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Humsafars 25th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Arzoo looking at her designs and thinks who have kept these designs here. Anam comes and takes the designs from her hand and asks who have kept my designs here. She scolds her for throwing water on her designs. Arzoo says I didn’t throw water on the designs. Anam accuses her for proving her guilty infront of Sahir. Sahir comes. Anam tells Sahir that she won’stay if Arzoo stays in their house. Sahir asks her to talk with calm mind. Anam asks you have problem with my high tone and not with her doings. Sahir says as far as I know her she won’t do anything to the designs.She might be right. Anam asks how do you know? Sahir says because she doesn’t lie. Sahir goes inside. Anam eyes Arzoo. Arzoo is touched by his words.

Arzoo talks to Ashrafi and tells

whenever he behaves nicely with me. She makes graphs and recalls Sahir saving her in jungle, taking her side, supporting her during her mother’s illness. She makes graph with red pen recalling about Sahir shouting and insulting her.

She makes red and blue markings on the graphs and says it is impossible to know him. He was Gabbar before, but now he has become psycho Chaudhary. Ashrafi says Psycho Chaudhary. Arzoo smiles. Dadi calls Arzoo. Ashrafi goes. Dadi comes and pretends to be angry. Arzoo says I am doing work. Dadi laughs and says I was just joking. I am happy and feels proud of you. Arzoo says I am also proud of you. They hug each other. Arzoo looks at the card and says it is dinner time for Sahir. She thinks to take dinner for him.

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Kurti Apa thinks to see what is Arzoo and her family are doing. Ashrafi makes fun of her. Kurti Apa gets angry and decides to teach it a lesson. Sahir talks on phone and says Sahir Chaudhary doesn’t break any promise. The other person on call assures him his best. Sahir seems to be troubled. He thinks about Zeenat. Arzoo brings his dinner. Sahir asks her to keep the food. Arzoo asks him to check and says she got his time table. Sahir asks her to go, but Arzoo doesn’t listen and looks out for his clothes. Sahir gets angry at her and reminds her that she is not his wife. He asks her not to try to become his wife. Sahir gets close to her. Arzoo falls on the bed.

Arzoo gets tears in her eyes. Sahir says you likes to act like a wife. Shall I tell you what else happens between a husband and wife. Arzoo gets shocked and leaves from his room. Kurti Apa tries to hide Ashrafi. Dadi comes and asks her about her mole. Kurti Apa tells her that she puts that mole on her face to keep off evil eye. Dadi laughs and asks her did you see your face. She praises her beauty. Kurti Apa praises herself.

Arzoo thinks Gabbar Chaudhary has proved that he is a villian and wipes her tears. Zara comes and asks her to give yellow dupatta. Arzoo opens the cupboard and takes out the money. She questions Zara why didn’t you return Anam’s money. Why did you forget to return the money. Zara asks what is wrong with you. I will give it now. She takes the money and goes. Arzoo thinks what happened to me. I am taking out my anger on Zara. Only Ashrafi can understand me.

Zara tells Anam that she can’t keep the money. Anam says usually models comes to ask for advance and you are returning it and offers her modelling assignment. She asks her to groom herself and buy new dresses. Zara says Api asked me to return the money. Anam tries to provoke her against Arzoo.

She says she will adjust her in the modelling assigment and asks her to think about herself first. She asks her to be careful. Arzoo looks for Asharfi in the house and collides with Zaki accidently. Zaki looks at her. Arzoo thanks him. Zaki asks are you searching something. Arzoo tells him that she is searching for Ashrafi. Kurti Apa sees them together and smirks thinking she got a chance. Arzoo goes in Zaki’s room. Arzoo comes out of his room and says don’t know where is it? Zaki says I hope you will get your female parrot. Arzoo tells him Allah hafiz. Zaki says the same.

Sahir writes poetry as Ashrafi is sitting on his shoulder. Arzoo hears his poetry. Ashrafi kisses him on his cheeks. Arzoo looks at his positive side.

Arzoo’s finger gets little burn by the candle. Sahir cares for her finger while Arzoo stares him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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