Humsafars 3rd November 2014 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 3rd November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arzoo seeing Anam walking out of outhouse and thinks what is she doing here. Anam thinks Arzoo is finished now and walks out from there, smirking. Arzoo gets in and asks Zara to give her dupatta. Zara stands silently. Arzoo says she herself will find out and starts searching. Nausheen and Daadi surprisingly watch that and Daadi asks what is she searching. Arzoo says the dupatta which she designed for Zara. Nausheen says she will get it. Zara says she sold that dupatta. Arzoo is shocked to hear that and asks whom did she sell it. Zara says Anam madam. Arzoo says she told her to keep it safe, then why did she sell it. Zara apologizes and says she sold it for her family, says you always take care of us and did not let us help you, today Anam gave me that opportunity

by buying that dupatta for 1 lakh. Arzoo says Anam did not that dupatta, but shame for your sister. Daadi asks what happened. Arzoo informs her about the whole incident happened during Sahir’s meeting and Sahir asking her to get that dupatta if that design is hers and he will make Jannath’s main designer. Arzoo says Daadi that Zara not only sold that dupatta, but her hard work, her truth, her dreams, everything. Daadi hugs her and cries.

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Anam comes to her room, looks at dupatta and thinks now Arzoo cannot prove herself innocent. Khurti comes and asks her the reason behind her happiness. Anam zays she got Arzoo’s dupatta and now Sahir will kick her out of Sayyara. Khurti says you alone cannot conspire everything, I will join you and kick out Arzoo from her house. Anam smiles and says she is joking. Khurti says she is an old player in this game. Anam says exactly, she is old player and must retire now, says she is much smaller to teach her. Khurti gets annoyed hearing that.

Anam sadly looks at the knots in her dupatta and reminisces the promises she made to her family, thinks she does not know how will succeed in her dreams. Nausheen comes there and asks her to control herself. Anam asks why she has to struggle to get her own things back. Nausheen says world will snatch everything, but she has to fight and get them back. She says she is sure she will fight and win. Mrya comes and says she is also with her. Zara apologizes her and says she just wanted to help her, asks her if she will not talk to her. Arzoo hugs her and says her dreams are not bigger than her dear ones. She says she will get her dreams fulfilled with her family at any cost. Daadi jokes about her saas/MIL. They all laugh. Zara says she will get dupatta from Anam somehow. Zara says she has to meet her boss at office and walks out.

Anam enters Sahir’s cabin and says she has already arranged advertisement campaign. He asks why is she in a hurry and asks her to wait until Arzoo comes back. Anam asks if he believes that cheap girl than her. Sahir says every human being has a right to prove himself. She asks if this new comer arrogant girl. Sahir says yes. He sees Arzoo coming to office and getting tea from peon. She enters cabin and asks if he called her. He says she has time till 12 noon tomorrow to prove her innocence. She asks it is very less time. He says he can give her only that time. She agrees and hurriedly walks out of his cabin taking Sahir’s coffee cup. She then calls Zara and informs her about Sahir’s 12 noon deadline. Zara says to correct her mistake, she can do anything. Anam sees her talking, smirks and walks out from there. Anam tastes her cup and realizes it is coffee, Sahir realizes it is tea instead of coffee.

Anam sees Zara coming to her room and asks if she needs more money. Zara says her sister’s talent is not so cheap that she can buy it with 1 lakh and asks her to return her dupatta. Anam says in business, once good is taken, it cannot be returned. Zara says her sister/appi’s duppata is precious. Anam says she wanted to become Anam Chaudhry and if she will be with her, then sky is the limit. She gives her 1 more lakh. Zara takes it, says she told it right, throws money and says she wants to become like her, but not by ruining her sister’s dreams. Anam says she showed her true colours, asks her to forget dupatta now and asks her to get out. Zara says she will remember her dream and even that dupatta. Anam thinks she has to do something to Zara and Arzoo.

Precap: Arzoo gives Sahir a bag with dupatta and it is her proof of innocence. Sahir checks it and shows that it is empty.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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