Humsafars 27th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 27th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on


Part 1

Sahir says, a big company from foreign is coming to India. Indias biggest fashion houses want to merge with them. These people want to create unique line of designs. You all know what you have to do. Arzoo arrives right then & says.. sorry am late. Sahir tells her that he doesnt like interruptions and next time if she is late.. better not come to work. Sahir tells all that they have time till tomorrow evening. All leave. Arzoo tells Sahir wanna talk to you. Sahir tells her.. not interested LEAVE. Arzoo says.. just a small thing, please listen. Sahir says.. please LEAVE. Arzoo calls Sahir out and says.. i know your time is very costly ..but you have to listen. She asks him to sit..and says first i will thank you.. then you will say your welcome

and then i will leave. She asks Sahir to sit. He does. Arzoo tells Sahir .. i dun understand ur nature .. u change more frequently than the weather. What you did for me.. last one has ever done a thing like that…You stood up for me.. i cant forget it ever. In our society where there are only women, people thrash their repute & taunt on them. Till date i have answered them myself. .but first time someone answered for me.. you stood up for me.. to protect my repute.. you saved my moms repute.. i cant forget ur gesture ever and for that i thank u a ton. Sahir asks.. wanna say something more.. Arzoo says no. She leaves. Sahir smiles watching her and then says.. WELCOME.

Kurti goes to the hosp to visit Zeenat. She caresses Zeenat’s forehead and rues.. my kid.. my life.. i wanna take u home, come with me. Today if i have to carry u back on my shoulders, i will. Kurti lifts Zeenat up in her arms. She turns when she feels a hand on her shoulder.

Zaki greets Linda. He checks her work and praises. He says.. ‘Baad marne ke ghar se kuch saman niklega.. kuch ladkiyon ki photographs aur kuch catalogs’. Glad u made guest list of my birthday. Linda says..its not the list, its models catalogs. Zaki says.. thats why this is the list. Zaki notices Arzoo and excuses himself from Linda.

Kurti notices Anam and asks what are you doing. Kurti says.. today if i have to carry Zeenat home, i will to shoo Arzoo out of the mansion. Anam asks what will happen after you take Zeenat home. Kurti says.. Arzoo will realize Sahir is married and she will let go of her dreams to marry Sahir. Anam makes Zeenat lie down on the bed. She says.. lohe ko loha kat-ta hai.. mom nahi. She says.. when some enemy hurts us.. it gets filled up but when our own hurt us.. we cant forget. Kurti asks what do you mean.Anam says.. when a family member hurts us.. we should hurt them back with a family member. Now Arzoo’s family will turn against her. We will turn her family.

Sahir asks Arzoo are the designs ready. Arzoo says they will be by late night. Sahir tells Arzoo i will not tolerate delay this time. Tomorrow morning, Conference Room-A. Arzoo says ok. Zaki comes to Arzoo and says.. Seene me jalan.. ankhon me tufan sa kyun hai.. jahan-ara aaj itni pareshan kyun hai. Arzoo shouts on Zaki .. she then says.. i have a lot of work. .no time. Zaki says seems like instead of brother.. u ate burnt toast. Inhale-Exhale. He comes and stands very close to Arzoo and says..just trying to see how to make the design prettier. Arzoo asks how.. he says.. look at my face.. and smile. Arzoo starts smiling .. and Zaki says.. when u smile.. all things light up.. now all we need is accessories. He gets an idea and says.. your smile needs my style. I will be right back. He leaves.

Sahir checks the door of his cabin and thinks .. should shut it. He manages to do so with his leg. He suddenly hears some noise and rushes to check. He removes the sample designs and notices Zaki going thru various accessories. Sahir greets Zaki who has a dupatta around his neck, a purse in his mouth and shoes in his hands. Sahir says.. all this is too macho for you. Zaki says doing all this for you. He says.. you told me to work so.. doing that. Zaki asks about clothes from fashion event. Sahir says.. if you come to office regularly u did know. Zaki agrees. He asks again. Sahir points to store room. Zaki says trying to study women wear clothes.. whats fashion. He thanks Sahir who leaves from there.

Next day morning, Sahir says to the investors Saiyaara is the fastest growing fashion house of India.. our valuation was Rs 2 Cr in 2002, Rs. 70 cr in 2009 and hoping in 2015 we .. and he stops when he feels a breeze. He turns and notices Arzoo decked up in red salwar suit.. open flowing hair.. wearing heels. Sahir-Arzoo eyelocks. Sahir is speechless.An investor says.. your going below Zero. Sahir watches as Arzoo walks past him. He tries to continue but stops again. He asks Linda to continue. He picks up his glass of water to drink but its empty. He then fills it and is about to drink but notices Arzoo and stops.

Part 2

All clap after the presentation is over. The investor says impressive. He says.. we are ready to work with Saiyaara, looking forward to it. He praises the design. Arzoo smiles. Sahir says.. this is Arzoo Nausheen Khan, this design is made by her. Arzoo is delighted. The investor says.. very impressive. He asks for some photographs. Zaki arrives and says he is the official photographer. He starts clicking pictures. Alvira is pacing in the hall and wonders whats up with ‘Anam, there is a big meeting at work but no Anam, no Kurti. Alvira thinks..pretty sure they are up to some trick. Zaki comes and Alvira asks why are you busy photographing. Zaki says.. Saiyaara got the project it was waiting for. Alvira greets Zaki. Right then Sahir-Arzoo enter together. Alvira smiles seeing them together.

Part 3

Alvira tells Sahir.. congrats. ur closer to fulfilling your promise. Zaki says congratulate Jahan Ara- her design got selected. Alvira hugs and congratulates Arzoo. Zaki says wow all are hugging each other, only i am hugging my camera. He starts taking Arzoo’s pictures. Sahir sits on the sofa while Zaki drools on Arzoo. Arzoo keeps checking Sahir. Arzoo looks at Sahir and self thought. .am getting this respect, this name and fame only coz of you Sahir Sir. Alvira notices and tells Sahir to join Arzoo for a joint photo as its their joint victory. Arzoo is delighted. Sahir-Arzoo stand side by side for photoshoot.

Precap — Zara thanks Anam for her new western look. Arzoo arrives and Zara shouts out in delight.. wow. She says new look. Anam is impressed too while looking at Arzoo but self thought.. so make over for Sahir, trying to lay a trap for him…well i will cut off all the traps.

Update Credit to: Armu4eva

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