HURDLES a way to love (epi 4)

I peeped out …….. I could see none. But suddenly the door was pushed along with a higher intensity & he entered. Oh god this man!….
He knew it was quite awkward but still he stood there near me again kissing & biting my lips, shoulder, neck……
He pulled out my towel & led me to the bath tub,…..
“What r u upto??…..”, i blurted out.
“Nothing more! Just that what u left incomplete a minute before.”, he grinned saying that. How could he smile in such a way. But somewhere in my heart i felt ‘complete’…..
Complete being his. Anyway he started getting naughty all over again. ‘Naughty boy!’, i exclaimed. God knows from where did those words come from. But surely after hearing this from me couldnt control any longer.
He came over me kissing & licking & again came into me. Oh! It was just so amazing!…..

~~Sanskar’s POV~~
This girl! Oh god! Making me mad since past 2½ years. I had followed her wherever she went. I met her most probably on a meeting at Workshire, New York. She was just so…….
I dont know what happened to me since then i would only think about her. Only her thoughts would cover up my mind…..
And after such a long tym… I met her over here. She was my brother’s to be wife! Thank god she was just ‘to be wife’ not ‘wife’ exactly. I would never ever call her ‘bhabi’ surely. I would better die than calling her that!
Whatever it was i would have stopped thinking about her though it was quite a difficult task. I wonder how could such a beautiful, talented marry my dumb bro. We are twins, may be that was what attracted us to the same girl. Though we r twins, we r poles apart! Not only in looks but also in our posture, the way of behaving, he was a flirt, i wasnt; i was practical, but he just do nuisance & grab it!

But i made up my mind to forget her though it was difficult.
It had all turned ok till yesterday when i found laksh & Ragini together. I was the one who informed swara about it! I didnt want her to get hurt. Laksh accepted infront of me that he had no intensions of marrying her. I couldnt believe my ears. Swara was madly in love ( i suppose) with him. It was ok for me, coz i know m bro but when i turned to Ragini she jusy had no repentance. She was…. How could she do this to her best frnd! It was alwys swara who would rescue her. She loved her so much! Just lyk sisters….. But what she did??… But it was too late ‘my girl’ had already rushed into her car & drove off. I followed her. I feared she would end up with something….. And ya i caught her in that pub. H god she had already gulped down 10 glasses. I just dragged her out. I brought her to my car & made her sit. I called Uttara, in nervousness & said everything. She just said that she would manage everything there at home & advised
me to take swara somewhere but not home. I got an idea of keeping her today at my farmhouse. I sat
down on the driver seat & to my shock she, she…… Wasnt there!!……

I was worried again. It was all raining outside. I got out of the car and saw her there…..
Dancing in the rain, how could she be like this??…. A moment before she was crying & now??….
‘I cant understand girls’, i spoke.

Guys i really hope u like it! If i couldnt meet to ur expectation pls inform! Comment how it was!
Thank you.

Credit to: jaf


  1. L Khan

    Awesome I loved it nd plzz update the next part also today eagerly waiting for it nd thnz for making it swasan

  2. Its jus awesome.. mindblowing..keep it up nd love it nd u nly wil focus on swasan na..dnt ri8 raglak keep thm on side sry if i hurt..its jus suggestion.. Waiting fr nxt part

  3. faima

    Hey..plz….dnt wrt spoil rags character…if dnt wrte abt hr in ua f2f…it’s ok…plz…dnt wrt lke ths abt rags

  4. jaf

    Thnk u guys for loving it i have posted the next part already! But they r d one’s who didn’t post it. Ok so guys u hav to wait!

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