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Humsafars 26th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Ashrafi calling Sahir as Gabbar Chaudhary. Sahir asks who taught you this. Arzoo comes and asks Ashrafi to come with her. Sahir looks at her and smiles silently. Arzoo scolds Ashrafi and asks it to come with her silently. Electricity goes off. Arzoo tells Sahir that Ashrafi gets scared of darkness. Sahir gets up and looks at Arzoo. They have an eye lock while the song plays Tum Hi Aasman………………Sahir holds her hand and gets flowed by the emotions. He calls Ashrafi. Arzoo’s finger gets slightly burn by the candle and Sahir starts caring for her. Arzoo takes her hand and says she will do it herself. She sees Ashrafi and asks it to come along with her. Ashrafi sits on Sahir’s shoulder. Arzoo takes her parrot and leaves his room.

Electricity comes. Ashrafi says electricity have come. Kurti Apa sees her coming from Sahir’s room and taunts Arzoo.

Kurti Apa gathers everyone and starts her usual taunting. She taunts Arzoo. Dadi asks her to control her tongue. Kurti Apa tells Alvira that Arzoo is very clever. Alvira asks her to mind her language. Kurti Apa questions on her character and says she is characterless. Arzoo says you are blaming me wrongly. Kurti Apa says she saw her with her own eyes and says she is trying to make Zaki fall for her. She says she needs young guys. Alvira asks her to cut her crap. Arzoo tells them everything and says she is innocent. Sahir comes. Kurti Apa tells Sahir that Arzoo’s real face has come in open and calls her characterless. She asks him to throw her out soon.

Sahir looks at her while Kurti continues to insult Arzoo. Sahir gets angry. She says she was in Zaki’s room. Anam smiles. Sahir asks her to stop and says she I respect you very much. Arzoo’s intentions are sacred. She didn’t come from Zaki’s room as she was in my room. Everyone is shocked. Sahir continues that you have insulted a noble girl today infront of her family. I can’t ask you to apologize, but you made a mistake. He apologizes to Arzoo and her family on behalf of Kurti Apa and says sorry. He goes to his room. Kurti wears the thinking cap. Arzoo looks on.

Sahir talks on phone saying investors came to Mumbai. The other person on call says your brother went to jail and that stain will not go easily. Farah tells her husband that we will go alone then will come in the night. She taunts Sarfaraz for meeting Nausheen in the night. She reminds him that Arzoo is promoted in Saiyyara and can help you. Sarfaraz asks why she will help me. Farah says we will do drama to make her agree. Sarfaraz nods. Sahir asks him to arrange the meeting and he will handle everything. He says it is not a deal but a promise and he can do everything.

Farah comes and introduces herself as Arzoo’s relatives. Servant goes to call her. Arzoo thinks about Sahir and smiles. Aankhon Ne Ki Jo Baatein Teri plays………………….She thinks of a poetry and asks who are you? I can’t understand you fully. She thinks to thanks Sahir.

Servant comes and informs Dadi that your relatives have come. Dadi gets thinking. Arzoo gets up and says she knows. She says they have reached here also. Sahir calls Anam and asks her to come in 10 mins to office. Anam agrees. Sarfaraz asks Arzoo how are you? He then asks Nausheen. Arzoo says Dadi doesn’t want to see your face Mr. Sarfaraz saheb. Farah questions Arzoo’s upbringing. Arzoo asks them to leave as she don’t want anyone to malign Alvira’s respect.

Farah asks you think yourself big. Arzoo asks her to stop talking and leave. Farah says I don’t want to talk to you. Arzoo gives her a good reply saying you had broken house. She asks her to leave. Farah refuses. Arzoo throws her out of the house and warns her. Farah is shocked. Sarfaraz moves silently and stands with Farah. Anam smiles. Arzoo closes the door on their faces. Nausheen cries. Arzoo consoles her and takes her inside. Anam enjoys the family drama and says it is getting interesting. She says she will introduce Sarfaraz’s daughter to Sahir. Arzoo sees Sahir’s misscalls and gets tensed. Kurti comes in her way and tries to stop her. Arzoo leaves for office. Kurti Apa thinks what is in her which is making Sahir getting impress with her. She thinks to do something and gets an idea. She says Zeenat can come here if Arzoo couldn’t reach here. She praises her idea.

Kurti Apa talks to Zeenat who is in coma state, and says I came to take you to your house. She turns and sees someone and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow….. Nice episode… Thanks for the update!!…. Love Sahir.. I think in the precap Sahir would stop Kurtis aapa from taking Zeenat into niyamat house as he wants to surprise Zeenat once she wakes up to show the house part of proving his victory in the challenge or so called wadha

    1. i don’t think that would be sahir because that hand is look like gal’s hand…

  2. Love Sahir arzoo chemistry…..too good

  3. thank you h hasan

  4. I thought I saw Sahir ;)….why am I seeing him every where…. Silly me 😉

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