HURDLES a way to love (epi 12)


As soon as I opened the door, OMG!! My face! My god!!!…
It was filled with gulaal. And a fimiliar voice came up
“Bura na mano holi hai!!”
I closed my eyes toght & rubbed my hands over it.
“Ahhhh!!!! Wth???”, my anger was overpowered when I saw two faces grinning.
“OMG shona! So much anger ha????… Waise har saal ki tarah iss saal bhi maine tujhe rang laga hi dya!!! U can’t win! When i’m there!!!!! LOSER!!! LOSER!!!!”
“Ragini! I’ll kill u know!!!!”
“Ok ok srry na Shona!!!”, she makes her cute face as alwys which i can never resists….
I smiled naughtily looking at her & threw the colors on her from the thaali she was holding. “Shona! Yeah!!! I did it!!!!”, I smiled winningly. I started jumping when someones voice really made me come into senses.
“What u did Swara???? It was our first holi post marraige!! I was to be the one to put color on her first???”
“Laksh??????”, Ragini spoke up & signed him to stop!
I was now in confusion. Ofcourse it was too much awkward! But i couldn’t help! Suddenly silence broke up….
“Shona ur looking hot!!!!! Yaar!!!!”, Laksh spoke giving those ‘flirthy’ glares. I knew him too well! It wasn’t the first tym he is always this much stupid! He makes those glares! I am never comfortable with those glares of his!!! But sometyms had to maintain….
“Laksh!!! Stop that!!!”, Ragini spoke after a awkward silence clearly written on my face.
“Its ok Rags!!! U know this man can’t change! I mean ur husband! I just hope he never leaves u seeing any other…..”
She cutts me offf!!!!
“No he won’t I know??? Isn’t it????”, Ragini gives a questioning look to Laksh.
“Yeah!!!! Jaan”
Fool!!! Both r fools!!!! I really do pitty Rags!!!!
“Thank God!!! U saved me from this man!!! & coming to u Rags i hope he keeps his promise! Right Laksh?????”
“Oh so u guys started again????”, Sanskar spoke. Now I was a bit shocked! “Did u know about them arriving????”
“No but i knew they would do somethong lyk that!!! Foolss!!!”
Awwww……. My honey thinks just like me!!!!! FOOLSSS……
“Yeah yeah!!!!! We r fools but these fools r more cunning then u see…… They came to know that Swara is in ur bedroom!!!”
“Nah!!! She wasn’t in my bedroom! She was in guestroom”, Sanskar spoke nervously!!!
“Reallly????”, he said lifting one of his eyebrows. “Yeah!!!!! Yeah!!!! She was there why????”
“Think before u speak bhai!!! We both were in guest room. If she was there why didn’t we see her??? Bhai i got the doubt the day itself u were doing those weird things!!! I came to know someones there in ur room. She can’t be Kavita coz u nvr lyk her!!!!
But we should know na???? So i did all this!!! Wasn’t it nyc???”
“Not at all!!”, Sankar nooded angrily.
“And sweetheart!! Will u go & change now????”, Sanskar asked me. He was sounding a bit angry. Then i came to know his reason for sudden anger. Yeah i looked at myself. I was only in his shirt oh god!!! I’m standing there since past 15 mins. Laksh was as usual on his mood! Sanskar was really angry by now. I went up & came down quickly……
I was in a dark blue coloured suit.
“Hey sweetheart”, he came to me and pecked my lips.
“What r u doing Sanskar leave!!!!”
He turned his face as if he’s angry. We 4 sat down to have our lunch!!!!
“So u both know about us????”, i asked curiously
“Yeah!!!! Since past 2yrs. We know about u both……!!! We know u both love each other”, Ragini & Laksh said in unision.
“Whatttttt????”, it was just my expression.

Precap- Swara leaves Sanskar forever!!!!

Will she return again???? Will love bloosom again!???? To know further stay tuned….
Guys i m gonna post tommrw! Its already 1:40 am. I need to sleep. I m not able to type any more. If i do so it will get spoiled i don’t wanna spoil it so…. Make it for today…..
Piece of silence will also come back tomm itself….
Good night.
Thank you.

Credit to: jaf

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  1. Amazing loved it… thank god u posted . Waiting for next epi nd also for swasan nd raglak a piece of silence

    1. Yeah im gonna post tmmrw….

  2. Why rags married laksh

  3. Awesome yaar

  4. Awsm yr

  5. plzz dnt separate SwaSan Plzzz No MU Plzzz..Unite SwaSan.Plzz dnt Separate dem plzz..cbt dee them Separated..hope u wont separate dem fr Long..Continue soon

    1. Mu nahi hoga toh maaza kaise ayenga??????? chill!!!!

  6. Super..update nxt part soon

    1. Tommorow u’ll get it pakka promise

  7. oh no…..y swara s leaving sanky???waiting update fast…..

    1. Wait & watch!!!!!
      Tmmrw i’ll post till then…….

  8. Plz dnt seperate swasan… well nice episode .. I strated reading your ff shortly and truly loved it.. uh r amazing.. 🙂

    1. Thnk u shreya ….
      U r ff is awsome too i jst loved reading it….. It was an os most probably…. Rght??????…

  9. Oho why leaves forever???

    1. I jst added that frevr swazan ff ho aur dono hamesha door ho…. Impossible rght????

  10. But why z swara leaving

    1. U’ll get to know

  11. No yaar don’t separate my swasan..

    1. Thay r mine too….. Dont say that…. I wont seperate them forevr….

  12. As always awesome

    1. Thnk u mitti
      Ur alwys encouraging!!!!!

  13. plz post yr,…waiting desperately

  14. Angel Goldie

    Post da nxt part na asap..cnt waitmmn plzz dnt separate swasan..n add somemore romance..plzz continue asap
    .aur kab tak wait karna padega ?

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