The hunger games (Episode 1)


Hey ppl this is Aisha. …
So I am presenting a story inspired from the movie and book ”hunger games ” the theme is same but story is different. ..hope u like it pls don’t forget to leave your comments
So here is a trailer
Boy- so ???

Girl- so wat

”We kill each other don’t we”

”Do we have a option????”
Tears rolled down her cheeks she had just found her life but she was going to loose him because of the games. …
The games had only one victor but she was going to loose in every way
If he killed her she will die….If she kills him she will die mentally

All she wanted to do now was to lie in his arms and feel his body against her…
She wiped her tears and looked into his eyes
All she saw was pure love nothing else
All she wanted to do was kiss him and calm him down but before she could react the speakers burst open with Effie’s voice
”May the odds ever be in your favour ”

That was it their eyes opened into the world where everyone knew one thing
”Killing ”’

So how was it ??
So who is the girl ??who is the boy??
You all decide the pairs
Wat brings them here
Is this a love story with both in love and facing tragedy together
Or is this one sided love with both suffering alone and ending up dead??
Please drop your thoughts …
And vote on pairs
Ppl only one pair okay !!
Love you all

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  1. swasan forever…….
    nyc start
    seems 2 b interesting

  2. Swasan d heavenly couple

  3. No voting!! Start the mystery soon. It’s better to choose your pairs on your own. But start the stry soon

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