HURDLES a way to love (epi 2)


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It was a clear fresh day with flowers and fragnance. Sun rays were peeping out through the windows. I just couldn’t look out as I was having a terrible headache!!! “Ah! Ah! Aoww!!”, I exclaimed unable to bare the headache. I just held my head in my palms n barely got up. I could see only the sunrays n then suddenly someone had pulled out the curtains & when I looked up to see who was there I just saw him!…. oh god he was preety, damn cute, hot & s*xy……

I could just not stop looking at him. He was so handsome. I could no more hold my breath & just closed my eyes. It was then when I realized 2mmrws incident! Everything was just flashing into my mind. Everything, just everything!!!!…… “what the hell????……”, it was the only thing I said as I saw myself only drapped in one blanket. I looked into the room it wasn’t mine. It looked too luxurious, too much may be more than mine. He just smiled at my expressions and gave me a lemonade. I was totally blank as how could I do this?????…. it was a fuss…..

“Was all those not enough that you did this to me GOD????……”, I just thought. He asked me to have the lemonade with a smile on his face. I without taking a minute sipped it into myself. After some seconds I got a bit OKAY. And then I started,

“How could u do this to me???”, I screamed at the top of my voice.

He turned around with a big smile, which again melted me and just replied, “it was not only me dear u too reciprocrated!”

Ya he was quite true I too got stuck. I too got that pleasure. I too longed his fragnance, his soul……. But ah!!! Something was making me guilty. How could I have it! I was going to get married that too to his brother. “Oh no! Swara what have u done!”, my one conscience spoke. “It was terrible, just terrible”, I exclaimed and covered my face with my palms. He took out my palms and kissed on my forehead. I was a little startled but don’t know why I felt comfortable. He then hugged me & kissed me on my neck. I liked it. I too longed this and I hugged him back. He took it as a green signal and he began kissing me all around. It was wonderful, he stared at my lips. He was sucking it hard. I was unable to control now I too sucked it hard. He then bite mine, it started bleeding, and we stopped when we were out of breath. He just pulled away the blanket which was the only thing covering me! He threw it on the floor. I was all naked infront of him. He started kissing me all over my body. He kissed me near my thighs, my naved. And— oh aowww!!! I was wet oh god what was that???? I couldn’t control myself. The day before I was drunk but not today but still I wanted it more, I wanted. I had somewhat craved for it!!!!…….

It was an uncontrollable feeling. And this person who knew that I was engaged to his brother, was lusting for me, making love with me. He finally entered into me and it was an incredible feeling. I was moaning with pleasure & pain. But he didn’t stop. He was making it too harder and kissing me all over.
Finally he stopped, as his phone was ringing. He was frustrated. I just smiled.

Sorry guys couldn’t write more. Drop ur comments below!!! I will write by tonight!! And who do we want that man to be?????
SANSKAR or LAKSH?????????……………….
SWALAK OR SWASAN??????…………………

Credit to: jaf

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  4. Jaffy, it was sooooo……
    romantic, lsty
    Btw hv missed u lot

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