’t think i will protray u it bad! U will get to know! All i can say is-
Hold on & read….

Credit to: jaf

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