HURDLES a way to love (epi 1)


“Oh what the hell!”, I m getting something, something lyk a crackling sound or may be a felling…
I just heard a crackle! & my lower abdomen started paining lyk….. lyk hell!
Oh god wats that!!….
Though I was out of my senses, I could feel d pain. It was terrible it was something lyk something was propelling into me…..
My HYMEN tore!
My soul was just out of disgust now. Blood was oozing out lyk hell. It was paining & over that this pain. I turned my eyes to look at what was happening. And it was then when I saw “him”.
I didn’t know who he was but I just pushed him back, though I was lacking energy. “Oh god what did he just do???….. he entered into me, oh no!!”
He being a man pushed me again with pain & this tym I moaned wind pleasure.
Pleasure of having something, pleasure of being a girl, pleasure of living and ya of course it the pleasure of my lyf.
I moaned & moaned but he didn’t stop. He was continuously cuddling & biting me, it felt heavenly. He didn’t leave me for a single second he was there aid me, beside me, holding and caressing me. I came into my senses wind his continuous jerks! And finally his long lasting kiss. He stopped only when we both were out of breath !!!…
I could hardly resist the temptation and oh god what did I just do “I DID KISS HIM INTURN!”
Whoa!!… What was happening to me
He was the one to whom I lend out my VIRGINITY…. & he oh the helllllll…….

Precap- not yet decided.

Guys I’m jaf back here. I know many of ur angry as I didn’t post “piece of silence” since long!!….
Don’t worry I’ll post it as soon as possible. I was out of ideas so I didn’t write! I wrote another one! I hope u guys enjoyed it!
I will look forward for ur comments!
And I’ll post “piece of silence” after my boards end!
It will end on 21st march! Its still 1 week & that’s my last exam ! So plz wait patiently…..

Thank you.

Credit to: jaf

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  1. Nice plot. Please continue writing this story.

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  3. <3 it jaf…

  4. Woww, jaffy, i lvd it
    Plz continue dear
    Btw missing u

  5. Waooo, Moi seriously voba nasilu, 2mi iman borhia likha buli….. Keep writing….. I’m waiting to read the whole story….

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