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Humsafars 4th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sahir calling Arzoo repeatedly, but she ignoring his call. He peeps out of his cabin and sees Arzoo on her desk. He calls her. She picks call seeing him. He asks her to come and open his cabin’s door. She worriedly opens it. He walks out. She gets irked thinking that he cannot even open his cabin’s door and calls him Gabbar Chaudry. She then comes out of office and asks Zara if she got dupatta. Zara says Anam did not return her dupatta and apologizes her. Anam says as a sister, she will forgive her. Zara asks what will do now. She says to prove her innocence, she has time till 12 noon tomorrow.

Arzoo comes home back and thinks she herself has to get dupatta back from Anam. She hears Alvira asking servant to bring her spectacles and says she will

bring it and asks her which is her room. Alvira says left one is her and right one is Anam’s. Zara thinks to enter Anam’s room and get her dupatta. She enters room, picks it and throws it towards Zara. Zara catches it and throws it towards Myra. Myra catches it but drops it seeing Khurti. Khurti asks what are they playing. Myra apologizes her and walks out. Khurti thinks she has to know what these bakriyan/goats are doing.

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Myra calls Arzoo and informs that she got dupatta. Arzoo says she will show Gabbar Chaudhry that she is not a thief. Anam comes to her and asks Arzoo if she came to her room to steal and tries to drag her saying she will inform whole family. Arzoo frees her hand and say she will tell her whole family that she is a thief and stole her design, says she knows she is the one who called police at rave party club. She then tells a taunting shayari, smiles and walks out. Anam stands angrily in her room.

Anam gets into kitchen. Servant says it is already 8 and Sahir’s breakfast is not yet prepared. She asks him to prepare Sahir’s toast while she will give him coffee. She sees Sahir on the breakfast table angrily waiting for coffee and gives him his spectacles instead of coffee. He says she needs it more than him. She says she drinks tea. He points at spectacles. She gets nervous, gives him coffee and sits on floor. He enjoys coffee looking at her. Alvira joins for breakfast and even Anam comes there. Arzoo says Sahir that he wanted proof her innocence and she got it. She calls Zara and gives her dupatta bag. Sahir looks at it and angrily throws towel from the bag. Zara and Arzoo are shocked to see that and Anam smirks. Sahir asks what is this. Anam says now truth is out and says she tried to create a drama and stooped to such a low level that she stole towel, says she is a small town girl and is very cheap.

Khurti comes and asks Arzoo why did she steal towel and taunts Alvira that she brought home a thief. Arzoo says she does not know how did she get this towel in bag instead of dupatta. Khurti says she is creating a story after getting caught. Sahir angrily says enough and tries to walk out. Arzoo says she knows she is nothing today, so her truth is also tried to prove as lies and says she is telling truth and knows he will not believe her, but when she will become a big designer, he will accept that she was telling truth. Sahir walks out from there. Alvira sees Arzoo crying. Khurti taunts Alvira that she is betting on a wrong bakri/goat/Arzoo.

Precap: Sahir sees Arzoo’s designs and realizes that she was telling truth. Khurti says Anam that they both will ruin Arzoo’s life.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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