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Humsafars 21st November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Alvira convincing Nausheen using emotional blackmail to come to her place.

Scene shifts to Sahir, he gets a call and gives a bad news that the deal has to be stalled. Sahir says that he will do anything to get Sayaara to the 1000 cr level. He recollects being taunted to be a poet and that business is not for him. Arzoo comes to Sahir’s room. Sahir breaks a vase in anger.

Arzoo asks if she can enter. Sahir retorts asking why she needs to be enter everywhere. She tells she came to give him medicine for his wounds. He corners her to the wall and questions her how she knew about it. Arzoo tells she noticed it when he was helping her mom. Sahir rudely orders her to leave after warning her to stay away from his life. He turns away from Arzoo while Arzoo looks on at Sahir

and leaves after keeping the medicine on the table.

Nausheen refuses saying that outhouse is fine with her and that till she is here she will stay in outhouse. Arzoo’s sister’s are excited at the prospect. Alvira convinces Nausheen to agree saying that the big house seems lonely. Nausheen feels sorry for Alvira and agrees. Nausheen is worried about Arzoo’s reaction. Alvira says she needn’t worry about Arzoo.

Just then Arzoo comes and says to Alvira that they will not stay in the outhouse and will rent a place nearby. Alvira asks if anyone said anything. Arzoo recollects Sahir’s rude behaviour including the recent one. Alvira resignedly agrees and leaves.

Alvira is stopped by KA. KA taunts Alvira for stooping lower in her game plan. KA says let Anam come back then they both will not let her plan work. KA leaves while Alvira looks on.

Arzoo is confused thinking about Sahir’s conflicting behaviour and rude words. She recollects how he saved her and how Sahir acts rudely. She decides to inform Sahir that she will be leaving and realises that she left her phone at Sahir’s room. She goes to get it back.

In Niyamat house, KA is on phone with Anam and asks her to come back soon. Arzoo comes in just then and KA ends the call. KA insults Arzoo and warns her to stay away from Sahir. Arzoo informs that she is leaving soon. Arzoo goes to Sahir’s room. KA is happy and gloats and taunts Alvira who has just come there.

Sahir is in his room. He is sitting at the poolside. Arzoo enters Sahir’s room. She finds that Sahir is trying to apply medicines to his back but is not able to reach his wounds. Arzoo feels sorry for him as he has no one to care for him in his own house while he is so caring to her mother. Sahir notices her presence and shouts at her. Arzoo shouts back ordering him to let her apply the wounds. She also lets him know that she is leaving soon. Sahir is shocked silently agrees. Arzoo applies medicines and feels Sahir’s pain. Sahir is also deeply hurt and I feel also touched by Arzoo’s care.

Arzoo leaves Sahir’s room and walks to the hall. While walking she thinks that even moon has a hidden side and so does Sahir. She says to herself that soon she will be leaving and rues that once she leaves she will not be able to know about this hidden side of him. Arzoo reaches the hall where Alvira and KA are present.

Alvira convinces Arzoo to agree to stay at Niyamat house. She reasons out to Arzoo saying that Nausheen needs care and that can be best given at Niyamat house. No points for guessing Arzoo agrees and Alvira hugs her. Alvira thanks her and sends Arzoo to pack and come to Niyamat house. Arzoo leaves and KA questions Alvira’s actions of bringing Arzoo closer to Sahir now when Sahir’s first wife is getting better. Alvira says she decided that Arzoo will heal Sahir’s wounds of 7 years. KA says God will never forgive her. Alvira replies for Sahir she is ready for that also.

In the outhouse, Nausheen and her daughter are packing. Arzoo’s sisters are excited at the prospect of staying at Niyamat house. Arzoo’s sister wonders why Alvira wanted them to shift when the outhouse is so nearby. Nausheen replies saying that Alvira wanted to bring back the lost companionship of theirs. Arzoo’s sister brings up Sahir too and says even Khadoos will be there.

Next morning, Arzoo is drying her hair. Sahir walks by and droplets fall on him. Arzoo apologises to him and Sahir walks away. Arzoo stops him and asks about his wounds. Sahir is flustered but regains his composure and reminds Arzoo that she is just a junior at his office. He leaves after rudely telling her that he doesn’t like her presence around him. Though we of course know that the opposite is true. Arzoo looks on as he leaves.

Precap: Arzoo comes and informs Alvira that she prepared alloo paratha for Alvira. Alvira asks what about Sahir. Azroo replies that burnt toast as Sahir eats only burnt toast. Alvira says Sahir eats burnt toast because no one has the courage to make anything else for him. She acts sad that no one is there to take care of Sahir. Arzoo tells that she will take care of Sahir. Arzoo leaves and Alvira is happy.

Update Credit to: Maria

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  1. why do she have stay in his house after getting this much insults again and again??don’t she have self respect or not???she should leave his house … then only he he will realize his love for her and also he will that he can’t live without her presence

  2. Why can’t Alvira take care of Sahir?..;)

  3. KA should be taken out of the house

  4. Where is zakhi??i think later zakhi will also fall for arzoo which can either make sahir jealous or give up his love for his brother ..

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