HURDLES a way to love (epi 10 ) short part


uys srry for the delay! As u all know my exams were on so I couldn’t post my ff. But from now I’ll be regular, I promise. Till my results aren’t out I’ll be online. After my results I don’t know where I’ll shift so I’ll be busy & I’ll be busy too with my entrance exams. So u all have to bear me till then……………….
& Guys this is holi special so enjoy!?
~~Sanskar’s POV~~

“No no Sanskar plz no… No more plz i’m tired! Plz”,she pleaded.
“No i’ll not listen u broke my favourite vase dear! How can i forgive u. Sanskar Maheshwari never forgives so easily!”
“Sanskar i’ll do whatever u say! But not this! Plz not now! Plz no more, im tired”, she tried melting me. But not today! I will not listen to her today!
She made me do all the rubbish, then broke my vase. I m surely gonna punish her today.
I came near her & kissed her hard till her lips got swollen. She pushed me now. “Swara u can’t escape today, i’ll do whatever i want”, i smiled evilly.
I tried kissing her again buttt…….
She slapped me. “Sanskar whats this i never ask u not to do so, i never said no to u!!!… But now ur crossing ur limits,…..”

“Don’t speak Sanskar! Is it what u want! I thought u loved me! But, but u are forcing me! Is it love or u want my soul ha????…… speak to me Sanskar??…… Do u want me or my beauty, my soul ha! I was tired so I……”
“Swara if its always about proving my love then i’m sorry! I have always proved it! So this tym i dont want it…. Just go to hell”, I said & went out.
~~Swara’s POV~~
I know that he loves me so much still i did this to him. How can I??…. But he was forcing him. I know how to convince him so Swara don’t worry! Ur the best!! Luv u so much Swara.
I was all thinking how to make his mood. Just then i heard some1 speak-
“Ragini we are leaving tommorow”, Laksh spoke.
“But why?? Its only 3days and ur talking about leaving? Thats not fair! We didn’t even shop properly! Moreover me & Kavita were making plan to shop & roam around tommorow.”
“Ya i know but tomorrow’s holi na?? We have to leave! Ma called me today & asked us to leave today itself but i said we’ll come tommorrow.”

“Acha! Ok then we have to go anyways… When should we leave??”
“Tommrw 6am sharp we hav our flight! So now pack our stuff & sleep we hav to get up early na????”
Ragini nodded & left……
I said to myself “ok then they r leaving! Finally! i’ll convince him”, i smiled as a naughty idea spark on my mind!
Guys really srry for the short update but i’m feeling sleepy….. I couldn’t write much but i promise i’ll write both my ff’s soon. My exms ended tody so i want to rest pls forgv me!
Guys i m thinking of ending my ff i mean hurdles its actually a short story i hate to drag a story too much…..

But if u all insists i’ll continue then i hv to think of new ideas! Plz guys i need ur ideas too pls gv ir precious comments. Also gv me suggestions.??

Credit to: jaf

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  1. Dnt end

    1. Ok i’ll see! Plz yaar gv me suggestions!

  2. Dnt end dear its awesome loved it….

    1. I’ll try not to do so yaar!

  3. Awesome yaar….so nyc…

  4. Pls pls pls update long part..waiting fr nxt

    1. I’m gnna gv a long part tody

  5. Don’t end plzzz… Pls don’t bring kavitha between them its a request plzz.. Make swara please/cool him in different way..

    1. Yeah! I’ll do so!

  6. Soo small yaar ?..anywyz update nxt part LONG n wid More SwaSan Scns n Romance…

  7. Don’t end pls Wats ur another fiction name pls continue take rest…then bring kavitha track then make swara family to take her away and bring some twist then watch u studying where ur going then shifting .pls tel me because of u now I recharge my net pack..if u go means I will not comment next time..

  8. Dnt end

  9. Don’t end dr
    Awesome ep

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