HURDLES a way to love (epi 3)


“Can’t u hold on for a second! I was busy?”, he bashed. It was most probably his PA. It was funny to see those expression of his?
I was not able to control anymore. I just left for the washroom drapping myself on the blanket. I entered the washroom & was going on blushing all over. The reason was imdeed a stupid one. “How could u do that swara?” My consience spoke. But when i looked into the mirror & saw those love bites all around my neck. I blushed even more. I opened the knot of the shower & just stood there recalling all the incidents a week ago. Me & Mr. Laksh Maheswari urf laksh urf lucky met in belgium & eventually got to know each other. He was a too much of a person. We always ended up arguing with each other. We both were so different to each other. He was flirthy , i was practical. But god wanted us to unite may be n finally our families screwed me up into this marraige. We though didnt want to be together were meeting each other oftenly we used to talk about. And he changed these Swara Gadodia a lot. From a busy practical person to a carefree one. It was going on all well – he proposed me, i acceptd it- until a week ago when his brother arrived. I always heard ma saying about her other son, the great business tycoon Mr. Sanskar Maheswari.
On my engagement day, i drew myself into the stage and started dancing on deewani mastani. It was actually a surprise for everyone. I was good dancer during my college days. I tried it once again to please my dear hubby. After completing my dance i just had stepped back when 2 powerful arms pulled me by my waist & had dragged me again to the floor. He was none other than Sanskar. We danced on ‘tum saath ho’. I swayed along with him, i looked into his deep brown eyes, we had an EYE LOCK. He lifted me. Our dance was just so perfect. We would have end up kissing infront of everyone but thank god Lucky came in between. He dragged me along my waist & i smiled looking at him. I loved sanskar’s touch. I thought i had gone mad to think lyk that. Then Lucky introduced me to him. “Bhai this is Swara, whom i’m gonna marry!”. “Yeah! Miss Gadodia who doesnt know her. She is Kolkata’s one of the top ranking business lady”, he grinned. ‘Whoa! He knew everything about me how come??’
He was just a perfect one! Everything was so perfect about him, i admired him. In this whole we would screw up together as we both had the same kind of thoughts, something similar was there. ‘Something??’, i asked myself, not something everyting everybit was so perfect about us.

Eveeything was ok till yesterday night when i saw Laksh & Ragini in my own room, cuddling & kissing all over. My world turned around. How could i see my own fiance doing this with my best friend. It was just so too much for me. I couldnt handle it i just screamed at the top of my voice. Tears rolling all over my cheeks. When the duo noticed me & tried stopping me but i didnt stop & drove off to a pub nearby. I was just so much frustrated. Frustrated and ended up with sanskar beside me. Oh! What the hell did i do? I was fuming!

It was then i heard a knock on the door. I rapped myself in a towel & headed upto the door. It opened and i peeped out…..

Guys i will try to be regular. Most of the votes were swasan so….. I made it swasan. Guys thank u dat u lykd it so much pls do comment how it was. JAGO SILENT READERS JAGO….
Thnk u!

Credit to: jaf

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  1. Thank you Di…..thanks for swasan

  2. Wow really nice thanks for swasan

  3. Nice one…please update regularly

  4. thnk u n totally loved it

  5. A new plot good jaf keep going

  6. Amazin!
    Keep going!

  7. Awesome ff love swasan

  8. Loved it!
    Awesome ?

  9. Amazing bt upload sooner… I m a silent reader BT just commented to tell plz upload sooner

  10. Good..Try to upload regularly…

  11. Nice…. Something diff.

  12. thanks dear too making swasan…..

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  14. It was awesome

  15. Intresting…waiting for next part..

  16. Actually dear we are really very happy watever u decided. We like swasan alot, it just Becoz they are adorable, sweet, and they no doubt completely seems a perfect match. In serial also, love of sanskar was presented so beautifully towards swara and about swara she value marriage alot & yes this thing I like her alot. And according to me if your life partner is good then a person can fall any number of times in love. According to me love is love in which we can fall any number of times. Life moves according to situation and the best thing which I find in her that she gave a chance to her life and love again. I don’t thing first love is pure love, everything, we can’t forget it, and blah.. Blah.
    Actually I have read few fanfictions and serial also they have described swasan and ragini Laksh in such a beautiful way that I can’t even thing exchanging there pairs. So for me both couples are best

  17. wow…

  18. thank you for swasan…..I love dis ff….update next asap….

  19. thankyou sooooooo much for making it SWASAN. thankyou.

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