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Humsafars 6th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Zara telling her family that she will do modeling with the dresses and sell them in 2-3 weeks. Myra says they don’t have much time and says they can sell them on internet. Arzoo says it is her fight and she will sell them alone in an exhibition. Zaki comes there and says she can sell them in a shopping mall and he will help her. She says she accepted Sahir’s challenge and will sell alone. Avlira prays that Arzoo will sell all the dresses easily. They all try to load dress boxes in auto when driver comes and says Sahir sent him to drop Arzoo and family with dress boxes whereever she they want.

Arzoo and her her sisters arrange a dress shop in a shopping mall’s lawn.

Anam comes to Sahir’s cabin and asks him when can she start her

design’s ad campaign. He says he has already started. She asks when. He scolds her for stealing someone’s design and says he will know whatever happens at Sayyara. He asks her to stop jumping on someone’s shoulders for success and asks her to work hard and get her own designs. He warns that she is in his scanner now.

Arzoo and sisters try to sell dresses, but nobody pays attention to them at all. A lady likes design and asks which company it is. She tries to say Sayyara’s name, but says it is not of any company. Lady says she cannot buy it without brand and says nobody will buy footpath items. Zara and Myra also get sad seeing nobody buying dresses. Sarfaraz (second wife’s dog/puppet) clashes with Myra and he scolds her for being cultureless, walks out with wife. He and his arrogant wife then see all three sisters and start scolding them. Sarfaraz says that they are spoiling his name and says his dad would have died again seeing his granddaughters selling dresses. Arzoo says when he does not have any respect himself, he cannot talk about self-respect, etc., says with hard work, respect is gained and not lost. Sarfaraz walks out after getting insulted.

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Sahir reaches shopping mall and sees Arzoo and sisters unsuccessfully trying to sell dresses. He calls someone and and asks to prepare a contract. Arzoo and sisters get tensed seeing Sahir there. He goes and sits on chair, people start buying clothes seeing him and all dresses are sold. Arzoo remembers him telling that without Sayyara’s label, she cannot sell dresses even for 2 rs and with label, she can sell them in thousands. Sahir repeats his words and says with just Sayyara and without Sayyara, she is nothing and does not have place even in this city. Arzoo sadly sees him walkout out from there.

Arzoo dreams about going to Sahir’s room angrily and stabbing him repeatedly for laughing on her. She wakes up frightened and comes out of out house. Myra comes and asks why is she awake till now. Arzoo says she did not like this city and says Sahir made her sold her own dresses and even scolded her, he even signaled that he will terminate her. She says she will go back to Lucknow and start Arzoo creations and make it famous. She does not need this city, boss, etc.

Precap: Arzoo gets a resignation letter to Sahir’s cabin but stops hearing him saying that she has talent, courage, experience, etc.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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