HURDLES a way to love (epi 11)


“Holi hai!!”, I just shouted with excitement with a beautiful smile on my face. “Happy holi! Mr. Maheswari!”, i shouted again. I know him how he is! So i was wearing a loose shirt of his. I knew he would get attracted easily.
“Huh….. I know ur angry…. But can’t u reply back!”, I said making a pout on my face. “Happy holi”, he replied without a smile. He was in his alway sleepy mood, making a ‘not-at-all-interested’ look.
“Handsome! Bohot so liya avi utho! Its 9 am already”, i scrowled.
“Nah! U better lemme sleep! Ok now just leave!”
“No no no i m not leaving!, now get up fast! Its holi tody! Common lazy lamb”
But my words were nothing! He dozzed off again!
An idea flashed in my mind.
I got some holi colours & applied it on his face. “Awwwww….. Sanky u look so cute. Awwww……”

Saying that i kissed him hard.
“What the f**k!??, i wont spare u now!”, he spoke up at last.

I had caught him up from his bed. Oh God! What a man u gave me! A mad one! He pulled me by my waist. “Huh! Now stop & get up! We’re getting late! U know na Mr. Varma called us for holi party!”, i said.
“He called us! But ur not coming right!”
I placed my lips on his & kissed it hard. I know he would melt. He clutched my waist & pulled me to the bed. He came over me now. I know what was next. I closed my eyes. He kissed my neck. He was contiuously biting & kissing my neck. The air turned hot!! He had gone crazy by now! But wasn’t he angry on me??……
“What???? I know what r u thinking”
“Hmmmmm……… waise! Yeah i was angry! But u know i can’t stop myself when i get that fragnance of urs! U make me crazy man!!”
He again started sucking & biting! He finally took of my shirt & got up my br*ast!
“Sanskar easy! Plz!!!!”
But he was out of control! He sucked my br*ast more & more hard. He entered into me by now.
“Sanskar plz easy!”
But in vain. He is a beast really! he wont hear me now i know. He was over me & kissing me hard. The pleasure i got from my man! Was never comparable to anyother pleasure in my whole lyf!

Our door bell rang! Oh God finally u saved me from this man otherwise he would have ate me up today!
The bell was ringing continuously!
“Who had come at this tym yaarrrr! That too at the morning!”
“My man! Its morning for u! Not for all! Its 12 noon already! Sweetu get up now & go open the door!”, i ordered.
“Don’t u dare order me! U haven’t pleased me quite well! U go & see, i’m sleepy!”
“How rude!”
“Ya i’m rude! What u did yesterday was even more rude! Now just go! ”
“Huh.,…… Whatever! I’m leaving”
I buttoned my shirt & moved towards the door. I pulled it & to my shock….. …..
Its none other than,………..

Precap- (something u all gonna lyk!) Swara was fooled!
Guys sorry for not posting….. After getting so much of hectic days….. I wanted to rest….. So i was late!
Sorry guys if i wasn’t able to meet ur exoectation.
Thank you.

Credit to: jaf

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  1. Ragini and laksh i think

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    1. Wait fr the nxt dear!

  2. Raglak fooled sanskar that they are going to know the complete it??? Think so…BTW plz update soon n big updates n it was nice..

    1. I’ll update soon

  3. Loved it but when u r gonna update swasan and raglak a piece of silence waiting eagerly dear…

    1. Sooner by late night yesterdy wait! For it dr…
      Sabar ka faal metha hota hai

  4. Awesome yaar…swara …waiting for next episode yaar

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