Humsafars 24th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Humsafars 24th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Sahir getting late for office and calls his servant, but his phone is out of reach. Arzoo sees him angrily breaking phone.

Alvira asks servant not to use his phone from hereon, gives money and asks him to take leave for some days. He says he takes care of Sahir’s all needs. Alvira asks him to think about his profit and says she will take care of Sahir. Arzoo comes to her room and says she prepared aloo parantha for her. Alvira asks what about Sahir. Azroo says he eats burnt toast. Alvira says that is because nobody tried to prepared any other food for him and says servant went on a long leave. She asks there is nothing to worry. Alvira says servant takes care of Sahir. Arzoo says she will take care of him from hereon. Alvira says she is a designer and

cannot become helper. Arzoo says whenever she was in trouble, she helped her, so she will do whatever she can. Alvira agrees and thanks her, asks her to attend Sahir. Arzoo says she will attend hima nd leaves. Alvira gets happy thinking her plan is working well.

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Sahir calls servant again, but his phone is out of range, thinks he has to wait for even coffee now. Arzoo enters wit coffe and says she will get him coffee from here. She says servant has gone on leave and she will become his servant from hereon. She asks him to taste office and if he does not like, he will get another one. He turns her back, signals her to drink it herself and walks out. She tastes coffee and realizes that she drank Sahir’s coffee in office other day.

Sahir comes to Alvira’s room and asks how can servant Joe take leave. She says she does not know and he said he will not come back, asks him not to worry as Arzoo will take care of him, she will come and stay with them now. Sahir says as per her wishes, she gave Arzoo a job, but he cannot let her stay in their house. Alvira says what problem he has if she stays here and asks him to think about it. Sahir walks out. She thinks he did not oppose much, that means her plan is working well.

Sahir goes and drinks coffee which Arzoo tasted. He likes it.

Nausheen and Daadi talk to each other in outhouse. Nausheen says she did not sleep whole night thinking that they don’t have a house yet. Daadi says even she does not like it, but looking at her illness, staying here is a good idea. Alvira comes with medicines and asks Daadi to take care of Nausheen and feed her medicines on time. Nausheen asks Avlira howmuch she will help her. Avlira says in friendship there is no word like help and says she will get her daughters married, says she got a good boy for Arzoo. Nausheen says it is a good idea, but.. Alvira asks what???… Daadi says Arzoo saw her parent’s marrige breaking and does not want to marry. Avlira says Arzoo will get a good life partner/humsafar who will get this fear out of her. Alvira says hope so. Avlira walks out.

Sahir gets a phone call from his client who says he is finding financers for his deal. Sahir says this deal is very important for him. Client says if he does not get any financer he will sell everything and will finance his project. Sahir takes out a ring and looks at it. Zaki comes and touches his shoulder. Sahir thinks it is Arzoo and asks why did she come without his permission. Zaki asks why should he take his permission and when did he change room. Sahir asks when did he come. He says just now and asks it looks like he is waiting to scold someone. Sahir says nothing like that. Zaki says he heard about Zeenath and asks if the ring is of his marriage with her and asks if she made him for a long time. He says yes.

Arzoo sees money falling from Zara’s bag and asks why did not she return Anam’s bag. Zara says she did not return my dupatta, so I did not return her money and by the way she has gone on photoshoot. Arzoo asks her to return it as soon as she comes and leaves out of room. Zara complains Nausheen about Arzoo. Nausheen says for Azroo, you are still a kid.

Zaki walks into room counting his steps. Kurti comes with servants and asks if he would have studied well in cildhood, he would have to count at this age. He laughs and starts counting steps again. Arzoo sees him and asks why is he counting steps. He says from his room to her room, there are 52 steps, welcomes her to his house and says if she needs his help, he needs only 8 seconds. She asks why is he being filmy. He says he does not want to become SRK. He gets a call from a girl and walks out. Arzoo thinks he is mad and starts counting steps back to her room. She clashes with Sahir and runs back. Sahir stands watching her moving back.

Precap: Anam says Sahir that Arzoo spoilt her designs and she will not tolerate it. Sahir says Arzoo did not and she does not lie.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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