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The episode starts with Sahir reminiscing Arzoo’s pleas that she is innocent and Anam stole her designs. He also reminisces Arzoo gifting her designs to him some days ago and searches envelope. He looks at diesigns and is shocked to see that those are same designs that Anam showed as hers and realizes that Arzoo was telling truth and Anam lie. He thinks he scolded her and now has to apologize her, thinks she is talent.

Kurti witch says Anam that she thought her how to play conspiracies and says she is good at conspiracies but not as good as her and says if she would not have helped her, Sahir would have caught her easily. She asks Anam to accept that Kurti is her teacher in forgery. Anam accepts. Kurti then we both will destroy Arzoo’s life.

Daadi tries to console Arzoo

and says without challenges, one cannot achieve success. Nausheen sees Zara crying, consoles her and asks her to remember always that relationships are bigger than money. Arzoo asks how was dupatta changed with towel. Kurti ugly witch comes there and starts her witty talks. Zara asks if she changed dupatta with towel. Kurti says yes and asks her not to mess with her and calls everyone bakri/goat. Daadi says bakris have understood, but bandariya/monkey has not. Kurti asks who is bandariya. Daadi says she is bandariya. Kurti gets irked and leaves from there.

Sarfaraz thanks Anam for hiring him back in Sayyara. He sees Arzoo and asks what is this jail girl doing here. Anam says like she gave him second chance, she gave her also second chance. He asks what does she do here. Anam says she works as a peon here. They both laugh. Anam gets a call and gets busy. Sarfaraz taunts Arzoo and asks her not to interfere and destroy him again. Arzoo says his deeds will destroy him and nobody else can. Employee informs Arzoo that Sahir is calling her, she leaves to his cabin.

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Lawyer comes to Alvira’s home with Sahir’s legal papers. Kurti asks him to give papers to her. He says he will give them to only Sahir. Alvira comes there and asks lawyer what is he doing here. She sees file in his hand and asks if he came with Sahir’s papers, then he should give them to only him. Kurti asks why to bother Sahir. Alvira calls Sahir and says lawyer came with papers on Kurti’s invitation and tells lawyer that Sahir is busy and will talk to him personally later. Once lawyer leaves, she tells Kurti that she did not call Sahir and warns her not to play her dirty politics, else she will inform Sahir.

Sahir practices apologizing Arzoo. Arzoo comes in. Before Sahir could speak up, Arzoo starts her pleas and says she did not know Sayyara does not have place for talent and says if Sayyara continues to ignore talent, it will have to be shut down. Sahir gets irked hearing that and says business cannot run on only talent and creativity. He shows her design, says it is very nice and asks her to sell it. He says nobody will buy it from her for even 2 rs without Sayyara. She says she is a designer and not businesswoman. He says if she could sell her designs, she would have been in Lucknow itself. He asks his employee to bring his dresses, removes labels from them and says Arzoo that these dresses are 40000 rs each and if she will sell them for 4000 rs each, he will accept her talent. She says she will sell all dresses by tomorrow.

Precap: Arzoo tries to sell dresses in a shopping mall, but nobody buys them. Sahir comes there and says without Sayyara she is nothing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Hopefully Arzoo proves sahir wrong

  2. Arzoo wil prove him wrong!

  3. ya even i read in tellyreviews that azroo will sell all dresses by smartness and sahir will be amused c her smartness.

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