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Humsafars 3rd February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Kurti Apa asking Arzoo, what are you doing here. She then blames her for the happenings at the house. She tells her that something bad will happen with you. Arzoo says someone doesn’t like me here. Kurti Apa says are you talking about me. Arzoo says no and taunts her indirectly. Kurti Apa reminds her that she is very kurti through her deeds and also reminds her about her status of a second wife. Arzoo asks her to take care of herself and leaves worrying about her. She says she can give her a good reply. Kurti Apa looks on. Arzoo thinks Sahir have so many secrets related to him and doesn’t know whom to ask. She says don’t know whom to trust. An old servant comes and asks Arzoo what to make for Sahir. Arzoo asks him about Zeenat. The servant says he is here since long and

was there on the accident day. Arzoo asks what had happened? The servant says Zeenat and Sahir had an argument and then Zeenat went outside. She met with an accident. Arzoo thinks to find out about Zeenat’s accident. She gets a call asking her to check the police record to know the truth.

She asks who are you and how did you know. The phone gets disconnected. Arzoo thinks she has to know the secret of Zeenat’s accident and wonders what to do. She sees Zeenat drowning in the swimming pool. She immediately rushes to save her. She gives her hand, but then sees Zeenat’s legs binded by a cloth. She goes in the pool and tries to take out Zeenat. She calls Alvira, Zaki etc. She untie/free her legs and holds her. Everyone come there and sees them in the pool. Kurti Apa blames Arzoo for trying to kill Zeenat. Zaki takes out Zeenat from the pool. Zaki checks her pulse and says she is breathing. Kurti Apa starts accusing Arzoo for trying to kill Zeenat. She says there is no place for you now and asks Vikram to close her behind bars. She asks her to get out and pushes her. Arzoo falls on Sahir. She says she didn’t do anything. She says when I came here, Zeenat was in the water. I tried to save her. Kurti Apa asks her to stop shedding fake tears. Sahir asks Kurti Apa to stop and says how can you think that Arzoo would do such a thing.

Kurti Apa says you will praise her being her husband. She is controlling you. Sahir says if you doesn’t like her then it didn’t mean that Arzoo is wrong. Vikram says when we came inside, Arzoo was drowning Zeenat. Sahir says everything which is seen by eyes might be wrong too. Did anyone see Arzoo putting Zeenat in the pool. Vikram says no, but I have to arrest her and do my duty. Alvira stops Vikram and says Arzoo was not here. She was with me. Sahir asks Arzoo not to worry. Arzoo thinks why Alvira is lying. Sahir asks Vikram to find the real culprit. Vikram says he will find out.

Vikram sees the hierarchy of the Chaudhary family and says three people have the motive to kill Zeenat. He thinks Alvira wants to get rid to Zeenat as she got her son remarried. He then doubts on Arzoo, thinking a woman can’t bear a sautan. He then doubts on Sahir. He says Sahir is married to two women, may be he wants to kill Zeenat to skip giving alimony. He thinks Arzoo and Sahir was attacked before. He thinks they are not behind the attacks. He suspects Alvira and calls her No. 1 suspect. Arzoo thinks why Alvira lied to Vikram for saving her. She thinks Zeenat’s secret is getting confusing. She thinks Zeenat is acting, why did she went in the pool. She thinks to find out the culprit. Sahir comes there with Ashrafi. Arzoo smiles seeing it. Ashrafi sits on her shoulder. Sahir says I brought her to bring smile on your face. Sahir says Ashrafi changed her party. Arzoo asks Ashrafi to say on whose side it is. Ashrafi takes their names. Sahir says that’s why I said it is on my side.

Vikram asks Arzoo about Alvira. Just then they hear Alvira’s screams. They go to her room and sees broken show piece. Sahir looks out from the window and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. oh god so much of suspense…!!!!

  2. OMG whos the real culprit. anyway pls dnot frze scren when SAAZs romancng. its soo cuteeeeee.

  3. I love the Saazs Romantic Moments♥

    Can’t wait for the suspense to unfold. ..

  4. this so not nyc thy takin 2 long 4 real culprit 2 cum out n whts up with zeenat and saazs 5/5 best love ull
    but i also want zaki 2 find his true luv

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