Humsafars 28th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 28th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Dadi joking about her marriage. Nausheen laughs. Zara brings BP monitor machine for Nausheen, specs frame for Dadi and phone for Myra. Myra thanks her. Nausheen asks from where did you get the money. Zara asks her not to worry and pray for her. Nausheen says it is wrong. Zara asks why? As Aapi thinks it is wrong. It is our advantage. She talks to Anam and says I will reach the place if you helps me. She thanks Zara for helping her. They see Arzoo coming from the opposite side. Zara gets happy. Anam thinks Arzoo did makeover for Sahir and says she will ruin her plan. Arzoo looks at Zara and smiles. Arzoo informs Anam that they got Mr. Mehta’s contract. Anam says I knew. Arzoo asks why did you miss the meeting. Anam says I was planning the future strategy. Kurti Apa calls

Arzoo and asks her to come as she was waiting. Anam says Sahir called me. I send a car for you, please come back. She leaves. Zara compliments Arzoo and takes a selfie. She says you are looking beautiful. Arzoo thanks her and asks what is this. Zara says I will tell you everything. Nausheen talks to Dadi and says Zara is spending so much money.

Dadi says I am thinking about Arzoo’s reaction. Zara and Arzoo comes. Nausheen and Dadi get happy to see Arzoo’s makeover. Dadi jokes about her beauty. Zara asks them to look at her. Arzoo asks about her costly dress and the stuff which Zara brought for them. Zara gives her designer suit. Arzoo asks from where did you get the money. Zara says I got a modelling assignment by Anam. She told that she will make me a model and gave me 1 Lakhs rupees in advance. Arzoo says you spent all the money. Zara says still 30 thousand is left with me. Arzoo says you didn’t ask us. Zara asks did you ask us before going for make over. She asks can’t I take my own decisions. I want to take up the responsibility. Until when I will hold Aapi’s finger and walk. I have grown up. Arzoo tells Dadi that Zara is not a kid anymore and have grown up. She gets disheartened and sad.

Zaki looks at Arzoo’s photo and smiles. He looks at their pair in mirror and says perfect jodi. 10 out of 10. Sahir talks on phone. Arzoo knocks on his door as she brings coffee. Sahir disconnects the call. Arzoo gives him coffee. Sahir tells her that you are exactly like me. You was smiling sometime back and now you have tears in your eyes. What happened. Arzoo says nothing. Sahir asks what happened. Did anyone say anything? Arzoo says I will be happy in sometime. Sahir stops her and asks her to give Ashrafi for sometime. Arzoo refuses. Sahir says I will talk to Ashrafi whenever you talk to it. Arzoo agrees to send Ashrafi to him for sometime. She reminds him that Ashrafi is hers and tells her everything. She smiles and leaves. She thinks about Sahir’s words and blushes. She sees her photo on the way to her room and smiles.

Zaki looks at her while Arzoo keeps on staring her photo. Zaki asks about her photo and says it is beautiful. He gives her photos. Arzoo thanks him. She looks at Sahir and her pic and smiles. Zaki smiles.

Anam gives file to Arzoo and asks her to select job vendors carefully as it is important for Sahir. She asks her to take fast decision. Arzoo asks her not to worry. Anam smirks and sees Sarfaraz Sheikh profile in her hand.

Sarfaraz is angry and says Arzoo insulted him. Farah asks him to do something. She asks him to separate Arzoo from Nausheen. Sarfaraz is shocked. Farah asks him to bring Nausheen to their house and says she will stay as a servant at their place. She says she will break mother- daughter bonding. Sarfaraz gets thinking. Anam calls Sarfaraz and says Arzoo will select him as she didn’t mention his name. She asks him to get sample ready till evening. Sarfaraz says I will do my work and Sahir and Arzoo will remember me.

Sahir gets a call that Job work is rejected and not upto the mark. Sahir says he checked personally and tries to reason with him, but the call gets disconnected. Sahir recalls Zeenat’s words that business is not his cup of tea. He gets angry and pushes the door with his leg. Arzoo and everyone get shocked. He asks which vendor has done job work. Anam comes and takes Sarfaraz’s name. Sahir asks who appointed Sarfaraz back in Saiyyara. Anam points finger at Arzoo and takes her name. Arzoo gets shocked. Sahir looks at her.

Sahir asks Arzoo, is Sarfaraz Sheikh your father? Arzoo gets tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Update it fast

  2. Another sweet episode…. Wow!! What a sweet smile Sahir….!!
    Harshad rocksss!!

  3. Jyoti Chotrani

    Today’s episode was rocking but that anam why does she not leave Sahir and Arzoo alone ……
    and that farah and sarfaraz are also very big challak baaz …..
    and that kurti aapa she is the queen of all ..
    Anyway, thanks for the written update h Hasan

  4. Jyoti Chotrani

    By the way , what happens to Sahir at night ? He becomes very sweet and polite and caring towards Arzoo.But in the day time at Saiyara office he becomes very rude and angry towards Arzoo.
    what’s thhe reason for this?7

  5. I have fallen in love with smiling caring loving sahir…….anam is B****who cant see sumone else be happier than her…I loved today’s episode. …just hope this new drama of Anam dnt cause a misunderstanding between Sahir & Arzoo..I love the too bits dy make a perfect Jodi.

  6. I love this serial. Sahir and arzoo.u both are awesome.

  7. Guys!! Why doesnt Sahir touch his cabin doors at ofc with his hands? Any idea

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